The reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, cover and plot of Spy School 11

Lots and lots of people have been asking about this for the past few months.  So here you go:



In the eleventh book in the New York Times bestselling Spy School series, Ben Ripley goes on a rescue mission when one of his own is abducted from a remote Alaskan training facility.

Ben Ripley and his friends are training in Alaska when Cyrus Hale is kidnapped by his old Russian nemesis. Ben, Erica, and the others mount a rescue mission, but events quickly spiral out of control in a plot involving the secret history of US-Russian relations, a young KGB agent with skills to rival Erica’s—and lots and lots of bears.

Available everywhere October 3, 2023

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I am aware that there is not a whole lot of information in that synopsis.  The reason for that is, the more you know about a book before you read it, the less fun it will be to read.  I don’t want to ruin any surprises. So if you write to me and ask for more information about what happens, in this book, I’m not going to give it to you.  I’m just going to tell you to re-read this page again.

265 thoughts on “The reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, cover and plot of Spy School 11

  1. Warrenisanidiot –

    For several of these questions, you’ll have to see my blog post about questions I can’t answer.

    1) yes
    2) I don’t know
    3) I don’t know
    4) That idea was brought to me by the publisher
    5) Do you mean Dashiell? That question is answered in the third book in the MBA series.
    6) I don’t know
    7) I don’t know
    8) Ice cream
    9) In about six months.

  2. hi stuart. you r such a big inspiration and I wanted to ask some questions.
    1. will there ever be a new MBA book? like how dashiell is now?
    2. who do you think is the smartest out of all of your characters?
    3. which book series are you the most proud of/ like the most?
    4. do you ever read your books?
    5. will you make a new series in the future?

    thats all the questions I have.

  3. Austin lim –

    1) Maybe, but not any time soon. I have an old blog post explaining why.
    2) Charlie Thorne
    3) I am proud of all my series.
    4) Yes, but generally for work reasons.
    5) Probably, but not any time soon.

  4. SSRukes –

    As the synopsis says, the book takes place in Alaska. Beyond that, I can’t give away any more information.

  5. Mr Gibbs, this in another book, (Spy School Goes South), You wrote Mayan pyramids, I have learned though, Mayan is what the Maya spoke, I believe that they are called Maya pyramids, I am not 100% sure though.

  6. William –

    I have seen it written both ways, but it was my belief that ‘Mayan’ was the more commonly used term.

  7. Mr. Gibbs,

    In SS7 Mike and Zoe enjoy fonts and typography. Did you choose this topic because you enjoy fonts or at random? If you do enjoy fonts what is your favorite? (Mine is Caveat Brush).

  8. SS Rules –

    I am not really a font-natic. Their love of fonts just made sense in the story.

  9. William

    Well, both can be used. Germans speak “German”, but you can also have “German” architecture in a building.

  10. I’m a Font-natic myself, I like many types of fonts from very common ones, Times New Roman (this is the one many authors, including Stuart, use), to extravagant ones such as Righteous and Kaushan Script.

  11. Hello Mr. Gibbs! I’m 10 years old! I am such a Great Fan of your spy School books!!! I’ve just finished the 10th book and I’m soooo excited for the 11th to come out, is there any chance you know when you are going to finish it?!?!?

  12. Lara-s

    I am mostly finished with it. But lots more work besides writing needs to be done on it before it is ready for sale.

  13. Hey Mr Gibbs! I have read your series over and over again I absolutely love spy school! I know you can’t say much about SS11 but I was hoping we might be able to get to see more of Tina Cuevo from book one and even some more of chip and Jawa. They’re all great character dynamics and i think it would be nice to see more of them. I was also wondering if Zoe had some nicknames for Mike or chip? Or any other characters left unnicknamed just for my own curiosity and fun! Thanks for all that you do! Have an awesome day! -Hailey

  14. Hailey –

    It is always possible that characters can come back — but there are so many characters in the SS universe now that I can’t include them all in any given book. (I did my best in Project X but even then I couldn’t get everyone in).

    I believe that Zoe has used a nickname for Chip at some point (though I forget what it was, but I believe it was insulting to his intelligence). For Mike, she would probably use Casanova.

  15. Hey Mr. Gibbs I have a question about the SSGN,
    I know that you did not add Covid-19 in the books but will you add the russian-ukraine war, like would it be briefly mentioned or will it not be there at all?

  16. Jeff D –

    No, I am not mentioning the Russian/Ukrainian war. I had already started writing SSGN long before Russia invaded the Ukraine. My book does not have anything to do with that.

  17. Hi Mr Gibbs, I’m 11 years old and I just want to say that I can’t even explain how much I am a fan of your books. I regard you as first place in my list of best authors. Your books are absolutely awesome and I really can’t wait for SS11. I just have 1 question:

    How did you get the naming for Ben Ripley, Charlie Thorne, summer McCracken and teddy?

  18. Kabir

    I am so pleased to hear that you have enjoyed my books. As for the names:

    Ben Ripley + Benjamin Franklin (genius) + Ellen Ripley (action hero; Aliens franchise)

    Charlie Thorne: My daughter and her friends cam up with the name for me

    Summer McCracken: Just a name I had thought of years earlier

    Teddy Fitzroy: Teddy Roosevelt (US president, environmental activist) = Captain Fitzroy, captain of the HMS Beagle

  19. Hi Mr Gibbs, I am such a big fan and can not wait for ss11 to come out! I have read your books at least three times over. My favorite is spy ski school. I was wondering if Ben will ever kiss Erica or even another girl. I think that there should be more romance but that is just my opinion. Thank you so much for keeping me entertained! – Matthew

  20. Hello Mr. Gibbs! I’m 13 years old and loved your series. Benjamin is one of the best main characters I’ve ever seen!

    I don’t know if this spoils too much but does Ben get any better at fighting? I love that he is a master at thwarting but it would be nice if he like punched an assassin every once in a while or did more smart combat things like when he dropped the book on his fake assailant’s head or when he and Erica used the fan to launch watermelons.

  21. Hello Mr. Gibbs, I’m 10 years old. Amazing job on your one and Only Spy School series, definitely the best series I’ve ever read! I’m so impressed on how well you write your books.

    Question: Will Ben Ripley’s, age be 15?

  22. Matthew –

    Given that the SS series isn’t really a romance, kissing isn’t a main focus of the series.

  23. David R –

    If you have been paying attention, Ben has been slowly getting better at self-defense in the books.

  24. Danny –

    Ben’s birthday is in June. He started the series at age twelve and two Junes have passed.

  25. Stuart,
    Can you write SS12 in Erica’s pov?
    Or Zoe, Mike, or anyone else.
    It would be fascinating to read others thought besides Ben.

  26. Just finished SSAS, and that letter at the end made me imagine a post credit scene for the movie where it shows a bunch of phones getting emails and the “Evil Friends” reading saperate parts of the email in sequence. Hope the movie DOES come out soon. I’m really excited for SSGN!

  27. Koreano –

    I believe that part of the appeal of SS to so many readers is Ben’s voice and that switching th perspective of the books would be jarring to most readers.

  28. Mr. Gibbs,
    Have you ever thought of a mini crossover event between your characters. For instance, Ben might happen to accidentally stumble into Teddy. Sort of like a brief fun cameo between books.

  29. Mr Gibbs

    1 what inspired you to make the spy school series
    2 will there be a new character in goes north
    3 can you see if you can make a spy space school

  30. Julian –

    1) See my FAQ page
    2) Yes, there are new characters in all of my books
    3) Please see my blog post about why I ended the MBA series. That should also explain why there will be no spy space school.

  31. I have a feeling Cyrus could possibly die, but that might be a little too heavy.

  32. I used to be on this website all the time a few years ago. These books were really important to me, but now I’ve been in a reading slump. It’s a really weird in-between period.

  33. fan of mr gibbs –

    There are ten books in the SS series so far. If you look on the books page of my website, you can find them all listed in order.

  34. mr.gibbs
    What I meant was that SS would last for a few volumes?
    do we have ss15 or more

  35. fan of mr. gibbs

    I do not know how many books there will be in the SS series.

  36. Hello Stuart Im a big fan of your work and I was wondering

    1) is there going to be another book for the charlie throne series
    2) why do you always add romance to the books (i love it though)

  37. Love your work –

    Yes, there will be another Charlie.

    I don’t always add romance. (See the MBA series.) But when I do, it’s usually because my fans ask for it.

  38. You probably get this comment a million times a day but can you come sometime around my birthday to a library in bastrop or Austin. preferably
    Bastrop public library
    1100 Church St, Bastrop, TX 78602

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