Double Cross


The final adventure in the Last Musketeer trilogy.

Greg Rich – time traveler, legendary Musketeer, and teenager – just prevented the Spanish army from attacking Paris. He should feel invincible. Instead, he and his friends languish in prison, having stumbled into a trap set by their enemies. Now, they must break out of the most formidable prison in France and prevent King Louis from being overthrown. Amid narrow escapes, flying arrows, and fiery explosions, the Musketeers battle to save the king — and history itself. Because if the past changes, what happens to Greg’s future?



Previously in The Last Musketeer trilogy:  Traitor’s  Chase

13 thoughts on “Double Cross

  1. do you think funjungle could go some place cold, maybe even Antarctica? (perhaps with polar bears involved?)

  2. Eskimo J –

    FunJungle could certainly go somewhere cold — but if I wanted to do polar bears, it would have to be the arctic. There are no polar bears in Antarctica.

  3. love all of your books! you have inspired me to try and write my own book! anyhow, I was wondering if you could make a book on funjungle with a penguin. like penguin problem. would love to see it!

  4. Austin –

    I have already had a big penguin sequence in the FJ books. At the beginning of Lion Down, I think. Or maybe Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.

  5. I cant wait to read double cross tried to buy at chasers do not have went to my school library it was checked out. When are you going to wright another last musketeer book and funjungle

  6. Vieaja valley summer Mccracken –

    Sadly, there is not gong to be another LM. I have. very old blog post explaining why.

    Next FJ probably in two years.

  7. I will read the blog post. Whale done was amazing! I can’t wait to read about teddy and see what happens in the movie he might be in. About that I know you don’t use many ideas but I have an idea I just thought of it so I will add some more details. So when teddy is in the movie one of the animals get stolen and teddy has to figure out who. I will add more details later today or tomorrow. – Vieja valley summer McCracken

  8. Hi! I really like your Last Musketeer books. Will you be writing any more of those?

  9. Garrett –

    There will not be any more LM books. I have an old blog post explaining why.

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