Big reveal: The cover, title and plot of Charlie Thorne #4!

Hi everyone.  Lots of people have been asking about this information, I’m pleased to finally get to reveal Charlie Thorne #4:

Coming April 23, 2024


Charlie Thorne is a genius.

Charlie Thorne is fearless.

Charlie Thorne may have finally met her match.

Charlie Thorne is used to being on the run. Ever since she was recruited by the CIA to track down Einstein’s most dangerous equation, Charlie—and former CIA agents Dante Garcia and Milana Moon—have traveled around the world to prevent history’s greatest discoveries from falling into the wrong hands. But after beating others to the secrets hidden by Einstein, Darwin, and Cleopatra, they find they are not the only ones searching for an immensely powerful discovery of Isaac Newton’s.

From a chase over the rooftops of Cambridge University to scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge to skirting a volcanic eruption, Charlie will need to think one step ahead of her opponents to follow Newton’s trail of devious clues and keep herself out of the hands of the many enemies who are hot on her tail.

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136 thoughts on “Big reveal: The cover, title and plot of Charlie Thorne #4!

  1. It was really great to see you again today. Thanks for signing my books. I forgot to ask you a question. Actually four:

    1. Do you like Jack Black?

    2. Have you ever seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite? And did you like it?

    3. And have you ever seen a Wes Anderson movie? And do you like those?

    4. And finally: Have you ever seen the movie Good Burger? Did you like it?

    It was really funny that no one noticed you across the street.

    God Bless you and your family and good night.


    Zaphod, the Champion of the World.

  2. I’ve been reading your books for the past few years when my friend introduced you to me. You’re my favorite author and I can’t wait to read this new book!

  3. Zaphod (Caleb)

    1. Yes, I think Jack Black is very funny.

    2. Yes I have seen Napoleon Dynamite and liked it (although that was a long time ago)

    3. I think I have seen most of Wes Anderson’s movies. I like some of them.

    4. I have never seen Good Burger.

  4. Osama Bin Musah –

    Ben must be attractive to the people who have crushes on him. But much of what makes Ben attractive to women is his intelligence.

  5. Dear Mr. Gibbs:
    I have two questions:
    One: with the spy school books, or at least the ones I have, some of the text in the note things at the beginning and end aren’t fully decoded and have blank points filled in with black on them. Will there ever be a way to decode this, or do we just have to guess what the notes say?
    Two: when you make the spy school movie, do you think you’ll do a movie for all the books, just a few books, or only the first book? Or does it depend on how much profit the movie makes?
    Chloe 🙂

  6. Chloe –

    1) The blacking out of the parts of the letters is known in the government as ‘redaction.’ I do not plan to decode any of that, but if you read the books, you can usually deduce what has been redacted (more or less.)

    2) Ideally, it would be great to make movies of all the books, but for now the idea is to focus on trying to make the first and then see how things go.

  7. Hi Mr. Gibbs~

    Is there any update about the spy school movie? I know you said there were issues with Disney picking it up– are any other production companies interested? I really think it would be a fantastic movie. I could see it being a Netflix movie (because they’re doing a lot of adaptations now like All the Light We Cannot See) or hopefully going into theaters like Are You There God, Its Me Margret. There’s a wave of adaptations right now so I HOPE YOURS CAN JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

  8. Sophie –

    I promise that, if and when I have news about an SS movie, I will post about it.

  9. MrGobbleSir

    I am currently at work on FJ9 but do not know exactly when it will be released.

  10. I just realized that my brothers stupid All-State band practice means I can’t go to Middle Grade Mayhem. BUT PLEASE COME TO TAMPA SO I DON’T HAVE TO DRIVE 2 HOURS TO MEET YOU.

  11. Stuart Gibbs! I love all your books, but my top series are Spy School and Charlie Thorne. Can’t wait for the Royal Society to come out! By the way, Zaphod is right, Good Burger is a really good movie, you should check it out. Plz leave a comment!

  12. I do agree with some people in the comments, I feel that a graphic novel for Charlie Thorne would be AMAZING! It would be a hit for me. I’ve always thought that Charlie Thorne would be the perfect book to be translated into a graphic novel. Even though it would be extremely difficult, making Charlie Thorne into a graphic novel would be great. I really hope you consider this.

  13. Cason Thomas –

    Sorry you can’t make it. Unfortunately I’m not going to be in Tampa any time soon.

  14. I do have a handful of questions for you.

    1. Have you read, The Clockwork Three, By: MAtthew J. Kirby?

    2. Have you read, Freak the Mighty, By: Rodman Philbrick?

    3. How do you make sure that when you release content with LGBTGIAA+ that it is to the point where most parents and children would consider it appropriate?

  15. I get called out so much when I do it wrong. Correction: LGBTQIA2S+

    P.S. Why are there so many? Even my Pan friend doesn’t know what all of these are

  16. Mr Gibbs-
    I was wondering if you were going to make a graphic novel about another series other than SS, what would it be?

  17. JB

    It’s been a long time since I read them, but I seem to recall The Parsifal Mosaic and The Road to Gandolfo (which was kind of funny).

  18. David –

    I, like many other authors, don’t have a favorite book of my own. When you spend over two years working on each book, it is hard to say that you like one more than any of the others.

  19. Cason Thomas –

    I haven’t read either of those books. And all I really do is mention that LGBTQ+ exists and that there are people who exist who are not heterosexual. Sadly, there are always going to be people who have an issue with that. But I don’t describe anything that isn’t appropriate for young readers run any of my books.

  20. Honestly do not think that lgtbq is fair because i cant draw rainbows without being called gay also there is no equal rights for a lot of people

  21. no one nos –

    You are correct; lots of people don’t have equal rights.

    However, if people are calling you gay when you draw rainbows, that has nothing to do with LGBTQ+ and everything to do with the people around you, who don’t seem particularly thoughtful.

  22. Mr. Gibbs,
    For the next Spy School, you should do some ARG type thing leading up to the reveal of the plot and cover. It could be really fun and challenging to the Spy School community.

  23. MjNinja –

    Sorry but I don’t really have the time to create an ARG right now. I have four series of books to write.

  24. Cason Thomas-
    LGBTQIA2S+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, two-spirit. It’s long and confusing so most of us simply say LBGTQ.

    Mr Gibbs-
    Have you ever been to West Virginia? That’s where I’m from.
    I was also wondering what made you decide to start incorporating LGBTQ themes into your writing? No hate at all, I’m actually a member of the community myself, and think the lack of representation and support is awful, I was just wondering.

  25. Liah –

    I have been to WVA but it’s been a while.

    I had heard from hundreds of readers asking for me to be more inclusive, so it seemed like the moral thing to do.

  26. Mr. Gibbs,

    First of all, I hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving break (although now that I’m thinking about it, do you EVER have a break?). I have a couple of questions to ask you, regarding Charlie Thorne.

    1. I was born in Israel – reading your books (especially the first one), every mention of Israel makes me so proud that an author is devoting some time to audiences of all religions. This is emphasized even more with the Israel-Palestinian conflict. My question: What made you (other than the fact that Albert Einstein was in Israel) inclined to pick Israel?

    2. I think most authors that write 2/3 of their book in a certain place would visit it. Did you, by chance, visit Israel?

    3. What would it take for a movie company to adapt any of your books to the big screen? Could we, as fans, make a survey or show the studios how many people would go to this type of movie?

  27. Amit Boiman –

    1) I had been to Israle before I came up with the idea for Charlie Thorne, and once i learned that Einstein’s archives were there, it made sense to have part of the story take place in Israel. However, I had planned to base the whole thing on my memory of visiting Israel…

    2) When I happened to learn about a free author trip to Israel run by an organization called PJ library. I applied and was accepted, so I went on the trip, which ended up inspiring me even more.

    3) Sadly, there’s not really any sort of crowd movement you can do to influence a studio — except encouraging people to buy the books. The more books that sell, the more likely the studios are to think there is a fan base.

  28. Hi Mr. Gibbs!
    I have a few questions.
    When you release the plot, title, cover, for each book, are you done writing it?

    How do you decide specifically what date you will release the book?

    I hope you had a good thanksgiving!

  29. Mr.Gibbs-
    If you do make a graphic novel version of one of your series other than SS, which one would it be?


  30. Hi Mr Gibbs,
    I love, love, LOVE your books and I hope you never stop writing
    My Favorites are SS, Fj, and MBA.
    Quick question:
    What is your favorite song?


  31. Addy –

    It is really up to my publisher to decide what date to release each book on.

    I am generally very close to done when I release the title, plot and cover. At the point where I’m not going to make any more big changes.

  32. Agent A –

    In a graphic novel, what Teddy and Dashiell look like is up to the illustrator, not me.

  33. Hi Stuart Gibbs. I’m doing a project on you for school so I would really appreciate it if you would answer a few questions for me 🙂

    1. What was your main thought process for the charlie thorne series? Did a particular author or place inspire you?

    2. What do you feel is the hardest part of writing a book?

    3. How do you make your action sequences so exciting? Usually when I try to write one its impossible to make it look riveting unless there’s magic/science fiction involved.

  34. Hi Mr. Gibbs! So far, I’ve only read the Charlie Thorne series, but I absolutely loved it! I sometimes feel like I’m a bit too old to be reading these kinds of books; however, I can’t help but become engrossed by the ingenuity and humor in your writing! Can’t wait for the next book to come out!


    Please see my FAQ page for the answer to question 1.

    I think the hardest part of writing a book is starting it.

    I spend a lot of time working out action sequences before I write them. If I feel like it would be an exciting sequence to watch, then it will hopefully also be an exciting one to read.

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