Here’s the Title, Cover and plot of Once Upon A Tim Book #2

I know that the first book in the Once Upon A Tim series came out less than two weeks ago, but the time has already come to reveal the title, cover and plot of the second book!

So without further ado, here’s the cover (and the title):

And here’s the plot:

Prince Ruprecht is VERY UPSET that knights-in-training, Tim and Belinda, have thwarted his plans and ruined his chances with Princess Grace. And so, to get even, he has kidnapped the princess and trapped her in the most complicated, dangerous, complex, dastardly, biggest (okay you get the point)…and scariest maze in all the world!

Now it’s up to Tim, Belinda, Ferkle, and Rover to fend off menacing beasts (like the minotaur), conquer treacherous obstacles (like chasms filled with cave sharks), find their way through the labyrinth (which is very tricky), and rescue the princess before time runs out. Oh, and also they need to remember how to get back out again…or they’ll be trapped inside the maze forever.

Once again, there’s incredibly funny art by Stacy Curtis.  And madcap adventure.  And hilarious comedy.

Plus, it’s already available for preorder!  Just click here!

Oh, and if you missed the rave review of the first Once Upon A Tim in the New York Times, just click here to read it.

183 thoughts on “Here’s the Title, Cover and plot of Once Upon A Tim Book #2

  1. Santa Kitten –

    If you have read my FunJungle series, then it should be pretty evident that I find ALL animals interesting.

  2. A big Fan –

    I have exactly 15,8962 ideas for Spy School. It is possible that I might have a few more over the next few years though.

  3. Dear Mr. Gibbs,
    I and my friends are HUGE fans of you and I didn’t know I could potentially TALK WITH YOU. I just want to say hi and would be honored if you replied and you are an AMAZING AUTHOR and KEEP WRITING MORE SPY SCHOOL AND OTHER BOOKS KEEP IT UP!!! Just know you have a crazy fan that has read all your books and say hi to your AMAZING kids for me :D:D:D:D and I know absolutely nothing about how or if you visit schools or do zoom meetings with them but maybe just maybe you can come to my elementary school in Burlingame CA Hoover elementary school (even though there is a zero percent chance for that to happen)? Ok this fan letter has gone on for too long please respond 😀 -Eric

  4. A big Fan –

    More or yes. It is very hard to quantify how many ideas a person has.


    There is an entire page on this website that explains how school visits can happen. Check it out. Maybe I can visit your school.

  6. Hey Stu,

    My favorite series of yours is FunJungle. I read Belly Up in 4th Grade and haven’t stopped. So I had a question about J.J. In the books it says he’s a billionaire, however in Bear Bottom has they chase after the thief at the end (No Spoilers), he crashes into a bunch of stuff and just casually says he’ll replace them. So my question is what’s J.J’s net worth? If you don’t know that’s ok. This is a pretty extreme question.

  7. Hi Mr. Gibbs –

    I think that It’s really cool that you’ve set up a way for your fans to talk to you. (I am a huuuge one) I had a question; what is the favorite book you’ve written, or at least the one you’ve enjoyed writing the most?

  8. In Spy School, do they have a different Self Preservation teacher each year? They had Professor Crandall in their first year and Professor Simon in their second year

  9. Yeah, the acronyms are VERY confusing. I took a while to figure them out.

  10. Teddy Ripley –

    I have a blog post about Questions I Can’t Answer. That post would apply to this question.

  11. timjim –

    I do not have a favorite book or one that I have enjoyed writing the most. I have enjoyed writing all of them pretty much the same.

  12. Archie Bunker –

    Do you have the same teacher in. the same subject year after year? (I am guessing that you do not.)

  13. President Elmo –

    There have been posts with over a thousand comments. But I tend to erase older comments in order to free up space on the server.

  14. Yeah, the acronyms are confusing. SSBI stands for Spy School British Invasion, but at first I thought it meant the original Spy School book, standing for Spy School Book 1. 😉

  15. Dear everyone struggling with acronyms.

    They’re really very easy to figure out. If you see someone using an acronym on this site, just check the book page. I’m sure smart readers like you will be able to match the acronyms to the titles they stand for.

  16. A much simpler way is to just say
    CT3 (Charlie Thorne 3
    FJ8 (Fun Jungle 8)
    SS10 (Spy School 10)

  17. did anyone else love Zoes on crack or some energy? My favorite parts were probs the ones where she steps over and ENTIRE row of seats just to sit next to Ben, or when she freaking jumped on a table and asked if anyone had seen Murray. And yes, the part where she’s telling Ben to fight Chip bc she don’t believe how garbage his fighting skills are.

  18. I didn’t that this was a series until now, because I’ve never been to your website before now. I’ve only ever looked on your Wikipedia page. I really enjoy your books so I’m sure this one is great to. I hope my local library gets this series soon!

  19. Anyone else take a second to think about how when OUAT2 isn’t even out yet, there is a release date for a fourth?

  20. Mr. Gibbs-

    How far along are you with SSPX and CT3? Are you done with the first draft and working on revisions? Are you done with the final draft and giving everything finishing touches? Or are you done with everything and waiting for the books to print and ship?

    A. Hale

  21. Y’all, there are some reviews on goodreads about ct3 and SSPX. Check them out

  22. A. Hale,

    NGL, Mr. Gibbs is probably done with CT3, but might be doing the finishing touches on SSPX! OUAT2 is probably already finished!(These are just guesses!)

  23. A Hale –

    I generally have to be done with a book about five months before it comes out so that it can be printed and shipped on time.

    So that means I am done with CT3 and SSPX.

  24. -Stuart Gibbs

    I wonder if you take any of the ideas of this page into consideration, because a while back I put some suggestions on guessing and hopping what the next Spy School will be like. Do you ever use those suggestions to help you?


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