Get Involved!

Have you read one of my books and enjoyed it?  Then perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Boy, I’d love to get other people to read this book, but how can I do that?’  Just start your own guerilla marketing campaign!  It’s fun and easy!  Simply perform one (or more) of the following tasks.  (Please note that ‘Belly Up’ is merely being used as an example below. These suggestions will work for any of my books.)

The ‘Innocent Customer’

Enter your local bookstore – preferably at a time when it is crowded – and announce at the top of your lungs:  “Do have any copies of the incredible new novel ‘Belly Up’ for sale here?  Everyone says I have to read it, but I’ve been all over town and it’s sold out everywhere!”  (If you’re not comfortable with the word ‘incredible’ other alternatives are: ‘scintillating’, ‘hilarious’, ‘fascinating’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘remarkable’ or ‘mind-blowing.’)

If done properly, you will incite a mob mentality in your fellow customers, who will then all demand copies of the book for themselves as well.

The ‘Switcheroo’

Once again, enter your local bookstore.  When the clerk isn’t looking, gather all copies of ‘Belly Up’ from the shelves and move them to prominent locations in the front of the store (such as the front window display or the ‘notable books’ table).  Prominently-displayed books sell much better than ones customers have to go look for!  Try to arrange the books in a nice, eye-catching way.  The taller the arrangement, the better.  Like this one at a Barnes & Noble (which, in my defense, was done by the store itself.)

If this sounds too daring for you, then try:

The ‘Shelf-Shift’

Anyone can do this one!  Simply find the shelf where ‘Belly Up’ is sold and readjust the books so that the entire cover is visible, rather than just the spine.  Like so:







The ‘Clean Out’

Buy several hundred copies and distribute them to all your friends.  (Do this only if you’re disgustingly wealthy.)

And, last but not least…

The ‘Pitch’

If you enjoyed any of my books, please tell your friends and family about it.

Or tell people you don’t know about it.  Write an on-line review on Amazon or Goodreads or… or any .com.  It only takes a few seconds to log a five-star review!

You can also become a fan on Facebook.  Or tweet about it.  Or come up with your own way to promote it!  Have fun!

I appreciate it.

Your pal,