Here’s the cover, title and plot of Once Upon A Tim #3!

Once Upon A Tim book #2: The Labyrinth of Doom comes out next Tuesday (November 1).  So what better way is there to celebrate than revealing the cover, title and plot of book #3?

Here you go:

After helping Princess Grace foil the villainous Prince Ruprecht—twice!—junior knights Tim, Belinda, and Ferkle are on a new quest—this time to recover the Queen of Merryland’s precious golden fleece (and more importantly, the protective amulet in its pocket) from the Kingdom of Dinkum. The safety of all Merryland depends upon them.

But first, they must face the deadly Sea of Terror and the dastardly perils it contains. Tim and his friends will have to use every ounce of bravery, valor, and intelligence they possess to navigate the treacherous waters—or else risk becoming flotsam on the waves.

This book comes out on May 9, 2023…

But you can already preorder it by clicking here.

100 thoughts on “Here’s the cover, title and plot of Once Upon A Tim #3!

  1. Was there ever a book where the final book felt like a completely different book from an earlier draft?

  2. hehe

    No. I plot my books out before i write them, so the final draft is always pretty similar to the final draft, story-wise.

  3. hey I’m a new member of this community and i heard there was a discord server, can some post an invite to it?

  4. John Connor –

    There are over 4 million people in Los Angeles. I have not met every one of them yet.

  5. Hi Mr. Gibbs I have a question. I like to read books in Wattpad a website where people write fanfiction(there are great fan fictions from spy school although I think making some inappropriate is too much)so anyways I searched City spies because City spies is also one of my favorite series. I searched city spies and I found this book that the characters of city spies meet Ben and the gang and I though wow what a great idea.(This one seems appropriate)My question is would you do a collaboration With James Ponti so the characters meet each other ?

  6. Gael –

    Despite the fact that James Ponti is one of my closest friends, both of us feel that doing a crossover between our series wouldn’t work.

  7. Oh that’s sad.But if you would one day do a crossover I think it would be great just like the fan fiction I read. Both teams meet because Umbra teamed up with an American criminal organization

  8. George Costanza –

    I have never been invited to visit a school or do a festival in the Pittsburgh area. I also have not heard of any book festivals in the Pittsburgh area. Do you know of any?

  9. Gael –

    Often, collaborating with another author is harder than just writing a book by yourself. James Ponti and I have both created characters and worlds that we are extremely familiar with, but I am not as familiar with his characters and he is not as familiar with mine. So writing a book — or even coming up with an idea — that incorporates all those characters in a really good story is not easy.

    If James and I were to attempt to do this, it would be a tremendous amount of work for both of us — at the end of which we would only have one book, rather than two books. And while that book might appeal to fans of both series, it might not have nearly as much appeal to fans of one series or the other.

    So James and I have decided that we are not going to collaborate on a crossover.

  10. Mr. Gibbs,
    What are your favorite spy books?
    Also, how do you come with what the bad guys are up to in Spy School?

  11. John Carre –

    I like Robert Ludlum’s books, and James Ponti’s City Spies.

    I generally think of a good evil plot and then think of who the right bad guys would be to enact that.

  12. Do your kids ever know whats going to happen in the book like way before it comes out and then they tell everyone at school?

  13. Stu-

    Do you ever think of libraries as annoying because they limit the ammount of sales your book gets?

    What happens if you need to print more books than you thought you needed to?

    Is book printing expensive for you?

    Do you get your kids your books for presents?

    Do you find books as presents for holidays offensive?

    Why cant you just get someone to do your film for you, its really not that hard, I mean in 2021 alone 559 ORIGINAL SHOWS were made, and even more movies, so its kinda stupid that you cant get someone to do it for you.

    I saw you at RAA? remember?!!!!

  14. Sophia –

    I can’t imagine there is an author anywhere who is annoyed by libraries. Most of us grew up patronizing them and wouldn’t have been exposed to nearly as many books without them. The library is one of the greatest inventions in human history.

    If more books need to be printed, then they get printed.

    Book printing is not expensive for me, personally. I don’t pay for it. My publisher does.

    I absolutely get my kids books as presents. And gift cards to our local independent bookstore.

    Books for holiday presents are wonderful, not offensive.

    If it was easy to get my movie made, then it would have happened. I can’t explain why 559 original shows got made, but no Spy School movie was.

    Yes, I remember seeing you at RAA.

  15. Mr. Gibbs-
    If you could give me an estimate, about how long do you think it will be from today until you release the title and cover of SS11?

  16. Ruben G –

    Rough estimate: I will release the cover and title of SS11 some time before next summer.

  17. Greetings From Lucian –

    I enjoyed reading The Hunt For Red October when it first came out. It’s been a long time since then, so I don’t remember it much.

  18. Bliss –

    There are so many amazing places, it’s hard to pick just one.

    For now, I’ll say Antarctica.

  19. Mr. Gibbs
    Haven’t been here in a while so sorry if this has already been asked but are you watching the world cup and if you are are there any teams u r rooting 4 other than usa

  20. Do you care what people call you on this site? I ask because I’ve seen different people call you different things. Mostly Mr. Gibbs but sometimes Stu.

  21. Ellie –

    It’s generally regarded as polite to refer to an adult who you don’t know as Mr or Mrs or Ms.

  22. Alexander Z –

    Now that the USA is out, I am rooting for the underdogs. So.. Morocco and Croatia.

  23. I just finished reading OUAT:TLOD, and it was very good! Although something that was funny is that there was a typo (most likely)

  24. How come in Spy Camp, while talking to the SPYDER agent on the radio, Erica refers to Zoe and the others as her friends but a few pages later, Alexander says something about rescuing their friends and Erica says, “They’re not my friends, they’re my schoolmates.”?

  25. MjNinja –

    I have not met George Lucas. But when my wife had just moved to LA, George dated my wife’s roommate so they went on a few double dates.

  26. Caliveen –

    First of all, it is always very difficult to answer extremely specific questions about a book that I wrote over a decade ago. I have to admit, I can’t recall the exact scenes that you are referring to. But Erica, like many teens, might change how she thinks about people depending on her mood.

  27. My teacher just asked our class what book she would read aloud to us and let us vote. I threw out the option of Belly Up, and it got the most votes! My teacher is now reading aloud Belly Up! We just got to the part when Buck is introduced. It’s such a good book!

  28. Anonymous Content Person –

    Thanks for suggesting Belly Up for your class read. I hope that everyone is enjoying it.

  29. Hi Stuart Gibbs! I’m just dropping in to say hi and I can’t wait to read Whale Done. It seems so interesting! The book cover is fantastic too, by the way. I wish I could go to one of your book signings but I don’t live in LA and would have to travel almost halfway across America. Anyway, holidays are near! So excited for winter break!!!
    Good night,
    Me 😀
    (oh yeah, btw, if u click on my pfp link, it’ll take you to my wattpad fanfiction acc 😀 )

  30. Hi Mr. Gibbs! I just wanted to say that your books are absolutely amazing! I love your Spy School series! Your graphic novel is great too! I love your writing style! Happy holidays!

  31. JWD

    I will be announcing some SoCal events very soon. Stay tuned to this site. All upcoming events are listed on every page.

  32. Hi Mr. Gibbs,
    How are you? It probably is very stressful to balance every SINGLE book. A couple of weeks ago I had an assignment that was to choose an author to mail a letter to and of course I chose you. Also, I have a couple of questions about your books: 1. Do you know which book is when Ben’s birthday will be celebrated? 2. Do you have any plans for other books that you are planning to make?

  33. Unseekedspy

    I am not planning on having Ben’s birthday celebrated in a book any time soon. SS11 will pick up a few weeks after Ben’s birthday.

    Yes, I have lots of plans for other books I am going to write.

  34. Dear Mr. Gibbs-
    I am a big fan of your books. I mainly read the SS books but I have read the MBA books
    and I’m reading the CT books right now. I have a ton of questions. But to save you time, here are two
    What age is Cyrus in Spy School?
    What age is Alexander in Spy School?

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