Want to win an advanced reader copy of Spy School Goes North? Here’s how.


My publisher, Simon & Schuster, is giving away 50 advanced reader copies of SSGN on Goodreads. So if you want to be able to read the book before anyone else gets to, now is your chance!

Click here for details.

Just be aware that you have to enter by Friday, September 15.

And if you don’t win the book, but still want a sneak preview of the first chapter — it’s in the back of the newly released paperback edition of Spy School Project X.

29 thoughts on “Want to win an advanced reader copy of Spy School Goes North? Here’s how.

  1. Will I enter? Destiny…
    Thanks for posting. You just made my day a whole lot better!

  2. Hi mr gibbs!
    I love your books especially the moon base alpha series. I was wondering, are your books happening in the same universe? In spy school at sea, I noticed a reference to snakes alive.

  3. Smart phrase goes here –

    There are some hints in my books that indicate that they might all be in the same universe.

  4. Soren Blaylock –

    I don’t want to support the fictitious idea that the CIA was involved in killing a sitting president.

  5. Teddy –

    Next FJ book is probably out in spring 2025. I do not give my books titles until after I have finished writing them, so don’t expect a title for at least a year.

  6. How do you manage to write so many books with so many different contexts simultaneously?! It seems superhuman. Do you temporarily clone yourself?
    Seriously though, do you approach each book one at a time?

  7. Marco Cohen –

    I have a pretty rigid schedule to allow me to write all the different books. I really try to only be working on one book ata a time — but when I finish a draft of one, I will shift to another draft of another.

  8. Given that rigorous writing schedule, do you ever feel confined and forced to write even if you’re not inspired or run out of ideas? How do you deal with creative burnout or if you don’t, how do avoid such burnout? Thank you!

  9. Struggling artist –

    I never feel forced to write. I enjoy writing — and I enjoy coming up with new ideas as well. I honestly believe this is what makes someone a professional writer: They can’t stop coming up with ideas and look forward to writing their books. There might be professional writers who aren’t like that, but if so, I’m not sure why (or how) they do this for a living.

    The writers I’m friends with tend to have too many ideas, rather than not enough.

  10. Mr Gibbs, I love your book sooooooooo much my favs are Fun jungle, Moon base Alpha, And last but certainly not least the Spy school books I love all of them soooo much i have read every single one and i would defiantly go to one of your events but i am not close enough, though my dad is in texas for a year and i might ask him to go to one for me. I cant wait for the new book to come out!!!!!!!

  11. Soren Blaylock –

    As long as we’re being theoretical here, there is no scenario in which those three would fight, so it’s a moot point. I don’t really want to even imagine my characters fighting.

  12. I think they mean when logging in to Goodreads to enter the giveaway. I just left it blank since I don’t have a company.

  13. Semi-Gumbo

    c/o generally means ‘care of’ so maybe it’s asking you who the arc is supposed to be sent to.

    Since I do not operate Goodreads, I can’t say for sure.

  14. Hello Mr. Gibbs!

    I’ve noticed something while reading your Funjungle Series;
    Within every book, Teddy and his mysteries seem to get further and further away from Funjungle itself. In the first four books, Teddy and Summer stay at Funjungle, with the exception of school, but starting with the fifth book, Teddy investigates the main crime (the lion) outside of Funjungle, and the second crime, (the giraffes) inside Funjungle, but by the sixth book, Teddy stays away from Funjungle for almost the entire book. By the seventh book, Teddy doesn’t step foot in Funjungle, and in the eighth book, with the exception of the first chapter, Teddy, once again, leaves Funjungle.
    Is this your intention? I highly doubt anyone has a problem with it, especially me, I kind of like your expansion of crimes and adventures outside of Funjungle, It’s just something I noticed while reading your books.
    Thanks so much once again!

  15. Sofie –

    Yes, that was my intention. After I wrote four books that took place at FunJungle, I thought that there was a lot more I could do outside the park.

  16. Unfortunately I didn’t win (I may or may not have made all my friends enter to increase my chances of getting to read it, I was so excited) but happy for anyone who did get it and I’m still counting down the days! (17 as of now!!!)

  17. I recently left the fandom for Alex Rider because it’s a little more adult but I like coming back and looking at the newer stuff sometimes, I’m not gonna enter but I might buy the book

  18. Mr. Gibbs. I just hopped on the website, and it was really glitchy and looked really different. Is that just a mid-update glitch or how the websites going to be from now on?

  19. MjNinja –

    I haven’t heard this from anyone else or received any notice of issues from my webmaster, so maybe it was an issue on your end?

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