Over the past few years, I have done a good number of video projects.  Here are some of the most informative and fun.

The Virtual North Texas Teen Book Festival –  Middle Grade Madness!


The Virtual North Texas Teen Book Festival – A Panel on Mystery Writing with the amazing Ally carter, Lilliam Rivera, Collen AF Venable, and Stephanie Yue.


Interview with Club 15 on Environmental Advocacy!

Club 15 is an offshoot of Microsoft’s environmental division, Project 15 started by a very impressive young girl named Kate Williams who aimed to inspire other kids to get involved in saving the planet!  In addition to my interview, there are interviews with several people on the forefront of environmental research.  Please check out the site!


Fun Interview with my good friend James Ponti, sponsored by Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis (if you have ever wanted to know where to hide in the White House if attacked by a horde of dobermans, this will answer your questions!)


In-Depth Interview with Sarah Enni’s amazing podcast, First Draft, shortly before the pandemic.  

Click here to listen!


This summer, I was the Barnes & Noble summer reading hero.  One of the events was a virtual conversation with my good friend and fellow author, James Ponti about our creative process


Virtual Writer’s workshop with James Ponti, Beth McMullen, and the International Spy Museum 


Virtual Presentation for Follett Books, on where I get the ideas for my series.

Click here to watch on the Follett Website!


Interview with the Fairfax School System’s own TV network


Bear Bottom Launch with my good friend, Sarah Mlynowski, sponsored by Chevalier’s Books



This One’s Dedicated to… – A Conversation with the amazing authors Chris Barton and Jennifer Ziegler on my book dedications of Charlie Thorne and the Lost City and Bear Bottom. 


Slate Magazine’s ‘Working’ Podcast, on how people in different careers work

Click here to listen!


The Stretch Marks Podcast (This one is targeted a bit more towards parents, but it’s still interesting)

Click here to listen!


If you watch and listen all that, then you probably will end up knowing more about me than I know about myself.