The Last Musketeer

Greg Rich has been catapulted back in time.

One moment, his parents were selling their family heirlooms to Michel Dinicouer, a mysterious curator at the Louvre in Paris – and the next thing Greg knows, he’s in France in 1615. His parents have come along, too, only they’ve been captured by the King’s Guard and thrown into La Mort, the world’s most dangerous prison. Now, Greg has to rescue them… but how? By uniting the Three Musketeers. Greg soon discovers that the three great warriors from Alexander Dumas’s classic novel actually exist — only they’re teenagers as well and haven’t met yet. Even stranger, Greg might just turn out to be one of them.



“From the gripping first sentence—’Clinging to the prison wall, Greg Rich realized how much he hated time travel’—the excitement never flags in this newly imagined Musketeer adventure. Using Alexandre Dumas’ stories as a jumping-off point, Gibbs mixes fact, fantasy and thrills to create a galloping swashbuckler.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Gibbs’ playful, action-packed twist on the classic novel includes plenty of humor as Greg attempts to fit into medieval life. An entertaining premise and high adventure.” – ALA Booklist

“Gibbs deftly packs an abundance of historical detail into a lively narrative that captures the swashbuckling spirit of Dumas’s original. Full of jovial humor, narrow escapes, sorcery, and intrigue, the novel will likely generate interest in the classic… A good choice for older reluctant readers.”- School Library Journal

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