Looking for writing advice? Check out my free on-line video series, Mission: Write!

I am thrilled to finally announce a project that I have been working on with Simon & Schuster for the past year:

Whether you’re a young writer looking for tips, a teacher hoping to educate your students about creative writing, or a homeschooler looking for some fun new lessons, Mission: Write should appeal to you.  There are currently six videos (with more coming in the future) hosted by me — and accompanying lesson plans written by the brilliant educator, Rose Brock.

Best of all, it’s free!  So take a look for yourself.  Just click here to watch and learn!

176 thoughts on “Looking for writing advice? Check out my free on-line video series, Mission: Write!

  1. Mr. Gibbs-
    I just wanted to say I am reading Bruce Wayne and it is AWESOME!!!

  2. Berica4Life –

    Whether or not there is another BW depends on how the first one does.

  3. love the new background.

  4. i feel like BW ended implying that there would be more to come
    i hope there is more to the series

  5. John –

    Of course I like the Sherlock Holmes books! I love mysteries, and Arthur Conan Doyle created the archetypical brilliant detective.

  6. Mr. Gibbs,

    I remember reading in the Authors Note of SSAS, how you mentioned that on your Disney Cruise, you managed to get a tour of the kitchen but where not able to get tours of the bridge. We’ll if that’s still something you would like to see, Royal Caribbean International offers an All Access Ship Tour, where you get to visit the kitchens, galley, waste management facility, laundry facility, engine room, and best of all the bridge. My family and I have done it, and it was spectacular. It was very cool to be able to see all the facilities that run a giant cruise ship. I just thought to share this, in case you go on another cruise.


  7. Henry –

    Thanks for letting me know. Chances are I won’t be going on a cruise like that again any time soon, but who knows?

  8. The 8th Grader –

    I don’t really make predictions about sporting events. Personally, I always like it when an underdog wins.

  9. Does Cyrus approve of berica considering he’s the one that kinda taught Erica that relationships were liabilities in the spy business?

  10. Oh and also, since Ben’s bday happened between SSPX and SSGN, what do you think Erica would get Ben for his birthday?

  11. abc –

    Cyrus didn’t really teach Erica that relationships are liabilities. After all, he’s ina relationship. Erica decided that herself.

    That said, Cyrus probably wouldn’t approve of anyone dating his granddaughter.

  12. I am amazed at your work , but you should make a book where a new kid comes in that is as good as Erica and then Ben almost breaks up with Erica for the new girl to see that she is a mole.

  13. TillieWaibel2018 –

    I am very pleased to hear that you have enjoyed my books, but it is very hard for me to take suggestions from readers as I have planned quite far ahead already.

  14. Mr. Gibbs,

    Usually, you have around 10 books in the upcoming books section, but its dwindled down to 6… When will you announce some more do you think?

  15. The 8th Grader –

    Actually, having ten books in the upcoming section was an anomaly. I usually don’t have that many books coming out. (Or at least, I don’t have release dates for that many books.) This has been an unusual year. I don’t know if I’ll ever have ten books in that list again.

  16. Mr. Gibbs-
    I know that you have several FunJungle books planned out in advance, but I think that it would be a cool idea to have a sea turtle as the main part of the plot. In my humble opinion.

  17. I love your work and I think you are one of my favorite writers. PLEASE keep working on spy school!

  18. Whenever people use the abbreviation SSGN, I think they’re saying Spy School Graphic Novel, and it really throws me off. Lol.

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