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How to write to me

I have an email address and an old-fashioned mail address for this. They are both on my FAQ page. Why am I directing you there instead of just telling you them? Because my FAQ page answers many of the most popular questions I get asked, so I encourage you to read it first before writing to me. (You also might want to check out my Blog and Writing Advice pages, as well as looking at the Upcoming Releases box on every page of this website to see if any questions you have are already answered there.)

How to get me to come visit your school

Start with the School Visits page on this site, which has all the details you need. (If you’re a student who would like me to visit your school, go to your school librarian, who generally handles things like this, and have them look at that page. If you don’t have a school librarian, have someone in the school administration visit the page.)

For publicity, book store visits and book festival requests

Please contact Beth Parker at

For all other inquiries

Please contact my assistant at