The exclusive edition of Spy School Project X is now available from Barnes & Noble!

Good news!  As has been the case with every Spy School novel since Evil Spy School, there will be an exclusive edition of Spy School Project X.

This B&N limited collector’s edition of Spy School Project X, the tenth book in Stuart Gibbs’s New York Times bestselling Spy School series, featuring an exclusive jacket with shiny red foil–plus 10 pages of bonus content that will feature “top ten” lists such as Ben Ripley’s Top Ten Least Favorite Action Sequences (Because of How Scary They Were), Erica Hale’s Top Ten Martial Arts Moves, Mike Brezinski’s Top Ten Things James Bond Movies Get Wrong About Spying, The Top Ten Lessons from Spy School and many more!

And if you pre-order it now, it’s even CHEAPER than the regular hardcover.

Click here to get it!

128 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School Project X is now available from Barnes & Noble!

  1. Tim –

    I was inspired by dozens of books, like The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy series by Douglas Adams, and everything that Michael Crichton wrote.

    I double space my manuscripts because they are easier to read and edit that way, but I am under no obligation to do any particular spacing, font size or format. (My work will all be reformatted for publication anyhow.)

  2. Hey Stu, will the Penguin and Simon & Schuster merger have any effect on your books?

  3. Sirius Lee –

    I do watch sports. I like football on TV and baseball and soccer at the stadium.

  4. John M –

    I have been assured that the merger will not affect my books at all.

  5. Stu –

    Nice, I follow all of those sports as well. Favorite MLB team is the Red Sox and NFL team is the Seahawks. What about you?

  6. Mr. Gibbs-

    Hello! you may remember me from our previous conversation on the SSPX cover reveal.
    I just finished reading poached and… Wow! That had a lot of twists and turns. I mean… 3 mysteries solved??? Although I did not see it coming when (You know who) was revealed to be the kidnapper. I want to share my thoughts, but am afraid of giving too much away so… SPOILERS REMOVED

    sorry if i revealed anything to future readers of poached but, i did warn you so its kind of your fault. and to be fair i did TRY to make things not obvious

  7. Mr. Gibbs-

    forgot to ask…
    does fun jungle take place sometime around the 2000’s or even late 1990’s?
    i would assume so given Xavier’s appearance in spy school as an adult and fun jungle as a kid. i already know spy school is in 2020 and MBA 2041… but i never heard a mention of fun jungles time. and is the fitzroy appearance in Charlie thorne related to teddy fitzroy somehow?

  8. Spade –

    Please don’t include spoilers (even oblique ones) in the comments. If you want to discuss the plots of my books, write directly to me at the email address on my FAQ page.

  9. Spade –

    Who says that Xavier is the same Xavier? How could FJ take place in the late 1990s if everyone has cell phones?

    Where does it ever say that SS is 2020?

  10. Dear Mr. Gibbs and Spade,
    In the beginning eMail at the beginning of SSGS (the note things with the censored words-) The note is dated “2017”, you can do the math from there. Ben dates everything-
    Tbh I don’t think 3 years have passed from the events of SSGS.

    Also, Mr Gibbs, are the bonus content edition versions of your books canon?
    and what about Monkey Business? Is that canon to the FJ-verse?

  11. Mr. Gibbs-

    Could I make a video game of your books? It would only be on a site me and my friends use to create games and would give you full credit for writing the books, it would also recommend reading your books, and I would have a whole section about you. I would not make any money off of this either. Please consider it. If there is anything you would like me to add to the game, in exchange for my permission to make it, just say so and I’ll put it in.

    Love your books!

  12. Mr. Gibbs-

    Someone is trolling me in the comment section. I asked you a question and it seems to me that they are teasing me. And also, I assure you my age does not affect my skill on creating games.


  13. Justin Case –

    I have lots of favorite countries. But I love going on safari, so I guess Africa is my favorite place to visit. (And yet, there are lost of amazing places to go there.)

  14. Kitten –

    That 2017 was supposed to be redacted though, and it was a printing error. The books can really happen whenever you want them to.

    Yes, anything in the exclusive editions and the short story are all canon.

  15. Spade –

    Anyone is free to create things like video games or fan fiction based on my books as long as they don’t charge for it. If you charge for it, then we run into copyright issues.

  16. Spade –

    Sorry that happened. I have removed the offending emails and hopefully we will not have trouble with the trolling again. I try my best to make sure that doesn’t happen, but sometimes I’m offline for much of the day.

  17. Mr. Gibbs-

    Thank you so much for helping stop the trolling and the permission for the game. I really want to help support your books. I am going to make a full section about you, and I’ll get the facts straight from this site. And hopefully nobody trolls anyone on here again, or any other website. Thank you again for the help!

  18. ZT –

    I honestly don’t keep track of how many pages I write each day. Every day is different. Some days I write a lot. Some days, not so much. Some days, I’m editing or brainstorming or doing research.

  19. Mr. Gibbs,
    Hello, you write a lot of series. How do keep coming up with new ideas for books without the plots becoming repetitive?
    Also, when it comes to researching, I assume you have to read nonfiction books sometimes? Is there a particular author you like for nonfiction?

  20. Hi Mr Gibbs ~

    Like you said earlier that we can create stuff as long as we don’t charge for it like fan fiction… I have a specific question about that.

    If a spy school fan fiction writer on a site like Tumblr recommends that readers donate money to them if they enjoy their work (the work being spy school fan fiction) does that infringe upon copyright? Or if a spy school fan fiction tumblr writer will write a spy school request if the person paid/donated to them to do so… is that a copyright violation? The tumblr author is not forcing or requiring for readers to do so but they are giving them advantages if they do donate.

    Does this make sense? I don’t do it personally but I’ve seen it done a few times on tumblr. Thank you!

  21. James –

    I am constantly doing things that help inspire me, like reading and traveling. Plus, I have been alive for a while, so I’ve had lots of ideas over the years.

    Yes, I absolutely read nonfiction books for research. (I’m not sure how one could do research WITHOUT reading nonfiction books.) I read lots of different authors, although some of my favorites are Bill Bryson and Mary Roach.

  22. Timblr Inquiry –

    If someone is asking for money to write fanfiction based on my books, that is absolutely a copyright violation. Asking for a ‘donation’ to write something is asking to be paid for that work. The person writing it isn’t a charity. They’re pocketing the money. Which means they are making money based on characters that I created and own the rights to.

    This is very hard to police, but if anyone is doing this, they should know that it’s illegal.

  23. Henry-

    It’s going to be an adventure type game. Where you are Ben Ripley.
    I don’t want to say too much about it though cause that would include spoilers for the book itself.

  24. Henry-

    Well, it’s kind of complicated but the site is in a site kind of?
    It is called: “Blockate: Create your World” but it’s IN a common app used to play other people’s games, Roblox. So Blockate is an “Experience” in Roblox used for making Worlds, or Games. But it does use real code and there is a giant list of commands.
    You can search people’s username to find their game. If you want to play this game when it’s done, then go onto “Blockate” and search !by:TheDragonKid90.

    Also Mr. Gibbs, what if someone makes in site currency off of a game but it can’t be exchanged for real money, is that legal?

  25. The 7th Grade –

    Yes, that’s what ‘Sea of Terror (Once Upon a Tim #3)’ in the upcoming releases means.

  26. Spade –

    If you are earning fake money for something, I suppose that’s not the same as earning real money… but to be honest, that’s kind of a tricky question.

  27. Mr. Gibbs-

    And also, the in-site currency doesn’t come from anyone. Nobody loses anything when this appears. It happens automatically. But I also have a choice of whether or not to collect it.

    Does this help with the question? I hope so.

  28. Mr. Gibbs,

    As Ben is probably turning 14 in the next book, or the one after that, because I think SS9 took place in May, and I remember his birthday being in June or July! When might you end Spy School as Ben might be to old for teenage audiences! (I do understand that this might stupid, and I know that Spy School is your best selling series, so it wouldn’t be smart to end the series, but I am just curious!)

  29. The 7th Grader –

    I do not know when I am going to end the SS series. I feel as though Ben still has many adventures ahead.

  30. Mr Gibbs-
    my copy of SSGS has the date “2019” in one of the chapters, so actually I know that SSAS is in ’19

  31. Mr. Stuart Gibbs,
    Hello. I had a question about The Last Musketeer. Since it’s based on a book by another author, did you have to pay money to someone to use the characters? I know you’ve written a few blog posts about LM, but I couldn’t find an answer.

  32. George Wilkins –

    After 100 years, books go into the public domain and all copyrights expire. So anyone can write a story about the Three Musketeers — or Sherlock Holmes — or Don Quixote.

  33. So I’m just reading spy school British Invasion for the bajjilionth time and I noticed that Alexander says, “Sorry. I was on the other line with my mother…” This is on page 258 of the paperback version. I have to ask if we will ever be seeing alexander’s mother in any other books or if I’m just overthinking too much for my own good.

  34. Rando –

    I can’t do a cover reveal until I have a cover. And since the book doesn’t come out for nine months, the cover isn’t going to be done for a while.

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