School Visits

Want me to come visit your school?  I’d be happy to!

I can deliver a humorous, informative, riveting presentation on how I get the ideas for my books — or teach writing seminars — or conduct lively question & answer sessions — or even customize a speech for special events, like awards ceremonies or literature festivals.  Just look at how rapt with attention these kids are:

And look how much fun these kids are having!

Now, imagine how much fun you’d be having if this was happening at your school!

Certainly, it’s easier to arrange a visit if you’re in Southern California, which is where I live.  But if you’re farther away, there are still options.  Sometimes, an actual visit can be arranged — or if that doesn’t work, you can always set up a Skype session.

For details on how to arrange a visit, click here.  Or you can email school visit coordinator Roberta Stout at Simon & Schuster at:

As for those Skypes, here’s something new I’m trying out: Instead of paying me, you can make a $250 tax-deductible donation to any of the charities listed on my ‘Save The World!’ page.  To get more details, contact me at  

Finally, if you want some additional materials for teaching about my books, you can find teaching guides for all of them right here.  Just click on the book you’re interested in, then scroll down to the ‘Teaching Resources’ section of the page.