Traitor’s Chase


Greg Rich and the Musketeers are back!

When Michel Dinicoeur escapes from the Bastille and flee, the Musketeers are assigned to pursue the madman through the French countryside toward Spain. But the closer Greg and his friends get, the more danger they find themselves in. They must confront assassins, hostile natives – and, most troublesome of all, a possible traitor among their ranks. And when Greg finally discovers Dinicouer’s ruthless plot, he’ll find that the fate of all human history hangs in the balance.



 “This series entry can serve as a fine stand-alone… The fast-paced, well-researched novel draws readers in immediately and once there, they may find it hard to leave. There is plenty of action, intrigue, and even a hint of romance as Greg navigates the ins and outs of medieval life and continues his ruse as a teen from Artagnan. Strong female characters in the form of Catherine and Milady de Winter provide a nice balance to the otherwise male-dominated tale… A great addition to any collection.” – School Library Journal

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