I am releasing six books in 2023. Here’s the list.

2023 is going to be a big year for me.  I will have six books come out, four of them by May 9.

Of course, I list all upcoming releases on the right hand side of every page of this website, but I figured I’d give you a little more info about each book in this handy list.

February 21: Whale Done

In the eighth book in the FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy tries to figure out who is behind the death of a whale — and the very messy destruction of its corpse — while also contending with the mysterious theft of several tons of sand from a  beach and a threat to his relationship with Summer.

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March 14: Bruce Wayne: Not Super

DC Comics hired me to write a Batman graphic novel!  In this story, teenaged Bruce Wayne struggles with the fact that he’s the only kid at his school who doesn’t have super powers — and yet, he’s the only one who wants to fight crime.  It’s a whole new take on the DC Universe, with incredible and hilarious art by Berat Pekmezci.

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April 4: Spy Camp the Graphic Novel

Book two of the Spy School series has Ben Ripley joining Erica Hale and her father on a wild adventure through the wilderness.  The fate of the free world hangs in the balance.  Now in graphic novel form, with incredible art (once again) by Anjan Sarkar.

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May 9: The Sea of Terror (Once Upon A Tim Book #3)

Tim, Belinda, Rover, and all the rest of the misfits are back in a new adventure that will take them across the incredibly-dangerous Sea of Terror to recover a golden fleece (and the mystical amulet in its pocket).

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I do not have cover images or summaries (or even titles) yet for the next two books, but here they are anyhow.  I promise, I will get you more info on both these books as soon as it is good to release:

October 3: Spy School 11

November 7: Once Upon A Tim 4

I hope all of you have a great holiday season!


122 thoughts on “I am releasing six books in 2023. Here’s the list.

  1. Randomdude –

    Very general idea of when the title for SS11 will be released: Sometime between now and August.

  2. if you did not have an idea for a scene for ss11 they should fly jets it would be cool!

  3. Hi, excited for whale done

    (Those who remember me, I used to have spy school cover as my PFP, but I changed it.

  4. joshua hallal

    Since Ss11 comes out in October, I had the idea for it several years ago and have written multiple drafts of it by now.

  5. Mr Gibbs,

    Are you going to do Spy School until they graduate? Or are you going to have a scene in the last book that shows Ben graduating

  6. Nikhil A –

    I do not know how long the SS series is going to go or how it is going to end.

  7. Nikhil A –

    It’s not that hard to take a break from writing to answer a few questions.

  8. Jawa –

    The reason I have not shared the title of SS11 yet is… I don’t know what it is yet. I promise that once i know it, I won’t keep it a secret.

  9. Juston –

    Since the SS series is aimed at younger readers, I do not plan on killing off any characters.

  10. Since Charlie Thorne 4 is gonna be about tracking down Newton’s treasure, what if you gave it the title “Charlie Thorne and Newton’s Enigma?”

  11. MushRoom1234 –

    I don’t come up with the title for a book until I have finished the final draft, which will be several months from now for CT4.

  12. Mr Gibbs! After ss11 do you think there will be more books? I love waiting on new releases even if it’s yearly haha.

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