The exclusive edition of Whale Done is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

I am pleased to announce that Barnes & Noble is releasing an exclusive edition on Whale Done, the eighth book in the FunJungle series.  (For those of you keeping track, this will be the 17th exclusive edition of my books that B&N has released.)

Each edition comes with several pages of bonus content, written by me — and a special book jacket — all for the exact same price as the regular edition.  That’s right: Extra stuff.  Same price.

Click here to order your copy now!

Here’s the pitch:  After an escaped kangaroo starts a fire that burns down his house, Teddy Fitzroy accepts an invitation to go to Malibu with his girlfriend, Summer, and her mother, Kandace. He’s hoping to spend some time relaxing on the beach, but wherever Teddy goes, trouble isn’t far behind.

First, a massive dead whale has washed up on the beach—and before anyone can determine what killed it, it explodes. Doc, the head vet from FunJungle, suspects something fishy is going on and ropes Teddy and Summer into helping him investigate.

Then, Teddy stumbles upon yet another mystery involving tons of stolen sand. And the paparazzi start spreading rumors about Summer dating a celebrity, leading Teddy to question their relationship.

Without Summer as his trusted partner, can Teddy navigate the rough waters of this glitzy world and uncover what’s going on?

Available everywhere books are sold on February 21, 2023.

74 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Whale Done is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

  1. Cather –

    I have tried animation. And it was already set up at Amazon and didn’t get made.

  2. Mr. Gibbs-
    THERE ARE SWEAR WORDS IN THE BOOKs like in the spy school series when Cyrus says the D word.
    Nick Danger –

    If you look at the recommended ages for my books, you will see that they are recommended for ages 8 & up. That is why there are no swears or sexual content.




    There is a lot of disagreement as to what actually constitutes a swear word. Yes, the D-word and the A-word each appear in Spy School, but there are so many people who don’t consider those words offensive that no publisher, school or library had an issue with them. (It turns out that some people like you did consider them swear words, so I do not use them in any of my other books.)

    I was referring to words that can’t be published in books for kids ages 8 and up. So, I was not lying.

  4. Hi Stuart!
    I’m literally so excited, I started crying happy tears when I heard the news. I’ve literally all of your books and I love them. (I go to RAA.) I am also so grateful for our librarian who emailed you constantly. Thanks!

  5. Sophia –

    I am glad you are so happy that I will be at your school. When I visit, please come introduce yourself and say that you wrote to me on my website.

  6. Eskimo J –

    It is very hard to come up with a title that no one has ever used before, and my book is quite different than the other which is non-fiction, so the chance of anyone getting them confused is rather small. (I hope.)

  7. ass and damn never happen in any of your books lol ive never seen the word ass before in ur books

  8. bro i just realized after reading the breakdown of this book… stolen sand? thats the most stupid plot point ive ever heard, not to hurt your feelings stu

  9. ben rip –

    Here’s the thing about the stolen sand: This crime is really happening, all over the world. I took that story line from actual events — which is the first time I have ever done such a thing. It was so bizarre a crime — and yet, such an important one to know about (you’ll have to read the book to understand why) that I felt I had to include it.

    Now, I just have to ask: Why on earth would you write that something is the most stupid plot point you’ve ever heard and then add ‘not to hurt your feelings’? Calling anything ‘the most stupid ______ I’ve ever heard’ is inherently mean-spirited and hurtful. Adding ‘not to hurt your feelings’ doesn’t make it okay.

    Would you appreciate it if someone wrote something like that to you? I highly doubt it.

    Think before you post.

  10. Hamilton –

    Yes, Teddy lives in a trailer. But he considers that his house. If you lived in a trailer, would you refer to it as your trailer or your house?

  11. I love the books that you write, I just wanted to ask if you are going to start a new series, kind of like Spy School, or the Funjungle series?

  12. Hello –

    I currently have four series going, so there is simply no way that I could start a fifth at this time.

  13. salma mohamed –

    Here’s the reason I don’t say what option two is at the end of SSPX: I don’t want you to know what it is.

    But you will find out what it is in SS11.

  14. um stu-
    in page 169 in preview book of whale done
    its mentioned marina and her girlfriend but the thing is isn’t that lgbtq?
    and also this book is for elementary school students too-
    Isn’t that not the age for 8 year olds to know?

  15. why??

    If an 8 year old can be aware that there are heterosexual couples, why can’t they be aware that there are lgbtq+ couples? I want my books to reflect the world as it is.

    My children grew up on a street where there were several gay couples. All this did for my children was make them more empathetic and tolerant of people who are not like their parents.

  16. WHALE DONE IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooo excited to read it. It sounds really juicy with 3 different mysteries at once!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!! How much is it?

  17. Agent A –

    If you click on the order link, it will take you to a site with pricing. (Sometimes the price fluctuates from day to day depending on the bookseller.)

  18. Hello Mr. Gibbs
    It has been a good 2 years reading your books at school during free time.
    Sometimes, I even read during class time. I just to let you know that your doing an amazing job. Keep doing what your doing.

    -A Lousy 5th Grader

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