Double Cross


The final adventure in the Last Musketeer trilogy.

Greg Rich – time traveler, legendary Musketeer, and teenager – just prevented the Spanish army from attacking Paris. He should feel invincible. Instead, he and his friends languish in prison, having stumbled into a trap set by their enemies. Now, they must break out of the most formidable prison in France and prevent King Louis from being overthrown. Amid narrow escapes, flying arrows, and fiery explosions, the Musketeers battle to save the king — and history itself. Because if the past changes, what happens to Greg’s future?



Previously in The Last Musketeer trilogy:  Traitor’s  Chase

32 thoughts on “Double Cross

  1. It’s me again. I was thinking, could you do some where say, Greg gets stuck in other classics by some other strange antiquity other than the Devil Stone?

  2. Geek A –

    Unfortunately, I will not be doing any more of the Last Musketeer series. The publisher of that series was never very supportive of it, so my time is better spent working on my books for Simon & Schuster.

  3. Stu-

    I really support you writing the Three Musketeers series,and hoping to see more.You can always find a different publisher.

  4. Books rule –

    Unfortunately, with this series, I can’t find a different publisher. The publisher had the idea for the series, not me, so they have the rights to it.

  5. Jackson –

    Are you saying you don’t love the Last Musketeer? That’s a backhanded compliment if I’ve ever read one.

  6. Personally, I think the Last Musketeer your best series. Sorry to hear there won’t be any more of it.

  7. Hey Stuart I just wanted to say I just read the last musketeer and I loved it. It is very sad to hear that you will not be making anymore, is it possible you can bargain? I love how realistic all of you books are and I want you to keep it that way so I am asking you please try to make another last musketeer book, and spy school if I am honest.

  8. Navid –

    I have a pretty old blog post explaining the deal with TLM and why there will be no more. It really wasn’t my choice. It was the publisher’s.

  9. Waste of space was great. A little sad to see the trilogy end, but good nevertheless. Maybe try doing a spin-off?

  10. Hey um just wondering were you ever in a near death experience buy the way is that the end of the spy school sieries

  11. Stu-

    I really loved the last musketeer series. Can you please write more? I know the publisher was never really supportive but I really love and support it. If you do continue I would love to make Athos, Porthos, Aramis and (obviously) Greg to be apart of it. Please continue. I support the series.

  12. Musketeer Fan –

    I appreciate your support for the series, but at this point I have to ficus on my series that have bigger followings. Plus, it’s been a long time since I wrote LM, so I’ve kind of moved on.

  13. Your book are the best! I have read 1 of most series(not the last musketeer series), and it make me really excited to read the next one! Keep the books coming:)

  14. Mr.Gibbs –
    I’m very sad to hear this series won’t continue, I had read it a while ago but I couldn’t remember much of it so I went back and read it again. Your books are very interesting, I absolutely love them. I hope you have a nice day!

  15. Scary man –

    Are you asking if there is really a stone that allows people to travel through time? Of course. That’s why time travel is so common.

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