The exclusive edition of the Spy Camp Graphic Novel is now available for pre-order!

Once again, I have teamed up with Barnes & Noble to create an awesome exclusive edition of one of my books.  In addition to getting Spy Camp in graphic novel form, gorgeously and hilariously illustrated by Anjan Sarkar, you will also get a double-sided pull-out poster with plenty of bonus content.


Click here to preorder your copy today!

111 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of the Spy Camp Graphic Novel is now available for pre-order!

  1. Mr Gibbs –
    Hello! How many times have you traveled out of the US? Its ok if you can’t remember or something?

  2. Team FitxCracken –

    I honestly have no idea how many times I have left the US. If you count all the trips to Canada and Mexico, it’s several dozen to be sure.

  3. In the first graphic novel, I was shocked to see what everyone looked like. I was upset at the lack of accuracy on the assassin, but that is to be expected. I hope this one will be cool! I can’t wait to see what Cyrus will look like! And are you going to make graphic novels for all the book in the series? Or end somewhere

  4. R,

    Lack of accuracy on the assassin? The assassin is only described in the book as being hard to see in the shadows, which doesn’t really work if you want to illustrate his presence.

    As of right now, the plan is to release graphic novels for every book in the series.

  5. stu, I have some questions about some of the characters.
    Is Erica dating ben or are they still just friends?
    Is Alexander married to anyone at the moment?
    Is Zoe still Ben’s best friend?

  6. StuIsAmazing –

    If you have read all the SS books, then the answer to your first question should be evident. (And if you haven’t read them all, then I don’t want to spoil anything.)

    Alexander is not married to anyone and Zoe is still Ben’s best friend.

  7. I have read all the books in 5 of your series ( spy school, funjungle , MBA , Charlie Thorne and the last musketeer) except whale done which neither the public library nor my school library have (I am still disappointed that my school library only has one of your books) in under one year and they helped me adjust to Canada because I knew that when I got back home one of your books was on my bed waiting to be read.

    Thank you , for making all these great books.

  8. C

    I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed my books and that they have helped you adjust to life in Canada.

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