Hope Wins now available!

I, along with many of my favorite writers (and probably yours), have contributed to this amazing anthology:

In a collection of personal stories and essays, award-winning and bestselling authors write about how hope always wins, even in the darkest of times.  Here are just a few of the people who contributed to this book: Tom Angleberger, Sarah Mlynowski, Max Brallier, Julie Buxbaum, Pablo Cartaya, J. C. Cervantes, Rex Ogle, Matt de la Peña, Adam Gidwitz, R.L. Stine, Veera Hiranandani, Hena Khan, Karina Yan Glaser, James Ponti, Soman Chainani, Pam Munoz Ryan, Christina Soontornvat and Gordon Korman.  And oh yeah, the cover art is by Vashti Harrison, and the whole book is edited by the amazing Rose Brock.

I have read all these stories, and they are all truly wonderful.  If you have ever wanted to know more about the lives of your favorite authors, this is your chance.

The book is now available everywhere books are sold. Get it now by clicking here.

49 thoughts on “Hope Wins now available!

  1. It’s great that you are not only contributing books and stories for our entertainment but also stories that are made to inspire us and make a genuine difference in the lives of those reading them. Keep it up Stuart Gibbs and everyone else who contributed to this book. (Also, as of when I am looking at this, first comment)

  2. My Birthday was May Ninth and for my birthday I really wanted twenty dollars so that the following day I could ge the book. I ended up getting way more than twenty dollars, and went to my book store May Tenth. I ran straight to the Stuart Gibbs shelf, And didn’t see it. That’s when I laughed at myself and remembered it was a collaboration. So I went to one of the store’s computer’s and searched ‘Hope Wins’ It was apparently thirty dollars (Canadian) and hadn’t been shipped to the store yet. Instead, I picked up OUAT vol. #1.
    Whenever I see this book available I’ll pick it up! Keep up the good work!

  3. the cover looks really good. I’ll order it as soon as i get home from school.

  4. So Mr. Gibbs i saw that u said that Ben’s abilities (in terms of being a spy) have progressed as the series has gone on and i reread the whole series to check, and how much he’s progressed as a spy w/ his skills and his confidence as a spy has really gone up. So, I just wanted to applaud you for how u have progressed all the characters as the series has gone on. I think that SS is really underrated in that area.

  5. Teddy Fitzroy –

    A few weeks passes between the time SS10 and SS11 takes place.

  6. I just finished Hope Wins! Amazing book! I kinda liked James Ponti’s story the most! It was hilarious and sad! Also, Mr. Gibbs’ section is on page 87!

  7. The 7th Grader –

    I agree with you that James Ponti wrote a great story.

  8. Hi I was wondering if you have gotten my messages because whenever I try to send something I can’t see my messages

  9. Can’t wait to read looks awesome. And a quick question why is FJ released so late there is a 2-year gap?

  10. GIANT FAN-

    There is a two year gap between FJ books because I am only human.

    There is simply no way that I can write a Spy School book, a FunJungle book, a Charlie Thorne book, two Tim books and scripts for all the graphic novels in a single year.

  11. Mr. Gibbs,

    Should we expect the SCGN Cover Reveal to be at July, August, September, or even later or before those dates? My question is pretty much…. When should we expect its cover! You said it takes around 6-8 months before you release it! So around July?

    -The 7th Grader

  12. The 7th Grader –

    Sorry, but I really can’t give you any specifics on when to expect the SCGN cover.

  13. Luca-
    Yes we can see your messages. If you scroll down and click the button that says “newer comments” then you can see your comment.
    The other Teddy Fitzroy-
    There is already a Teddy Fitzroy on here just FYI.

  14. yes I know, supposedly for some reason I was on Mr. Gibbs spam mail list but thankfully its fixed and I’m back

  15. Hey I have read your books for nearly 7 years and I was wondering if you ever plan on making the spy school characters older as you finish spy school. I was also wondering if you truly know or have any ideas on how you will end the book. I am 17 years old now so I find it harder to keep up with the books since I feel out of touch lol, but I am keen to know the future of spy school thanks- Ben (my actual name)

  16. Nostalgic Fan

    With the exception of the Harry Potter series, which became such a phenomenon that JK Rowling was able to age her books up for her readers, there is really no other series that has been able to age up from middle grade to young adult. My characters are getting older with each book, but not that much older. There is not really any scenario in which they will age greatly, as I really need to keep my younger readers engaged. That said, I really do try to write books that will appeal to readers of all ages, but I understand that a 17 year old might feel like they have outgrown the series. (I hope that’s not the case, though.)

  17. Mr. Gibbs,

    Do you think that like for the final book of Spy School, you might forward a couple of years, when Ben is in Spy College? (I think thats what its called) Now yes, it is a young adult, or just adult, but it would be cool to see a book when Ben is older! Or maybe when the Spy School series ends, you might be able to create Spy College! (I don’t really know!) This is just an idea as it would be cool to see what happens!

    -The 7th Grader

  18. The 7th Grader –

    I suppose that I could do a Spy College series for older readers at some point, but i am not promising anything.

  19. …would it be an adult-ish series (Spy College)? I’m wondering because of the?things?, they do in college 😐
    P.S: Have you ever considered making an adult series? AND FOR ALL THE PPL WHO THINK IM SOME NASTY WEIRDO: I AM SIMPLY ASKING BC I WAS CURIOUS

  20. President Elmo,

    Ngl, I don’t know! Mr. Gibbs could still make it fun for kids, and not include the questionable things they do in college! And I would probs buy the book if Spy College does happen! But what if it was from a different person’s perspective! Like a new person! So like, we would have Ben in Spy School, and then another series that is also running, Spy College might have someone else, like idk, uhhh Marc? or like Max? or Will? idk but its an idea!

    -The 7th Grader

  21. The 7th Grader and President Elmo-

    Yeah they do do things that aren’t meant for kids in college, but mr. gibbs is an amazing writer and if he were to do it, im positive that he would be able to work his way around those things.

  22. The 7th Grader/President Elmo/Alexander Zverev,

    Then what’s the point of Spy college if it doesn’t get more out there? It’ll just be spy school again. It should be more risky for older fans like myself and Nostalgic Fan.

  23. Classified 001-
    Thats a valid point, and that may be tru. However, we are not telling you to read it. If you think it might ruin your view of SS, you dont have to read it. plz plz plz plz plz dont be insulted by this. I am not trying to start anything here and you bring up a valid point.
    There are many things that could go wrong and it could be a little risky, but as i said before, mr gibbs is a very skilled writer and im pretty sure if he wanted to do it, he could. Again plz plz plz dont feel offended by this. Ik sometimes when your talking online it can be perceived the wrong way. I am not disrespecting you in any way.

  24. Alexander Zverev,

    True! Mr. Gibbs is a very skilled writer, but aren’t we fighting about nothing? It has neither been confirmed neither has Mr. Gibbs said that he will definitely do one in the future! Its a cool idea, but there is a small chance that it might happen!

    Classified 001,

    I understand that if it didn’t have the things that College students do, it would make no sense, but also, remember, its not always about you! (Don’t be offended by this!) I mean it! Like, most of Mr. Gibbs’ audience is probably middle school and less! If Mr. Gibbs makes an adult series, and a kid reads it after Spy School….he might not read any of his books anymore as he thinks they all have the same stuff! I loved Mrs. Mylnowski’s Whatever After series! I then searched up books that she has written and read one that was a little adult! I had read all of her books…. so I knew that they were all like this, but I was take by surprise! So thats why!

    President Elmo-

    Just like I wrote up there for Classified 001, I don’t know how Mr. Gibbs would do this! As I will repeat again…. WE ARE REALLY GETTING AHEAD OF OURSELVES! Like seriously! So yeah, even though I’m in middle school and the Spy College book comes out with adult stuff…..Iama still read it! (Not to sound weird!) This is because Mr.Gibbs’ books are amazing, and I can just skip ahead of the adult stuff! It doesn’t really matter! But for younger kids…..it might!

    So like I said, we are getting ahead of ourselves!

    -The 7th Grader

  25. 7th Grader-
    1st of all, I admire your essay. (if this comes off as sarcastic, its not). And also, were not fighting were just having a discussion. u might be right, we probably are getting ahead of ourselves. But, if mr gibbs does truly like this idea, were kind of helping him by talking about the pros and cons. but yes, ur right, we might be getting ahead of ourselves.

  26. You guys all have interesting ideas and Spy College sounds interesting, but yes, you ARE kind of getting ahead of yourselves. I’m not saying you shouldn’t think about possibilities and I’m not trying to offend anyone, just saying. I would probably read Spy College, but that MIGHT not even become a thing. Again, not trying to offend anyone.

  27. Alexander Zverev,

    I’m not offended.

    The 7th Grader,

    A valid point but James Patterson writes books for kids and very adult books as well. He balances a difference quite well. I’m sure Mr. Gibbs could do the same.

  28. Classified 101 –

    Just for the record, James Patterson does not write books. He writes outlines and has other people write the books for him. That’s how he can publish 30 books a year.

    I write all my own books, which is why I can only put out about 3-4 a year.

  29. Dang I don’t come on here for a few days to help my dog recover and see 9-10 paragraphs of people keeping the peace amongst each other…I love this site.

  30. Mr. Gibbs,

    My bad I did not realize that. But how does someone get so famous off of essentially ghost writers?

  31. Classified 101 –

    Patterson started out writing his own books — but then switched to his current model. He doesn’t use ghost writers. Ghost writers don’t get credit. Patterson just has other people write is books. It is not a secret that Patterson does this. He gives them all credit on the cover.

  32. Hello Mr. Gibbs!

    Sorry to bother you, but, out of curiosity, how many of your books have exclusive editions? I know these all have exclusive Editions:


    But have you written any other books with exclusive editions? Sorry for taking your time!


  33. Kitten –

    Every FJ book (except Belly Up and Poached) Spaced Out and Waste of Space all hav special editions.

  34. Mr. Gibbs,

    This is just a question! If you didn’t make it as an author, what would have been your back up job? I know you have probably told someone this, or even have this on the Q&A, but I just forgot! Also, what did you major in college? (If you went to college!)

    -The 7th Grader

  35. The 7th Grader –

    Some of the answers to these questions are on my FAQ page. It’s always worth looking there for answers to any questions you might have.

    I serious considered being a field biologist when I was in college. I majored in communications and psychology and also studied field biology.

  36. hi. do you like chocolate mr. people writer of book things. i do 🙂

  37. that one annoying guy –

    Yes, I like chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate?

  38. Lol, because I see people always saying, “Where do I see your books and when they release?” (I laugh so hard when I see those comments lol!) So here it is! Made by Stuart Gibbs!
    Charlie Thorne and the Curse of Cleopatra: June 7, 2022

    Spy School Project X: September 6, 2022

    Once Upon A Tim: The Labyrinth of Doom: November 1, 2022

    Spy Camp graphic novel: February 2023

    FunJungle 8 (still untitled): March 2023

    Once Upon A Tim 3: May 2023

    Spy School 11 (still untitled): September 2023

    Once Upon A Tim 4: November 2023

  39. Dear Mr. Gibbs
    In your books Ben is debating between Erica and Zoe but then in SSR he basically chooses Erica because Zoe betrays him so did you do this on purpose? Did you a,ways want it to be Erica?

  40. Erica Hale –

    If something happens in my books, it’s because I wanted it to happen. Everything I wrote, I did on purpose. I didn’t write any of that by accident.

  41. I just got Hope Wins today and I already read it! I especially loved yours and James Ponti’s parts. I also got the Spy School Graphic Novel and I really enjoyed (I already finished that too LOL). And I’m really exited cuz I also got CTATCOC and OUATTLOD (I can’t wait to read those!).

    Anyways thanks for writing really great books I always like them.

    (Btw if you click on my name it should bring you to a place called JetPunk where I made a quiz about your books (I realize you don’t have time for that I just figured one of the commenters might want to play it) (I actually made two quizzes but obviously I can’t put two links together).

    God Bless and Merry Christmas! Have a great day!

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