The exclusive edition of Spy School Project X is now available from Barnes & Noble!

Good news!  As has been the case with every Spy School novel since Evil Spy School, there will be an exclusive edition of Spy School Project X.

This B&N limited collector’s edition of Spy School Project X, the tenth book in Stuart Gibbs’s New York Times bestselling Spy School series, featuring an exclusive jacket with shiny red foil–plus 10 pages of bonus content that will feature “top ten” lists such as Ben Ripley’s Top Ten Least Favorite Action Sequences (Because of How Scary They Were), Erica Hale’s Top Ten Martial Arts Moves, Mike Brezinski’s Top Ten Things James Bond Movies Get Wrong About Spying, The Top Ten Lessons from Spy School and many more!

And if you pre-order it now, it’s even CHEAPER than the regular hardcover.

Click here to get it!

376 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School Project X is now available from Barnes & Noble!

  1. Gael –

    The SS series takes place whenever you want it to. In SSGS there is a 2017 that was supposed to be redacted but it wasn’t. So you can imagine the series takes place in 2017, or you can imagine it takes place today, or you can imagine it takes place five years from now, or you can imagine that it takes place at any point in history when we had smart phones.

  2. Ruben G –

    I can’t possibly elaborate on what has happened to every single character in the SS series.

    And as for figuring out what the ratings for my books are — what ratings would those be? What constitutes a highly rated book? I suppose, if you wanted to go to Goodreads and look at the audience ratings for each of my books, you could do that.

  3. Hi Mr. Gibbs

    I just wanted to say thank you for the books I have been reading them since grade 5 and now I’m one year away from graduation. I just have a question do you ever plan on making the SS books a little more mature as time goes on? It doesn’t have to be full-blown mature content but perhaps having more mature content could be an idea.

    Thanks and keep up the great work

    Also when comparing Spy School British Invasion and Spy School Revolution which one do you think were better? I have a hard time because both of them were just as good. Personally, I think that SSR has a better plot with a more interesting direction while SSBI had a lot more action which made it fun.

  4. Alvin –

    Thanks for the kind words. I have no plans to make the books more mature as they go, because in doing that I could lose younger readers. Instead, I hope to keep writing books that older readers will still enjoy.

    It is very hard to say which of two books of mine is better. I put a lot of time and energy into all of them and so, saying that one is better than another is very hard to do.

  5. Hey Mr. Gibbs,

    I know this is kinda a weird question, but is there a sport you prefer or a team you like? I know in some of your books you mention Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Is that because you like a team there?

    Thanks! I love your writing!

  6. Neil –

    I like watching most sports in person, even ones that are kind of obscure. And yes, I’m partial to many Philadelphia teams, as I was born there and grew up rooting for them.

  7. Pearl –

    Most of my characters are completely fictional. Only a few are based on real people.

  8. Sara Jane –

    I don’t think I made Zoe extremely short, did I? I think I just said she was short. I was trying to delineate her from Erica.

  9. Ok so idk how i forgot how to comment on px but i did so here i go.

    I loved the book. It was great. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite one but i loved how it was different from all your other ss books. 5/5

    Thanks again Mr. gibbs.

  10. I noticed that on page 354, you wrote “And directly behind us was a vintage P-41 Mustang.” I would like to say that there is no such thing as a P-41 Mustang, but a P-51 Mustang.

  11. Wow just finished sspx its a big change for everything .great book like always Mr. Gibbs thx for being a great auther

  12. Mr. Gibbs, I am so excited to read SSPX!!!! I also wish you the best of luck with writing the next books!!!

  13. Hi Mr Gibbs,

    This is Leyton here and I know you probably get comments like these a lot but I am hoping that you are going to to start adding more and more development with Erica and Ben’s relationship. I think that it would really add a lot of depth to the story and make the conflicts more meaningful.


  14. Hey Mr. Gibbs!! I loved your Moon Base Alpha, Funjungle, and Spy School series! Is Project X going to be the last Spy School book? I mean there shouldn’t be any other enemies organization. Surprise me, I would love to read your next book!

  15. Also, would you consider making a book with James Patterson? I think would great outcome, because it seems like you two would write well together!

  16. Ethan E

    If you look in the Upcoming Releases box on every page of this website, you should find the answer to your question.

  17. Ethan E –

    I am not going to collaborate with James Patterson. The way James works is he develops an idea and has someone else write it. I have plenty of my own ideas.

  18. Hi, Mr Gibbs! Hope you are having a great day ?! I was wondering what Ben’s birthday is (not year). Also Erica’s, Mike’s and Zoe’s! I was curious because I love making “character sheets” for my favorite book series characters. Have an amazing day!

  19. Grace –

    Ben’s birthday is around June 15th. I don’t know the exact dates for all the others. (See my blog post about Questions i Can’t Answer for an explanation why).

  20. Hey Stu,
    I don’t know if anyone has asked this, but have you ever thought about making a chapter or two in Erica’s point of view? If you have was there any specific reason you decided not to do it?

  21. CIAInsider007

    I believe that a big part of the reason why people enjoy Spy School is Ben’s voice. To suddenly switch to Erica’s perspective after ten books would be very jarring. I can’t think of any book series that has ever done such a thing.

  22. I absolutely LOVED SSPX! It might even be my favorite book in the series. I really like where you went with everything and the action was great. I had a blast reading and would rate it a 10/10!

    Can’t wait for the next one!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  23. Caleb –

    It is very possible that Erica has a cousin. But who is going to show up in fitire books is classified.

  24. Hi,
    SSPX WAS AMAZING!!!!! Definitely the funniest for me. Thank you for creating such an amazing series!!!
    – Lailah


    Mr. Gibbs,

    In the last Spy School book, SPOILERS REMOVED. I hope you understood what I am asking. Now I do realize that this might be classified (As this will probably be explained in the next Spy School Book! But I am just curious.

    -The 8th Grader

  26. Mr.Stuart gibbs,
    Why was ther a moon base alpha opens in the upcoming events section and why did you delete it?

  27. Mr. Gibbs,

    I have a question! Do you think that there might ever be a year where more than one Graphic Novel will come out for Spy School? Because at this rate, it will be until 2031 until Spy School Project X Graphic Novel will be out!

  28. The 8th Grader –

    I pulled your question because, yes, it had spoilers in it. If you would like to ask me a question that refers to spoilers, please write to me directly at the email address at the bottom of the FAQ page.

    And to answer your question… that’s all classified. You’ll just have to wait until the next book for answers.

  29. Cindy –

    The MBA reference in the Upcoming events was a reference to the MBA book series. But the calendar was updated and couldn’t support that any more, so I removed it.

  30. The 8th Grader

    Creating a graphic novel is a great deal of work. Anjan Sarkar, my artist, really can’t do more than one Spy School a year. So to speed up production of graphics, we would have to gire someone other than Anjan to do them, which means the graphics wouldn’t all look the same. So I am not sure that we could speed up the process.

  31. Ezra 983

    Please be more specific about what you are asking. I do not understand your question.

  32. The Stuart Central discord has fallen. All key members have left. Your community is dead. Please… help…

  33. -Mr. Gibbs,

    I just want to say how wonderful your books are and that I enjoy ever minute I spend reading them. I was wondering if you are going to make graphic novels for all of the spy school book? Also, are you planning on making graphics novels for any other series of yours?

    Trixie & Mike Forever

  34. trixie&mikeforever

    Right now, the plan is to make GNs of all the SS books — and hopefully some of the other series soon. Stay tuned to my blog for details on that.

  35. Mr Gibbs,

    I finished reading SSPX and it was AWESOME!
    Though I’m still sad Bertha got blown up?.
    I love how Ben and Erica’s relationship is flourishing!

    Just an idea/question (though if it’s classified I completely understand!)
    Will Trixie ever become a spy?


    I know the SS building got blown up but will she just learn on the go?

  36. Hi Mr. Gibbs, in the coming future you may have a bunch of people emailing you about your books. This is because in my school we are doing a reading completion and we’re supposed to write a letter to the author.

  37. hello Mr Gibbs, how do you intend to maintain stakes in the story in the later books? as there is no intent to mature up the story, neither have we seen any of our main heroes die or suffer lasting injuries, there aren’t really stakes when we know that our heroes are always going to find a way to win in the end and none of them are going to be seriously hurt

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