Once Upon A Tim just got a rave review from the New York Times

This should be pretty obvious from the title of this post, but Once Upon A Tim just got a rave review from the New York Times.

You can read the whole thing by clicking here, but here are some notable quotes:

“Fans of heraldic silliness like “The Princess Bride” and “Shrek” will delight in “Once Upon a Tim,” a charming take on the traditional knightly adventure.”
“The book’s fun comes from Gibbs’s deployment of deadpan humor and boisterous slapstick. Its heart lies in a clever subversion of type.”
“Writing may be magic, but so is reading.”
I should point out that Booklist also gave Tim a great review as well:
“This giddy romp through a medieval setting, complete with menacing trolls and gigantic, bloodthirsty butterflies, is the start of a promising series.”

Excited?  Ready for a good story?  Then just click here to order the book!

Also, I am happy with any good review, especially ones from readers.  So if you have enjoyed Tim (or any of my books) feel free to post a positive review on Goodreads.  Just click here.

(For tips on how to write a good review, check out this blog post.)

76 thoughts on “Once Upon A Tim just got a rave review from the New York Times

  1. Congrats Mr. Gibbs,

    You are the best author and you make the best books that i have ever read in my entire life. I love how big your imagination is. I hope you continue to make outstanding books for people to read!

  2. This book had loads of twists. Especially the one in the end. It was AWESOME

  3. The 7th Grader –

    I would imagine getting an ARC and being able to read the book early would still be annoying in some ways. Being able to talk about a book with others is one of the best parts about reading. So not being able to talk with anyone about the book would be quite annoying in my opinion.

  4. SS super fan –

    Thanks for coming all the way from Little Rock. It was great to meet you.

  5. The 7th Grader-

    I bet that it’s an actual job. I was asking if you thought it would be a fun job to have.

  6. Dorothy Zbornak –

    Every once in a while, I have to clear out comments to save memory on this site.

  7. Poll-
    What was the most angering moment for u in SS?

    mine would probably be the moment in SSR when ben is about to ‘make his move’ and chip barges in.

  8. Stuart Gibbs-
    I think all your books are awesome, thank you for being such a great author!

  9. mine is in ssr and ssas because at the end off ssr trixie gave ben a wink that mike could not see but trixie still went for mike that did not reall make me mad it just made me a bit confused but if trixe would have started to date ben i wonder how badly that would screw bens life. this is a response to alexander zverev.

  10. sus-
    cool. btw to everyone when i say ‘angry’ that was a poor choice of words. I meant when your not angry but ur like “Ahh why??” your not angry your just… idk how to explain it but I hope u all understand.

    Apologies if i offended any1

  11. The 7th Grader-
    I meant as like a job. I think that it is an actual job and I meant would you like to have that for a job.
    I know I would!

  12. My least fav moment is Zoe turns on Ben in SSR. (Yes, i was a Zen shipper. Don’t know who I ship nowadays) :/

  13. Dear Mr Gibbs,
    I am a HUGE fan I have read all of your books and many of my friends are too and I just want to say hi and sorta talk to you because I didn’t know I could and I want to also say THANK YOU SOSOSO much for writing these amazing books and KEEP WRITING MORE SPY SCHOOL and YOU ARE AMAZING say hi to your kids for me 😀

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