Cover and Plot Reveal for FunJungle 8 (And the Cover Reveal for the Spy Camp Graphic Novel as well)

Two covers to debut today!  But first, let’s start with the big news you’ve been waiting for.  Here’s the cover of the new FunJungle:

As you may have deduced, this plot concerns a whale.  Here’s the details:

After an escaped kangaroo starts a fire that burns down his house, Teddy Fitzroy accepts an invitation to go to Malibu with his girlfriend, Summer, and her mother, Kandace. He’s hoping to spend some time relaxing on the beach, but wherever Teddy goes, trouble isn’t far behind.

First, a massive dead whale has washed up on the beach—and before anyone can determine what killed it, it explodes. Doc, the head vet from FunJungle, suspects something fishy is going on and ropes Teddy and Summer into helping him investigate.

Then, Teddy stumbles upon yet another mystery involving tons of stolen sand. And the paparazzi start spreading rumors about Summer dating a celebrity, leading Teddy to question their relationship.

Without Summer as his trusted partner, can Teddy navigate the rough waters of this glitzy world and uncover what’s going on?

The book is scheduled for release on February 21, 2023.  But if you want…

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Now, I suspect that a few of you may have questions, so here are the answers to two of them:

Why did I pick a whale?

Because lots of people asked for one.  I figure that, over the years, more people have asked me for a whale mystery than any other animal.

Why does this one not place at FunJungle?

Because the victim is a blue whale.  And no zoo, not even FunJungle, has a blue whale on exhibit.  It simply can’t be done.

And now, for all of you excited to see the cover for Spy Camp the Graphic Novel:

This book will be available on April 4, 2023.  But once again…

Click here to preorder it!

159 thoughts on “Cover and Plot Reveal for FunJungle 8 (And the Cover Reveal for the Spy Camp Graphic Novel as well)

  1. Agent Rabbit –

    First of all, I didn’t really describe the characters much, so honestly, the characters you see in the SSGN don’t differ for how they are described in the book AT ALL. They may, however, differ from how you personally envisioned them. But then, that’s almost 100% guaranteed. There is no way that Anjan could possibly draw characters that look the way millions of people have separately imagined them.

    I am happy with how Anjan has drawn the characters. If you are unhappy with their not conforming to your personal vision to the point that you do not enjoy reading the Gas, then I would recommend you avoid reading graphic novels based upon books you have already read in the future — or, for that matter, seeing movies based upon books that you have read.

  2. stalwart fan –

    What are you referring to by ‘that’? It is hard for me to answer questions when I don’t know what you are referring to.

  3. skeetols –

    There has already been a dolphin mystery in the books: In Pandamonium.

    And when I wrote the Graphic Novels or Once Upon A Tim… that’s a collaboration with artists.

  4. Mikael –

    I thought I was being asked if there going to be any official previews. There are not. I have no ability to control (or know about) what is happening everywhere on the internet without my permission.

  5. Can we just appreciate how quickly Mr. Gibbs manages to write, edit and do all the book process in just matter of months or a year [at max]? Really incredible hustle you do Mr. Gibbs. I can’t believe its already the 10th book? I legit feel like it was yesterday when I got that hot signed SSAS in the mail. Thank you Mr. Gibbs, you are the only author I read lol.

  6. Dalton473 –

    It’s a good name, but it’s already taken. I don’t want to get sued.

  7. you could make an ss book: Treacherous troubles, faking over, miserable mayhem, mission mayhem, horror hours, … etc etc

  8. Dalton473,

    I don’t know if you are aware of this but there’s a very successful Tom Cruise film franchise with the same name. That’s why mr. Gibbs can’t use it. He could probably use a reference name though.

  9. I cant wait for project x!
    (ik its not coming out for a while but still)

  10. OMG i just read the Spy School graphic novel and absolutely loved it! It was hilarious! Thank you Stuart Gibbs and Anjan Sarkar for your time and effort!

  11. Yay. I know I’m kinda late but my favourite series is Funjungle and I am excited for this.

  12. Hey Stuart do you think you will ever make books for mid to older teens, I was always curious because you are a great author and I would love to see you someday dive into some maybe more mature books?

  13. Hey Gibbs,
    I really liked the opening of the Spy School Graphic Novel (the video game scene). Did you come up with that specifically for that book or have you always had the idea. Also, will there be fun, unexpected scenes like that in Spy Camp Graphic Novel????

  14. Question for everyone-
    Do you think the paparazzi are right about Summer dating a celebrity?

  15. Hey Mr Gibbs, i know you probably won’t see this, I just wanted to thank you for all the joy and excitement iv’e received from your books , they truly are the most entertaining series(s) iv’e read.

    P.S. can’t wait for the paparazzi to find out about summer and teddy.

  16. 17 year old fan –

    At the moment, I am not planning on writing for older readers. Although I plan to continue writing books that readers of all ages will enjoy.

  17. Greg –

    I created the opening specifically for the graphic novel. There may be some changes to the book ins the SCGN, but none that major.

  18. Its been a while since a new blog post has been posted, and I hope the next one is if SCGN Gets an Exclusive Edition! (But I won’t lie, Mr. Gibbs gave us two covers, a new synopsis, and a new title reveal and 2 release dates!) That should cover us for like…..3 months lol!

  19. cute as ducks

    Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation
    CXharlie Thorne and the Lost City
    Charlie Thorne and the Curse of Cleopatra

  20. Mr gibbs,

    I was just wondering about the great flight cage. Will it be included in any future books?

    also, Whale Done looks amazing! I cant wait for it and SSPX!

  21. #1 fan –

    The Great Flight Cage might come into play. It’s certainly possible.

  22. Hey Gibbs,
    I really liked the video game opening in the first Spy School Graphic Novel. Will there be any more surprise scenes like that in the next one?

  23. Neal –

    There might be a few changes in the SCGN, but none quite so large.

    Also, generally, when communicating with someone you don’t know, it is considered polite to refer to them as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ not just their last name. Such as ‘Mr. Gibbs.’

  24. The Great Flight Cage is an attraction at FunJungle that has been under construction for a long time.

  25. Mr Gibbs,

    i know you haven’t released this yet but when can we expect to hear more about the next Charlie Thorne book. i am super excited for it!!! those books are out of this world!!!

  26. Dear Mr. Gibbs
    I noticed that in Spy School the graphic novel scenes where there where firearms in the book where changed to no longer include firearms and I was curious about the reason?

  27. Hey Stu,

    Have you ever thought of a Spy School spin-off series for older readers entailing Cyrus’ endeavors from his prime spy years? Just a thought, I think it would be a cool read.

  28. Charlie Thorne Reader –

    Don’t expect any updates on CT4 for at least a year. The book won’t be out until spring 2024 and I’m still hard at work on it.

  29. American Patriot –

    There is a big difference between describing kids with guns and showing kids with guns. For both the graphic novel and the SS movie screenplay, I was told that I couldn’t show the guns.

  30. Mr Gibbs-

    This is a question that may discuss controversial matters, and you do not have to answer this question if you would not like too. However, in the Spy School Graphic Novel, there is no form of actual weaponry rather than a katana used in the beginning. However, there are plenty of times where guns were used in the original novelization. For example, in the final chase scene, in the OG version, guns were used to shoot at Murray and Ben got shot (accidentally) by Warren, however, in the Graphic Novel, Paintball guns were used to shoot at Murray, and instead of Warren shooting Ben on accident, Warren scares Ben and Ben falls into the woods.
    According to the back of the Spy School Novelization, Spy School was meant for ages 8-12, and the graphic novel was intended for ages 8-12 as well.

  31. Mr Gibbs and American Patriot,

    I get why you can’t show guns but it doesn’t really work otherwise. I haven’t read the graphic novel yet but that doesn’t really make sense to me.

  32. Kior O’Fill –

    I don’t think there will be any aged-up SS books (although I can’t swear to that).

  33. James T Kirk –

    There will be an exclusive edition. I was just about to blog about it.

  34. A Gent –

    I literally answered this exact same question about four comments up.

  35. Classified 001 –

    Feel free to take this issue up with every publisher and movie studio in America. It’s not my issue. It’s theirs.

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