I am releasing six books in 2023. Here’s the list.

2023 is going to be a big year for me.  I will have six books come out, four of them by May 9.

Of course, I list all upcoming releases on the right hand side of every page of this website, but I figured I’d give you a little more info about each book in this handy list.

February 21: Whale Done

In the eighth book in the FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy tries to figure out who is behind the death of a whale — and the very messy destruction of its corpse — while also contending with the mysterious theft of several tons of sand from a  beach and a threat to his relationship with Summer.

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March 14: Bruce Wayne: Not Super

DC Comics hired me to write a Batman graphic novel!  In this story, teenaged Bruce Wayne struggles with the fact that he’s the only kid at his school who doesn’t have super powers — and yet, he’s the only one who wants to fight crime.  It’s a whole new take on the DC Universe, with incredible and hilarious art by Berat Pekmezci.

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April 4: Spy Camp the Graphic Novel

Book two of the Spy School series has Ben Ripley joining Erica Hale and her father on a wild adventure through the wilderness.  The fate of the free world hangs in the balance.  Now in graphic novel form, with incredible art (once again) by Anjan Sarkar.

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May 9: The Sea of Terror (Once Upon A Tim Book #3)

Tim, Belinda, Rover, and all the rest of the misfits are back in a new adventure that will take them across the incredibly-dangerous Sea of Terror to recover a golden fleece (and the mystical amulet in its pocket).

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I do not have cover images or summaries (or even titles) yet for the next two books, but here they are anyhow.  I promise, I will get you more info on both these books as soon as it is good to release:

October 3: Spy School Goes North

November 7: Once Upon A Tim 4

I hope all of you have a great holiday season!


187 thoughts on “I am releasing six books in 2023. Here’s the list.

  1. Randomdude –

    Very general idea of when the title for SS11 will be released: Sometime between now and August.

  2. if you did not have an idea for a scene for ss11 they should fly jets it would be cool!

  3. Hi, excited for whale done

    (Those who remember me, I used to have spy school cover as my PFP, but I changed it.

  4. joshua hallal

    Since Ss11 comes out in October, I had the idea for it several years ago and have written multiple drafts of it by now.

  5. Mr Gibbs,

    Are you going to do Spy School until they graduate? Or are you going to have a scene in the last book that shows Ben graduating

  6. Nikhil A –

    I do not know how long the SS series is going to go or how it is going to end.

  7. Nikhil A –

    It’s not that hard to take a break from writing to answer a few questions.

  8. Jawa –

    The reason I have not shared the title of SS11 yet is… I don’t know what it is yet. I promise that once i know it, I won’t keep it a secret.

  9. Juston –

    Since the SS series is aimed at younger readers, I do not plan on killing off any characters.

  10. Since Charlie Thorne 4 is gonna be about tracking down Newton’s treasure, what if you gave it the title “Charlie Thorne and Newton’s Enigma?”

  11. MushRoom1234 –

    I don’t come up with the title for a book until I have finished the final draft, which will be several months from now for CT4.

  12. Mr Gibbs! After ss11 do you think there will be more books? I love waiting on new releases even if it’s yearly haha.

  13. Stuart,

    I Love your books! I live in canada and i have gotten my whole class to start loving your books! Thank you so much for doing what you do! I am 11 years old and my dad acaully got me on to spy school by ordering it for me as a surprise! I also am wondering is Berica (Ben + Erica) Or Zen (Zoe +Ben) going to happen? to me it looks like Berica is happening but what will become of Ben and Zoe?

    Thank You!

  14. Stuart_Gibbs_Fan737

    Thanks for getting your class to read my books!

    If you’ve read SSPX, it should be pretty obvious what is going on with Berica. As for what will happen with Zoe… more will be revealed in SSGN.

  15. Is the SS series over because you are now doing graphic novels because I am only on Spy Camp and I have no clue weather the normal series is over

  16. Hello Mr. Gibbs, I’m an 8th grader in the U.S. that has been reading your books since 2020, I really like reading your books and I wonder how and where you get your book to be published and handed out into public libraries. I am currently contributing to help in a manga/anime that is outside of school and with members who are scattered around the country and likely outside of the U.S. as well. At the moment, we are still trying to figure out how to publish it to public libraries. I hope you’re able to answer my question, thanks.

    P.S. I don’t know what I’m supposed to put in the “Website” box of this forum so I’ve just copy and pasted the link of this website.

  17. Tucker –

    Did you actually read this post? Because it clearly states that Spy School 11 is coming out later this year.

    The normal series is not over.

  18. Hierophant –

    Traditionally, libraries purchase books from booksellers or possibly even publishers directly. Every library has a different system for deciding which books to purchase.

    If you want your book to be published by one of the major publishing houses, you have to write it first, then get an agent, then have the agent sell the book to the publisher.

    Now, there is a chance that if you went directly to your local library, they might agree to stock the book you are writing. (I have also seen bookstores publish the work of local kids.) You would simply have to go ask the librarians there directly, but you would also be responsible for printing (and perhaps binding) the book you have written.

  19. Mr. Gibbs

    I think the title for the next spy school book should be secret spy school, because they are going to a SECRET SPY SCHOOL.

    I also read every spy school book and I own every one so far, they are the best!!!

  20. Erica –

    The SS books are available in some European countries, like England, Italy, Poland and Germany. (I’m not how many countries as it is hard to keep track.)

  21. Dash –

    I have a relatively old blog post about why there will not be a fourth book in the MBA series (any time soon, at least).

  22. Dear Mr Gibbs
    Are you planning to turn the whole spy school Series into graphic novels?My cousin only reads graphic novels and I really want him to read spy school

  23. Da reader books

    Yes, the whole SS series will be turned into graphic novels, but that is going to take years.

  24. Hi Mr Gibbs
    I’m 10,in Hong Kong and I really like your books!
    I read all of ss,fj,and mba.
    I was wondering if you can get a tour in hk or a online meeting or smth. Our class really like your books

  25. A fan of Stuart Gibbs –

    I have to be invited to Hong Kong to do a tour. For an on-line meeting, have your school look at my School Visits page on my website.

  26. A Fan –

    There is not SS movie happening at the moment. Please see my older posts about it in my blog.

  27. Mia Q –

    I have some tips for writing on my FAQ page. As with any kind of fiction, I would recommend outlining before you write.

  28. Mr. Gibbs

    I love all of your books, especially SS At Sea, SS Goes South, SS Project X and Evil SS. I have a question about your SSGN: will it be all of the same spy school characters or do you like to introduce new characters? Thanks for the awesome books!

  29. OweBro –

    By SSGN, do you mean Spy School Graphic Novel (in which case, no there are no new characters) or Spy School Goes North? (In which case, yes, there are new characters.)

  30. Hi Mr Gibbs

    I am creating a presentation about you and really hope if you could share your kids age with me. Thanks(it’s ok if you don’t reply)

  31. Mr. Gibbs.

    I just wanted to say that you are my favorite author of all time! I have read almost all of your books counting out the labyrinth of doom. I have been a fan for about four years and absolutely loved all of the heavily anticipated releases! thanks for all of the great books that you are putting out there!

  32. Mr. Gibbs

    Your welcome! I will try too make it too one of your book signings or book releases!
    I honestly cant believe that you messaged me back! So thank you.

  33. Hi Mr Gibbs
    I have just finished reading whale done and I have to say that this is an amazing book and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
    -Mia Q

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