Here’s the cover, title and plot of Once Upon A Tim #4!

The release of the third book in the Tim series, Sea of Terror, is less than a week away — so what better time to announce the details of the fourth book?

Here you go:

Tim and his ragtag crew have been rescued from certain doom by a mermaid princess—but now, she wants something in return for saving their lives: her father King Neptuna’s stolen trident.

To pay their debt, Tim, Belinda, Ferkle, Rover, and Princess Grace once again brave the Sea of Terror to track down the trident in the glorious city of Atlantis, which hasn’t sunk into the sea yet. (In fact, it is famed as the safest city on earth.) But there is plenty of danger en route—and the notorious Prince Ruprecht is lurking about as well. Can the junior knights evade the scheming royal and all the other dangers in store for them to complete their quest?

Available everywhere November 7, 2023

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113 thoughts on “Here’s the cover, title and plot of Once Upon A Tim #4!

  1. Riben G –

    ‘Boron’ could mean ‘bozo plus moron’ — or ‘bimbo plus moron ‘ — or ‘bonehead plus moron’ — and any insult that starts with ‘b’ plus ‘moron.’

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! i didn’t realize you had a blog post about it, but I’ll be sure to check it out.

  3. Ethan Bond –

    The best James Bond movie is Casino Royale.

    I have really enjoyed every one of the Mission Impossible movies (except the second) although the last three have been excellent and I am looking forward to the new one this weekend.

    The first three Bourne movies were also very good.

    And so is the first Austin Powers movie.

  4. We haven’t gotten anything from Mr.Gibbs in months, we are either getting something big, or he is releasing a new series… now that I think about it, both are big news…

  5. The 9th Grader –

    By ‘anything’ do you mean I haven’t had a blog post? I do not have a new series coming. I already have four book series going — and that all takes a lot of work. Which is what I’m doing instead of writing blog posts.

  6. I broke both my femurs skiing a couple months ago and after I got out of surgery I was telling everyone in my vicinity that I felt like Ben Ripley in SSR when he broke his ribs (I was on a lot of pain medication haha). I even quoted him and said something like “I’m happy to be alive but I’m in a tremendous amount of pain.” I also remember telling my dad that I was tougher than Ben because he passed out from the pain but I was conscious all the way till surgery. Poor Ben. Anyway, I thought you might find it amusing that, after a near death experience, the only thing I seemed to be thinking about was Spy School.

  7. Hello Mr. Gibbs, I would like to know what “Charlie Thorne and the Royal Society”‘s summary looks like.


  8. A –

    I am weirdly flattered by this — and wow, that’s quite a story. I hope that you are recovering well from your accident!

  9. Olye –

    I will be sharing the summary when I have the cover art to share as well.

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