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Cover and Plot Reveal for FunJungle 8 (And the Cover Reveal for the Spy Camp Graphic Novel as well)June 13, 2022
HUGE NEWS: I wrote a Batman graphic novel for DC — and it’s coming out February 7, 2023June 2, 2022
Hope Wins now available!May 10, 2022
Want a sneak peek of Charlie Thorne 3? Here’s how to get it!April 20, 2022
Here’s the Title, Cover and plot of Once Upon A Tim Book #2March 10, 2022
Once Upon A Tim just got a rave review from the New York TimesFebruary 25, 2022
Here’s the reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, plot and cover for Spy School 10.February 4, 2022
I am pleased to announce I have joined the advisory council of Conservation NationNovember 5, 2021
Cover, title and plot reveal for Charlie Thorne #3October 17, 2021
Stop Posting Spoilers — and Other Tips for Writing An On-Line ReviewSeptember 2, 2021
Bad news about the Spy School movie — for nowFebruary 16, 2021
Answers to all your questions about the Spy School MovieDecember 15, 2020
Here’s Why I Can’t Answer Certain Questions You Have About My BooksOctober 10, 2020
Here’s why both the Moon Base Alpha series and the Last Musketeer series have endedJuly 3, 2020
New FunJungle mystery now available — in Super Puzzletastic Mysteries!June 23, 2020
Today, May 18, 2020, is the tenth anniversary of Belly Up’s publication.May 18, 2020
Five reasons to start buying books from Bookshop.orgMarch 31, 2020
Book recommendationsMarch 16, 2020
The Last Musketeer is being re-released and repackaged and it looks amazing.January 16, 2019
The plot of Big Game comes true: Some awful person just really killed a rhino in a French zooMarch 8, 2017
An answer to your burning question: Where do I get my ideas?January 12, 2016
This is Nola. She’s a northern white rhino. And her species is about to go extinct.October 28, 2015
Space Case gets an awesome review from the New York Times!December 19, 2014
Best research day everFebruary 13, 2014
Official Cool Dad StatusJune 1, 2012
Famous works that Belly Up is actually rated higher than on GoodreadsOctober 28, 2011
Wonderful Wonderful WonderfulSeptember 28, 2010
Belly Up goes into space!August 9, 2010
Three launches in six daysMay 19, 2010
Belly Up in stores!!!May 12, 2010

151 thoughts on “Blog Index

  1. Ace –

    If you have read all the SS books, then you know all the information there is to know about Joshua.

  2. If Belly Up was published on May 19, that would’ve been my bday.

    Broo I love the Spy School series, wish there be more coming.

  3. Hello I am a HUGE FAN you are such a good writer ‘ve read like every single one of your books and I wnat tp be w writer one day too in fact I already wrote my own book but its only eleven chapters like I said I’m a HUGE FAN!!!

    P.S. I didn’t use my real name for privacy

  4. Carl –

    It is very impressive that you have written a book. Eleven chapters is a lot!

  5. I’m a massive fan of yours’s Mr. Stu! I love ALL your books! Any news on the SS movie?!

  6. Prowler –

    I actually believe that my newest book, Once Upon A Tim, (coming March 1) is the funniest book that I have written. I was allowed to create a very ridiculous world for this one that is not bound by any kind of logic at all, and so, I was able to make any joke I wanted.

  7. Nikhil –

    I don’t really feel that killing off a character in any of my books would be adding anything to the stories.

  8. Grant Kaplan –

    Ben and Erica are in their early teens. They’re not getting married any time soon.

  9. How do you make the front cover of your books? Also, how do you print and publish your books?

  10. Do you plan your books ahead of time? If so, how do you do it? or else how do you know about when your books are going to be released? (sorry for the overload of questions, just curious)

  11. LE McKenney –

    My covers are designed by Lucy Cummins, who works for my publisher. That same publisher handles all the printing, shipping and marketing.

  12. Agent 924011

    Yes, I plan my books out well ahead of time. I start brainstorming ideas and outlining uo to a year before i start writing.

    I work with my publisher on a release schedule up to two years ahead of time.

  13. Hello Mr. Gibbs!

    Just a quick question, where did you get your inspiration to write a series about spys?

  14. Agent 57129

    Please see my FAQ page for the inspiration stories for all of my series.

  15. Mr Gibbs,

    Have you ever gotten stuck writing and couldn’t come up with the plot. It’s happened to me before when I wrote my own book inspired by the funjungle series. But anyway how were you able to keep going?

  16. Seddy Fitzcracken –

    Everyone gets writer’s block now and then. I generally avoid much of it by spending a lot of time working out my stories and outlining before I ever start the writing process. If I still get stuck, then I go outline again — or take a walk to think about the story that i want to tell.

  17. Hi. I really love your books and I’m exited to see what comes next from all of your series. My favorite characters are Erica Hale, Porthos and Summer McCraken (I hope I spelled those all correctly). I’m would love to know any information about a movie you have. But I saw above that you don’t really have anything about that. And that’s okay. I would personally love to see a Spy School/Charlie Thorne or Funjungle movie. But I also think that they could work as a show with like 10 episodes or something like that. What are your thoughts on that? P.S. I hope I Didn’t distract you from writing some EPIC books just right now.

  18. Calebwhois13 –

    I am up for any version of my books being turned into a movie or Tv show.

  19. Mr.Gibbs my sister said that you came to my school I while ago. It is called The Pembroke Hill School in KC, Missouri. Have you been there?

    P.S. I know you probably don’t remember every school you visit.

  20. Hi Stuart. I’ve been reading your FunJungle books and I love them! But after I finished, I got sad because there were no more books to read. Can you please tell me when the next FunJungle book will be published? Thank you.

  21. FunJungly –

    If you look in the right hand column of every page of this website, you will find an Upcoming Releases box that has the answer to your question.

  22. Summer –

    My books are always available ANYWHERE books are sold. (Though I would prefer if you bought them from your local bookstore or If you visit my books page, there are always links to purchase them.

    Mr. Gibbs,
    When Ben and Mike meet El Diablo and he gives them clothes as they come out of the showers, he sees a shirt that says Snakes Alive on it. Is that a reference to the Snakes Alive that FunJungle was against in the FunJungle series? Was that an easter egg?

  24. Book –

    There could be an MBB book. But I am not planning one at this time.

  25. Hi Mr. Gibbs,
    I was wondering if there were any updates on the spy school movie. You are an amazing writer.

  26. Eden –

    Sadly, there are no updates on the SS movie. If I have anything to share, I will post it.

  27. Is Chloe Carter in the first Spy School book a typo or is Chloe Carter and Chloe Appel in the Revolution two different people.

  28. Typoist –

    Those are two different people. That’s why they have two different last names.

  29. Have you written any books that were supposed to be the next book in a big series like Spy School or FunJungle but got rejected by your editor or publisher? If so, could you share the titles of them? This may be classified though…

  30. KK –

    Once a series is going, what happens in the books is really up to me. If I want to do something, then I get to do it.

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