Double Cross


The final adventure in the Last Musketeer trilogy.

Greg Rich – time traveler, legendary Musketeer, and teenager – just prevented the Spanish army from attacking Paris. He should feel invincible. Instead, he and his friends languish in prison, having stumbled into a trap set by their enemies. Now, they must break out of the most formidable prison in France and prevent King Louis from being overthrown. Amid narrow escapes, flying arrows, and fiery explosions, the Musketeers battle to save the king — and history itself. Because if the past changes, what happens to Greg’s future?



Previously in The Last Musketeer trilogy:  Traitor’s  Chase

7 thoughts on “Double Cross

  1. Mr.Gibbs-

    If The Last Musketeer series was your idea would you have continued it? It doesn’t appear to be your favorite nor does it have much of a following.

  2. JC –

    If the publisher had originally supported the series — and put in the marketing they had promised — then I might have done a fourth book. I like the series, and i was sad to not be able to continue it, but I was frustrated by the publisher.

  3. I just finished with all of the books, except Charlie Thorne and the Lost City, and they are my favorite books.

  4. BRUNO –

    Because the boys in FJ and SS aren’t that old. If the girls were much younger than them, they’d be too young to believably participate in the adventures.

  5. I LOVE FunJungle and Charlie Thorne and Moon Base Alpha and the Last Musketeer and Spy School series; I have all the books (some of them are special foil edition) except for Spy School At Sea and Charlie Thorne and the Lost City, but I’m hoping the remaining two books are going to be as good as the other ones!

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