The Spy School Entrance Exam is coming September 24!

September 24 2024 will be a very special day for Spy School fans.

Because not just one… but TWO Spy School books will be released on that day.

As I have already posted here, Spy School Goes Wild, the twelfth book in the series, will be available on that date. But my publisher, Simon & Schuster, and I have something else planned for that day as well:

For the first time, you can see what’s on the test to get into Spy School — and try to qualify yourself!

If you like puzzles, oh my, this is the book for you. Because Jeff Chen, one of the most brilliant puzzle makers on the planet, has created dozens of wonderful puzzles to challenge and amuse you: crosswords, sudoko, word searches, secret codes to crack, and much, much more.

But if you don’t like puzzles — or have maybe never even tried them — then this is also the book for you, because Jeff has also created training modules to teach you how to do all the different types of puzzles. Each section is introduced by a different character from Spy School, which means that for the first time, you’ll get to read something from the POV of characters besides Ben.

And beyond that, there is plenty of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN SPY SCHOOL BONUS MATERIAL: tips for surviving the school, campus maps and lots of surprises.

I think you’re going to love it.


26 thoughts on “The Spy School Entrance Exam is coming September 24!

  1. I’m super excited for this!
    Real quick-does this book have any cyphers like the ceasar or atbash cypher?
    Just asking because my Gravity Falls code-cracking skills might come into play here. Also, why does the page for the Spy School top secret collection only have 1-5, but the one I got also had book 6?

  2. Harry –

    Yes, the entrance exam has cyphers.

    It is possible that the boxed sets have expanded.

  3. Thank you for your help. I looked at my box set last night and figured out why mine is bigger. Turns out that I don’t have the TOP SECRET box set, I have the HIGHLY CLASSIFIED box set.
    P.S. I finished Evil Spy School yesterday. Is there anything I need to know before I start book 4? And on that note, on the spine of Spy Ski School, The background placement makes it look like Ben is Skiing down the mountain. Was this deliberate or a complete accident?

  4. Harry –

    I write my books (as do all authors) so that if you read the series in order (or even if you don’t), you will understand everything that happens in the book. You do not need to check in with me before you read each one.

    I do not design the covers, but my guess is that, if it looks like the spy on the cover is skiing down the mountain, that was deliberate.

  5. Once again, thanks.
    two more questions.
    1. Is there any way I can ask Mrs. Cummins if she did that on purpose?
    2. Is my constant question asking annoying?
    -Harry (Who is still your biggest fan.)

  6. Harry –

    1) I checked. Lucy did the cover that way on purpose.

    2) I try to answer every question that fans ask. Just keep in mind that if someone is asking a great deal of questions, it takes a good amount of time to answer all those.

  7. I don’t have anything to say I’m speechless, as the biggest fan of the spy school series I can’t wait for the release of these two books.

  8. Dear Mr. Gibbs,

    What is your thought process for creating the story line for the SS series, specifically SSAS?

  9. Colin –

    Yes, I delete outdated posts so that I can have more memory for new comments on this site. There’s not much point in having a post announcing a book that has already been out for a year.

  10. Hi Mr.Gibbs
    I know you probably have gotten this question a lot already but
    I was just wondering if you will be writing any more Charlie Thorne books.
    I just finished Charlie Thorne and the royal society and I just loved it so much

  11. RipleyLover –

    I am not sure if there will be more CT books. I would like to write more, though.

  12. Really random question, but why did you start writing spy books? Why not other genres? Are you a spy?

  13. WOW! I’m so excited for this release! I love this series, so when I found out about the new book, I was happy, and then this puzzle book! Quick question: How did you get the idea for this activity book?

  14. Mr. Gibbs,

    Will you be releasing any other titles beside this and the core series?

  15. TheWise

    All upcoming releases that are planned so far are listed in the Upcoming Releases box on every page of this website.

  16. Goofball –

    If I am being approached by someone I have never met, I believe it’s generally more polite to say ‘Mr. Gibbs.’

  17. Hi Mr.Gibbs,
    I’m so excited for a puzzle book link this and I know that a lot of my friends will too. Quick question, In future books will we learn more about Murray Hill’s past?
    Thanks, Ev
    P.S. I’m so excited for SS goes wild. It sounds like so much fun to read.

  18. Mr. Gibbs-
    My friend, Catherine. B, says you’re her favorite author. She really likes the Charlie Thorne series. She asks how old Dashiell and Violet really are. (sorry if Dashiell is spelled wrong.)


  19. PonyLover –

    These days, I don’t share information about my children like their ages to protect their privacy. I hope that Catherine understands.

  20. I just realized that Project X came out 2 years ago.

    Guys we’re old…

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