Looking for writing advice? Check out my free on-line video series, Mission: Write!

I am thrilled to finally announce a project that I have been working on with Simon & Schuster for the past year:

Whether you’re a young writer looking for tips, a teacher hoping to educate your students about creative writing, or a homeschooler looking for some fun new lessons, Mission: Write should appeal to you.  There are currently six videos (with more coming in the future) hosted by me — and accompanying lesson plans written by the brilliant educator, Rose Brock.

Best of all, it’s free!  So take a look for yourself.  Just click here to watch and learn!

176 thoughts on “Looking for writing advice? Check out my free on-line video series, Mission: Write!

  1. Sandra-

    May I ask what book you are getting published? I will look out for it.

    -Stu Fan

  2. I’d just like to say that Whale Done was a pretty good book. 8.8/10
    Keep up the great work, Mr. Gibbs!

  3. Our money is kinda scarce, seeing as we just moved, and I’m sad I can’t get OUaT, because I would like to start reading the series for the first time.

  4. Mr. Gibbs-

    In SSGN are Ben and Erica gonna crash the next Farkle Family Fiesta?


  5. FitzCracken4Life –

    I’m going to be brutally honest here. I just got back from a long day and found a string of comments on this site that I had to wade through. I didn’t have time to read them all thoroughly because it’s late and I have much to do, but it seems to me that most of the pot-stirring here is your doing.

    It is up to me what links are allowed on this site, as well as all other material. The comments section is primarily so that people can write to me and ask me questions, not for people to have debates about censorship and whatever else.

    It is certainly not a place to post scripture espousing any religious beliefs.

    Everyone else –

    I am deleting all the comments pertaining to all of this.

  6. Dang, but I won that argument
    I didnt see the comments FitzCracken4Life had posted today, so I’m confused about the religious espousing thing.

    I apologize to everyone for the chaos that I and others were causing.

    Ok, that’s over.

  7. OMG finally. My WiFi was really spotty bc of a bad windstorm where I live but now its finally working again.
    Anyways, Mr. Gibbs, how many continents have you visited? My parents are trying to visit every continent and so far we’ve been to 4, including the US. I was curious because you’ve said you like to travel.

  8. Talia –

    If I am ever going on a vacation, then I will bring my children with me.

  9. Does Catherine, Cyrus, and Alexander know Ben and Erica are dating? Or is it just the kids that know?

  10. Mr. Gibbs-
    You may have mentioned it in Whale Done and I missed it, but how do SPOILER DELETED?

  11. Just had a light bulb moment. Someone should make a Project X trailer w/ ‘Just wanna rock’ as the music.

    If u dont know what that is its from lil uzi vert

  12. Hi Mr. Gibbs I have a few questions,
    Do you personally answer questions in the blog or do you pay someone to do it?
    How did you make this website?
    Will you ever tour in the south (Antarctica)?
    If you die will books you already finished come out?
    If you ever have a third kid will you name him/her JackJack Jill/Jill?

    (Two of these questions are a joke)

  13. Ruben G –

    I did mention it in the book, but I will leave it to you to take the time to find the answer yourself.

  14. Jeffy Da.

    I personally answer these questions.
    This website was created on WordPress.
    I would love to go to Antarctica, but that’s not easy to do.
    That’s an incredibly morbid question, but yes, if a book is written, they can publish it posthumously.
    I am not going to have a third kid.

  15. I’m back! Having a collapsed lung takes a toll on you. Also I just saw the Batman Banner, hope Bruce Wayne does well!

  16. Berica4Life –

    Yes, I know that Noah is at Penn; his roommate is my friend’s nephew.

  17. I asked Chat gpt to write a spy school book

    , here’s a possible synopsis for a sequel to the Spy School series by Stuart Gibbs:
    Title: Spy School: Rogue Agent
    Synopsis: After the dramatic events of Spy School Revolution, Ben Ripley is back at the CIA’s Academy of Espionage, training for his next mission as a spy. But this time, things are different. Ben has been promoted to a higher level of spy training and is given a new, highly classified assignment. He must go undercover to infiltrate a rogue spy agency that has been causing chaos and disruption in the international intelligence community.
    Ben’s mission is complicated by the fact that his new partner, a top CIA agent, is none other than Erica Hale, the girl he has been crushing on for years. As they work together to unravel the mystery behind the rogue spy agency, Ben and Erica discover that the organization is being run by a former CIA agent who has gone rogue and is seeking revenge against the CIA.
    As Ben and Erica race against time to stop the rogue agent and his network of spies, they encounter deadly traps, high-speed chases, and international intrigue. Along the way, they also uncover a shocking conspiracy that threatens to upend the entire global balance of power.
    Will Ben and Erica be able to stop the rogue agent before it’s too late? Will they be able to navigate their complicated feelings for each other while on a dangerous mission? The stakes have never been higher in this thrilling sequel to the Spy School series.

  18. Mr. Gibbs,
    Oh wow! That’s actually really cool~ You have an-ish relation with Noah Schnapp!

  19. FitzCracken4Life,
    Woah, I never knew Disney sponsored Arctic trips. I’ve always thought Antarctica as like almost a no-no place to go, with all the crisis that’s going on in there.
    The tickets are expensive though.

  20. Konnte –

    This is, at once, everything that is good and bad about Chat GPT. It’s kind of amazing how it can put together a story that sounds decent — and yet, there’s no flair to this at all.

  21. I got Chat GPT to write an actual Spy School story. It was really amazing how realistic the story was.

  22. Here is the story Chat GPT Wrote:

    The sun was setting over the mountains as Ben Ripley trudged through the dense forest, his backpack slung over his shoulders. He was on a mission, one that could determine the fate of the world.

    Ben was a student at the CIA’s top-secret academy, the Spy School, and he was one of the agency’s most promising recruits. He had been sent on a mission to infiltrate a secret organization known only as “The Circle,” which was suspected of planning a massive terrorist attack on US soil.

    Ben had spent weeks gathering intelligence on The Circle, and he had finally managed to track down their headquarters, which was hidden deep in the forest. Now, he was on his way to break into the compound and gather more information.

    As he approached the perimeter, Ben could see the tall barbed-wire fence that surrounded the compound, and the guards patrolling the area with their guns at the ready. He knew that getting past them wouldn’t be easy, but he was determined to succeed.

    Using his spy training, Ben sneaked up to the fence and carefully cut a hole in the wire with a pair of wire cutters. He then crawled through the opening and made his way towards the main building.

    The guards had not noticed him yet, but Ben knew that he had to move quickly if he was going to avoid detection. He crept along the walls of the building, staying in the shadows and avoiding the guards’ searchlights.

    Finally, he reached a window and peered inside. He could see a group of people gathered around a large table, their faces hidden in the shadows. Ben recognized the leader of The Circle, a man named Zoltan, and he knew that this was his chance to get some valuable information.

    Carefully, Ben slipped a small camera through the window and activated it. The camera began to transmit images back to the Spy School, where Ben’s team was waiting to analyze the data.

    As he was about to leave, however, Ben heard a noise behind him. He spun around and found himself face-to-face with one of the guards.

    “Who are you?” the guard demanded, raising his weapon.

    Thinking quickly, Ben pulled out his spy watch and activated the stun gun. The guard fell to the ground, unconscious.

    Ben knew he had to move fast. He sprinted back towards the hole in the fence, dodging bullets as he ran. He dove through the opening just as the guards closed in, and he sprinted into the forest.

    Moments later, he heard the sound of helicopters overhead. He knew that The Circle had discovered his presence and was sending in backup.

    Ben ran faster than he ever had before, pushing himself to the limit. He could hear the helicopters getting closer, but he refused to give up. Finally, he burst out of the forest and onto a deserted road.

    He glanced behind him and saw the helicopters hovering above the trees, their searchlights scanning the area. But they had lost him.

    Breathless, but triumphant, Ben pulled out his communicator and contacted the Spy School.

    “Mission accomplished,” he said. “I’ve got the intel on The Circle.”

    His team congratulated him on a job well done, but Ben knew that there would be other missions, other dangers, and other enemies to face.

    But he was ready for them. He was a spy, and he was proud of it.

  23. Would you ever want to direct a movie? (It doesn’t have to be something based off of your own books just in general).

    5 MORE DAYS UNTIL BRUCE WAYNE! I sure am glad it’s not a DC movie. Then it would be utter chaos (the film would be good but there probably couldn’t be anything good about it besides that). What are your thoughts on all the stuff with DC recently?

    Do you know if you have ever been in the acknowledgments of a book that you weren’t friends with the author of it (before it came out not after). I’m for sure getting this book when it comes out.

    What is your favorite type of book to read (this might of have already been asked but I don’t remember ever seeing it. If you already answered this question could you just tell me what blog you answered it on please?)

    Completely random question: What is your favorite movie from the year 1969? (The year you were born, that’s why I’m asking).

    Last question: Do you ever watch YouTube? And if so who are your favorite people to watch (if any).

    God bless, thanks for all the books and have a wonderful day Mr. Stuart Gibbs! Keep being awesome (It’s not really that hard for you, you write books after all).

  24. Zaphod –

    I haven’t been able to watch more than 15 minutes of any DC superhero movie except Shazam, which I thought was kind of fun.

    I have no idea if I have been acknowledged in a book where I didn’t know the author.

    I like mysteries, adventures, history and science.

    I like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I think that came out in 1969.

    I really think Ryan George on YouTube is very funny.

  25. Henry-

    ChatGPT is kinda cool how it can create something using only a few things.

    (don’t worry, I’m past the argument phase)

  26. Stuart Gibbs-
    Do you know when the Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition for Spy School Goes North will be available for pre-order?

  27. C –

    I do not know when SSGN will be available for preorder. But when I know, I will post about it.

  28. Stuart Gibbs-

    Just Wondering-
    1. About continents, do you consider Australia to be its own continent or part of another continent?
    2. Do you consider Malta to be part of Europe or Africa, or another continent?
    3. What continent(s) do you consider Russia to be a part of?
    4. What about the Marianas?
    5. What about Trinidad and Tobago?
    6. Or Turkey?

  29. Kimpaloon –

    The division of continents is somewhat arbitrary, so I defer to what the general consensus is. I mean, really, Europe shouldn’t be a continent at all; it’s obviously part of the same land mass as Asia, but everyone says it’s a continent, so it is. Since Australia is generally regarded as its own continent (I have never heard anyone say otherwise) then I consider it its own continent. As for all your other questions, I defer to whatever those countries think they are.

  30. The 8th Graer –

    I will probably release the plot and title of OUAT4 in a few weeks.

  31. Rando –

    Until recently, Australia was considered a continent. Now, on occasion, it is lumped in with Oceania, meaning that the surrounding islands are considered part of the same continent. But like I said, this is all arbitrary. A ‘continent’ is not a geological structure.

  32. Hi, I haven’t been able to get on here sry. I am at my family farm in Alabama and the internet connection is SO BAD. Tho I am excited for BW.

  33. Mr. Gibbs,

    Hey! Thanks for all you do as an author! Not to be pushy, but when do we get to find out the title, cover, and plot for Charlie Thorne book 4?



  34. Joey Martinez –

    You;’re not going to get the title, cover and plot of CT4 for at least six months.

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