Big reveal: The cover, title and plot of Charlie Thorne #4!

Hi everyone.  Lots of people have been asking about this information, I’m pleased to finally get to reveal Charlie Thorne #4:

Coming April 23, 2024


Charlie Thorne is a genius.

Charlie Thorne is fearless.

Charlie Thorne may have finally met her match.

Charlie Thorne is used to being on the run. Ever since she was recruited by the CIA to track down Einstein’s most dangerous equation, Charlie—and former CIA agents Dante Garcia and Milana Moon—have traveled around the world to prevent history’s greatest discoveries from falling into the wrong hands. But after beating others to the secrets hidden by Einstein, Darwin, and Cleopatra, they find they are not the only ones searching for an immensely powerful discovery of Isaac Newton’s.

From a chase over the rooftops of Cambridge University to scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge to skirting a volcanic eruption, Charlie will need to think one step ahead of her opponents to follow Newton’s trail of devious clues and keep herself out of the hands of the many enemies who are hot on her tail.

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136 thoughts on “Big reveal: The cover, title and plot of Charlie Thorne #4!

  1. I love your books so I am glad to hear this news! I have read the FunJungle books and the moon base alpha books. I am trying to read all of your books as of right now.

  2. Australia was discovered by James Cook in 1778 over 50 years after Isaac Newton died. How would he have gone to Australia? Since this isn’t a major plot point, can you tell me if that is ever brought up in the book?

  3. I thought Milana Moon was bad. I thought someone switched sides or something. Sorry, I haven’t read Charlie Thorne in a while

  4. Agent A –

    All my future events are listed on every page of this website. If there is not a visit to Michigan listed there, then I am not coming any time soon. I haven’t been invited to Michigan in a few years.

  5. Oh my goodness, I screamed in joy when I finally saw this! I am so excited to read this! Thank you so much Stuart Gibbs!

  6. FINALLY! I saw the synopsis on Simon & Schuster’s a couple days ago and wondered when the cover would be revealed.

  7. Please tell Lucy Cummins that the cover is amazing, and please know that the book sounds amazing too and I am excited to read it!

  8. Ben Fitzroy –

    If my upcoming events do not say I am coming someplace, then I have no plans to go there. I haven’t been invited to the twin cities in quite some time.

  9. Hi Mr. Gibbs!
    I was wondering, you already have a comic series for Spy School, but if you ever wanted to turn another of your series into a comic series, which would you pick? Would one series be easier to make into a comic then another? What even convinced you to make Spy School into a comic in the first place if Funjungle was your first series? Do you see yourself making another comic series soon? Perhaps on Charlie Thorne, or Funjungle? Thank you!

  10. Hello!
    Another question,
    In Charlie Thorne And The Last Equation, at the end of chapter ten, on page 92, CIA Director Jamilla Carter contacts someone, stating, “However, there was someone Carter could trust to take care of things…Carter sent an encrypted text and gave the order on how – when it was time – to take care of Charlie Thorne”. I’ve read Charlie Thorne for so long, so many times, but this little part always stumped me. Maybe you intended for this part to be a mystery? But if not, who did Director Carter contact?
    Thank you!

  11. Sofie –

    Translating any book into a graphic novel is a long process. I would love to have all my other books turned into graphic novels, but that might take a while. My publisher decided to translate Spy School first because it is my most popular series and we have been very pleased with the response of readers. So it is likely that other books will be translated, but I don’t know which ones yet. Or in which order that might happen.

  12. Andy –

    I find the process of writing all my books to be somewhat entertaining. If it wasn’t, then being a writer probably wouldn’t be the right job.

  13. Hi Mr. Gibbs

    Do you think you could consider coming to Boston? I am a school Librarian and kids have been asking for a while if you would ever be able to meet them. Thanks!

  14. Hi Stu! As an LGBTQ person, I was really happy to see some LGBTQ+ representation in SSGN, and I know that Chang was also gay in the MBA series. Do you plan on adding any queer characters to OUAT or Charlie Thorne?

  15. Brandon –

    I was actually just in Boston two weeks ago! I would happily come again, although the best way to contact me is to use the information on the School Visits page on this website.

  16. CharlieTheCuber

    I can’t say for sure what will happen in future books. Tim runs a little young to deal with the sexuality of the characters at all, but you might be interested to see what happens in Quest of Danger, which is out next week.

  17. Hey Mr.Gibbs! I’m so excited for this book! Do you know Jerry Craft? I was wondering because he is coming to a college in Michigan to speak to the public and if you could do that too because it’s open to the public. I love your books by the way

  18. Agent A –

    I have met Jerry several times. He is a very nice guy.

    Yes, I could come to that library to speak to the public — if they invite me. That’s how this works. Authors are invited places to speak, and if that fits into our schedule, we go.

  19. Hi Stu!

    I remember you mentioning previously that you started to move the FunJungle books away from FunJungle itself, as you felt the stories would be somewhat limited without expanding the available settings. With that in mind, do you have plans to end the FunJungle series in the near future like you did for Moon Base Alpha when the setting began to feel limiting?

  20. Trevor –

    Quite the opposite, the ability to move the FJ books away from the theme park itself opens up a lot of new opportunities for stories and makes the world much LESS limiting. So I feel as though the series could easily keep going for a few more books.

  21. SSGN was terrible I felt like there was no reason to make Zoe gay seeing as she like ben why did you have to add this into a kids book

  22. Bob –

    I had to add this to a kids book so that people could learn that being gay is not a bad thing. Maybe, in the future, fewer people will think that a book is terrible simply because it has a gay person and give people who are different from them the respect that they deserve.

  23. Bob-
    Why, dude, just why?
    Equal rights and representation for others does NOT mean fewer rights for you.

  24. Hey Stuart! I am coming to see you in Charleston! I was wondering if there is a book limit. Very excited,

  25. Camden –

    I don’t have a book limit, but if you have a great number of books, sometimes I will ask you to wait until the end of the signing so that the line can move faster.

  26. Mr. Gibbs –
    Do you (or Anjan Sarkar) plan to quicken the release of the Spy School graphic novels in the future? Or will you continue to release them annually?

  27. Mr.Gibbs-

    I was wondering if you can reveal the redacted stuff on the spy school books with something or if it will get leaked somehow?

  28. Julian –

    The whole point of the redacted stuff is to keep the words hidden. So I have no plans to reveal what the letters say. Although generally, if you read the books, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess what the redactions hide.

  29. Ruban G –

    There is simply no way to speed up the release of the graphic novels. Anjan has to do a tremendous amount of work on each one of them. So he can’t really do more than one a year.

  30. Catherine Hale –

    Since my books are for younger readers, I don’t see that killing off a major character is appropriate, nor do I really see a point to doing it.


  32. Johnson –

    I have never claimed that Ben was adopted. I am not sure where you heard that but it is not true.

  33. Can wait to see you tomorrow at Yallfest! Hopefully you can come next year as well. I have 6 books for you to sign. Is that okay? Or do you think I would have to wait until the signing is over like you mentioned above?

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