The reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, cover and plot of Spy School 11

Lots and lots of people have been asking about this for the past few months.  So here you go:



In the eleventh book in the New York Times bestselling Spy School series, Ben Ripley goes on a rescue mission when one of his own is abducted from a remote Alaskan training facility.

Ben Ripley and his friends are training in Alaska when Cyrus Hale is kidnapped by his old Russian nemesis. Ben, Erica, and the others mount a rescue mission, but events quickly spiral out of control in a plot involving the secret history of US-Russian relations, a young KGB agent with skills to rival Erica’s—and lots and lots of bears.

Available everywhere October 3, 2023

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I am aware that there is not a whole lot of information in that synopsis.  The reason for that is, the more you know about a book before you read it, the less fun it will be to read.  I don’t want to ruin any surprises. So if you write to me and ask for more information about what happens, in this book, I’m not going to give it to you.  I’m just going to tell you to re-read this page again.

398 thoughts on “The reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, cover and plot of Spy School 11

  1. X –

    My kids do get to read the books before they come out. How far ahead of time varies from book to book. They read early drafts and can therefore help with the editing.

  2. Mr Gibbs

    How do you add humor to your books? They are very funny but when I write I just concentrate and I can’t add anything funny. I know all books don’t have to be funny but I want mine to be.

  3. X

    I have to admit, that is a really hard question to answer. I don’t really know how humor works. I just write things that I hope are funny — and often, people think they are, But I can’t really explain how it works.

  4. Stuart Gibbs

    I just realized your kids are Dashiell and Violet and Dashiell is the mane character in MBA and is teddy Fitzroy’s friend. And Violet is also teddy’s friend.
    Did your kids ask to be in the books or did you just write them?

    PS. Am I talking too much about your kids? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, don’t answer if you don’t want

  5. X –

    When my kids were younger, they asked to be in the books.

    I can answer some questions about my kids, but there are others I can’t to protect their privacy.

  6. Stuart Gibbs

    Did you get the idea of Jerk-ees from Buck-ees in Texas? And is there buck-ees in Los Angeles

  7. Julian –

    Yes, Jerk-ees is based on Buck-ees. We do not have Buck-ees in California, as far as I know.

  8. There once was an author named Gibbs
    Whose books were full of thrills and fibs
    From spy schools to space,
    His stories take place,
    And readers are caught in his jibs

  9. Jeff –

    Um… I am only planning one series for my Spy School series.

  10. My Name is Daniel and I am 10 and a huge fan of your books, especially Spy School. I have read six of your books this past month. I have three questions for you.

    First, what was your inspiration to write Spy School. Second, what was your favorite Spy School book? Lastly, what was your favorite book growing up?

  11. Daniel Bowlin –

    1) Please see my FAQ page for the answer.

    2) I do not have a favorite of any of my books.

    3) I had lots of favorite books, but for now, I’ll say The Westing Game.

  12. X –

    No, it is not free for me to visit schools. Because visiting schools is work and takes time away from my writing. Please see my page about School Visits for details.

  13. Dear, Mr. Gibbs

    I humbly request you join me in a game of classical chess

    Best regards,

    Sir Jaiden of The State of Florida

  14. Sir Jaiden –

    Apologies, but I do not have the time to play chess with everyone who challenges me to it.

  15. No, i have read every single book 17 times and the whole charlie thorne series and the whole funjungle series including whale done the whole space series and once upon a tim.

  16. Mr Gibbs,

    Will there ever be a spy school movie?

    Also how many books are you planning to make?

  17. Project X –

    I honestly have no idea if there will ever be a movie. It is really out of my control.

    I do not know how many books I am going to write in any of my series.

  18. Mr. Gibbs I love your books and hope to become a writer when I grow up. Do you have any advice on writing books, and how do you get your ideas for the spy school series.

    Best Regards,
    Bradley Hale.

  19. Are you ever going to introduce Mikes parents in spy school? How much time does it take for you to write one book.
    Ripley is a Flumbonian,
    The truth

  20. Is David Stern a Republican or a Democrat? Also, who is his vice president?

  21. Bradley Hale –

    There is some advice on my FAQ page, or go to Mission: Write which is located on the video page of this site.

  22. The Truth –

    What will happen in future books is classified.

    It takes about two years to write all the drafts of a book.

  23. Stuart Gibbs fan –

    Please see my post about Questions I Can’t Answer.

  24. If there is a part in one of your books you could change, or several, or if you would, which part or parts would you change

  25. Beeside2023

    There are lots of people writing really good sports books. So I am going to leave that to others and focus on my specialties.

  26. Shawn Van Horn

    I do not know how many books there will be in any of my series.

  27. Dear, Mr. Gibbs
    I have been a fan of your books for a long time. As my friends have been reading your books, I decided to try them out. As soon as I finished page 1 of Spy School book 1, I loved it. This reveal has helped me a lot, as I have been waiting for book 11 for a while. Thank you for spending your time to make this.
    Your Huge Fan

  28. undiscovered –

    The reason the next FJ book is not in the upcoming releases box is because I do not know when it is coming out.

  29. Hello Mr. Gibbs! I am a Huge fan of your books and I always say to people who ask, “Who is your favorite author?” “Stuart Gibbs.” In my class, we are reading Space Case. The whole class thinks it is hilarious. I have a two questions, did you name the characters in Space Case after your son and daughter? And the second one: What website or company do you use to write your books? I hope you will continue to write more books, (and maybe even a new series). Thank you for reading this!

  30. Amaya F –

    I am very pleased to hear that I am your favorite author.

    The characters in Space Case are indeed named after my children.

    I use a program called pages to write my books.

  31. Hi Mr. Gibbs!
    As of right now, are you aiming to write a 5th Charlie Thorne book?

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