I am releasing six books in 2023. Here’s the list.

2023 is going to be a big year for me.  I will have six books come out, four of them by May 9.

Of course, I list all upcoming releases on the right hand side of every page of this website, but I figured I’d give you a little more info about each book in this handy list.

February 21: Whale Done

In the eighth book in the FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy tries to figure out who is behind the death of a whale — and the very messy destruction of its corpse — while also contending with the mysterious theft of several tons of sand from a  beach and a threat to his relationship with Summer.

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March 14: Bruce Wayne: Not Super

DC Comics hired me to write a Batman graphic novel!  In this story, teenaged Bruce Wayne struggles with the fact that he’s the only kid at his school who doesn’t have super powers — and yet, he’s the only one who wants to fight crime.  It’s a whole new take on the DC Universe, with incredible and hilarious art by Berat Pekmezci.

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April 4: Spy Camp the Graphic Novel

Book two of the Spy School series has Ben Ripley joining Erica Hale and her father on a wild adventure through the wilderness.  The fate of the free world hangs in the balance.  Now in graphic novel form, with incredible art (once again) by Anjan Sarkar.

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May 9: The Sea of Terror (Once Upon A Tim Book #3)

Tim, Belinda, Rover, and all the rest of the misfits are back in a new adventure that will take them across the incredibly-dangerous Sea of Terror to recover a golden fleece (and the mystical amulet in its pocket).

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I do not have cover images or summaries (or even titles) yet for the next two books, but here they are anyhow.  I promise, I will get you more info on both these books as soon as it is good to release:

October 3: Spy School Goes North

November 7: Once Upon A Tim 4

I hope all of you have a great holiday season!


244 thoughts on “I am releasing six books in 2023. Here’s the list.

  1. Jaydon –

    If you look in the Upcoming Releases box on every page of this website, you will find your answer (and see what other books I have coming).

  2. I love your books! Please make more of the Spy School! You are my favorite author ever!!!

  3. OMG !!!!!! I love all of your books , Mr.Stuart ! Can you please write more of Spy School,Charlie Thorne , and Funjungle [I an pretty sure you finished the moon base alpha series so I didn’t ask ] Are you really an retired astronaut ?

  4. Alice –

    I am writing more Spy School, Charlie Thorne and FunJungle novels.

    However, I am not a retired astronaut. My good friend Garrett Reisman, who was my technical adviser on the MBA novels. is a retired astronaut.

  5. Hello, if you do a funjungle book 9 can you please do it about teddy and summer as adults? (You are my favorite author)

  6. Cameron –

    Once I make Teddy and Summer adults, the books will no longer be considered middle grade and most likely will no longer have much appeal to my core readers. (I can’t think of any book series ever that has suddenly had the characters jump decades in age between books.) Plus, I think a great deal of the appeal of the seies is that teddy is close to the age of most readers, so I have no plans to make them adults.

  7. Hi! I really enjoy your book but I do want to know if there is going to be a spy school 12 or if that is the last book if you don’t know yet it’s totally fine. Thanks!

  8. i just want to ask how many books are you going to add to the spy school series? it is my favourite series in the world and your my favourite author ever!!!!!

  9. You are the best author in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also how many Charlie Thorne books are you going to write?

  10. Definitely Erica –

    I think that a lot of the appeal of the SS series comes from Ben’s narration and his position as the main character, so I’m not sure that I would switch to having Erica be the main character. But I can promise you that she will remain prominent in all the books. (I mean, she might not be the main character, but she’s the second most important character after Ben,)

  11. dahani

    can you make a evil spy school novel i really wanna see what ashley looks like and i love your books and pls make ALOT of ss books going all the way tilben retires

  12. dahani –

    Are you asking for an Evil Spy School GRAPHIC novel? That is already in progress.

  13. Hi i was wondering if all the book tack place in the same universe because in SS at sea they mention snakes alive from FJ Tyrannosaurus wrecks and in space case the rocket that gets them to the moon us called the raptor12 which Harper Weems said at the end of Tyrannosaurus wrecks that she was going to name all her rockets after dinosaurs. And i’m sure their are some i missed but just curious. Also if they do all take place in the same universe then will you make a cross over in the future i think that would be ?

  14. Logan –

    Those things you have noticed certainly seem to be clues that the books might be in the same universe. But I am not planning a crossover at this time.

  15. You are my favorite author of all time. Thank you for making amazing books. Can you please make more books for the funjungle and spy school series. Also I thought it would be cool if you could make a sequel series to Moon Base Alpha and it could be Mars Base Alpha. There could be mysteries on Mars. Just a thought. You are the best!

  16. Dear Mr. Gibbs
    I have read every single one of you books. They are completely amazing. You are my absolute favorite author. Are you going to start any new series or just stick with the ones you have? If so what are you thinking?

  17. Ryan –

    Seeing as I have four series going right now, I can’t possibly start a new one unless I end one of the others — and I am not planning to end any of the others for a while.

  18. Dear Mr.Gibbs,
    I am here to say that your “SPY SCHOOL” series is absolutely amazing!
    I love reading your books so much! and when I’m done reading those I re-read them often. So please post more books in that category, I’m really looking forward to that.
    You’re the best author in the world!

  19. dear mr gibbs, i love your spy school books can you make more graphic novels?

  20. Kellen –

    There is going to be a graphic novel for each of the SS books, but t takes a year to make each one, so its going to take some time to make them all.

  21. Dear Mr Gibbs,
    I love the fun jungle and spy series novels and I was wondering
    1. Are you thinking of making Funjungle graphic novels. I would love to see that and I would definitely buy it.
    2. What animal would be kidnapped, murdered, etc in your next Funjungle book? Will it be a animal from the map in the books?
    Thank you for answering these questions if you see them! You are one of my fav authors!

  22. Santi –

    Whether or not there are FJ Gas is up to my publisher, but I would love if that happened.

    It is too early to reveal what will happen in the next FJ book. I should have news in about a year. Maybe more.

  23. You are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE author!!! My favorite series are Spy School and Funjungle! I hope you never stop writing. It makes me so happy to see that you are making people aware of pollution and climate change. Thank you SO much for writing your books!!!!

  24. What is the future timeline for SS books, like Spy School Goes North one year after? Are you planning annual releases? If so how long will this series potentially stretch, I know you’ve said at least until 12 but a rough idea? 15-20?

  25. Vincent Qiu –

    SS books have been coming out every fall for the past few years and that will most likely continue. I do not know how many books there will be in the series.

  26. How many SS books are there going to be? Also can you make a book in the prospective of Erica or any other charecters from SS. Lastly pls make the books cross over.

  27. Hey,
    I hope you continue to write more Funjungle books! They are amazing and I really love them! Will there be a movie someday?

  28. Jackson –

    I do not know how many SS books there will be.

    I think that much of the appeal of the books is that they are from Ben’s perspective, and that a book from any other character’s perspective wouldn’t be as funny (and might be very jarring).

    I am not planning a crossover at this time. Sorry.

  29. JuSh –

    I would love it if a movie was made of any of my series, but at the moment, that is not happening. If things change, I will post about it on this site.

  30. hi mr. gibbs!
    (youre my favorite author of all time heheh)
    will there be a funjungle book after whale done? i love the funjungle series so much and i hope theres more 🙂

  31. Hi Mr Gibbs! I’m a huge fan!

    I was wondering if you are going to make more Spy School books after your newest (it’s my favorite series!).

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