Here’s the cover, title and plot of Once Upon A Tim #3!

Once Upon A Tim book #2: The Labyrinth of Doom comes out next Tuesday (November 1).  So what better way is there to celebrate than revealing the cover, title and plot of book #3?

Here you go:

After helping Princess Grace foil the villainous Prince Ruprecht—twice!—junior knights Tim, Belinda, and Ferkle are on a new quest—this time to recover the Queen of Merryland’s precious golden fleece (and more importantly, the protective amulet in its pocket) from the Kingdom of Dinkum. The safety of all Merryland depends upon them.

But first, they must face the deadly Sea of Terror and the dastardly perils it contains. Tim and his friends will have to use every ounce of bravery, valor, and intelligence they possess to navigate the treacherous waters—or else risk becoming flotsam on the waves.

This book comes out on May 9, 2023…

But you can already preorder it by clicking here.

57 thoughts on “Here’s the cover, title and plot of Once Upon A Tim #3!

  1. Was there ever a book where the final book felt like a completely different book from an earlier draft?

  2. hehe

    No. I plot my books out before i write them, so the final draft is always pretty similar to the final draft, story-wise.

  3. hey I’m a new member of this community and i heard there was a discord server, can some post an invite to it?

  4. John Connor –

    There are over 4 million people in Los Angeles. I have not met every one of them yet.

  5. Hi Mr. Gibbs I have a question. I like to read books in Wattpad a website where people write fanfiction(there are great fan fictions from spy school although I think making some inappropriate is too much)so anyways I searched City spies because City spies is also one of my favorite series. I searched city spies and I found this book that the characters of city spies meet Ben and the gang and I though wow what a great idea.(This one seems appropriate)My question is would you do a collaboration With James Ponti so the characters meet each other ?

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