Just in time for the holidays: the brand new Once Upon A Tim boxed set!

No more racking your brain to come up with the perfect gift for everyone in your family! The Once Upon A Tim boxed set will be available on November 28, 2023 — although you can preorder it now! It includes the first four books in the series: Once Upon A Tim, The Labyrinth of Doom, The Sea of Terror, and The Quest of Danger — along with a lovely, amusingy-decorated, mass-produced cardboard box.

Click here to order your copy!

15 thoughts on “Just in time for the holidays: the brand new Once Upon A Tim boxed set!

  1. Hello Mr.Gibbs, IO hope you are doing well. I am a big fan of yours and I was wondering out of all the Charlie Thorne and Spy School books that you have written which one is your favourite from each series?

    Thank you for writing such great books!

  2. Dear Mr Gibbs, I love all of your books. Do you think that the Spy School movie would ever move forward? I would love to see it become a movie.

  3. John –

    I honestly have no idea if an SS movie will ever happen. I hope so, but most of this is out of my control.

  4. Mr.Gibbs, I was just about to ask you why there was no OUaT boxed set so thank you for making it! Do you think you would ever make a TLM boxed set? You are a great author!

  5. Colin –

    TLM was my only series with a different publisher. Have never heard from them about boxed sets, but it is possible, I guess.

  6. To anyone who thinks that LGBTQIA2S++ is something that shouldn’t be in books, that should apply to TV as well. So have fun watching Re-runs of Republican debates for 6 hours in a row!!!

  7. Mr. Gibbs, I am a huge fan of all your series, especially Spy School and Charlie Thorne. I am beyond excited for Charlie Thorne book 4, and was wondering if you’re going to release anything else on it.

  8. Emma –

    To prevent spoiling anything, I am not going to release anything else about CT4 until it comes out.

  9. Hello Mr. Gibbs,
    Big fan of your books. I want to be an author myself one day. My question is, what advice would give for writing good, believable characters? Also, what advice would you give for writing good action scenes?

  10. Jt

    If you look on the writing advice page of this website, there is a link to my web series Mission:Write where I actually discuss creating characters — and in Anatomy of a Scene, I discuss how to build an action sequence.

  11. A

    I have not seen the movie. I really don’t have any interest in prequels. I don’t really see the point to having a whole movie explain the backstory of a character that didn’t need a backstory in the original story. And I especially have no interest in explaining the backstory of a villain.

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