Here’s the reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, plot and cover for Spy School 10.

Hi everyone –

I suppose there’s no point in me writing anything here, because you’re just going to skim over it to see the cover.  So here it is:

Here are the basics of the plot:

Ben Ripley’s longtime nemesis Murray Hill has put a price on Ben’s head and accused him of being at the center of a conspiracy on the internet. Now Ben finds himself in his greatest danger yet and is on the run from both assassins and conspiracy theorists. With only his friends to rely on, Ben must race against time, and across state lines, to track down Murray before Ben’s enemies can find him.

And now, a few other items.  Normally, I would provide a link for you to be able to pre-order the book, but those links don’t seem to be available yet.  (This is part of why I delayed posting about the book today, but I ultimately just went ahead and did it.)  As soon as i have links, I will change this post to include them.

Available everywhere on September 6, 2022.

Click here to preorder it!

Also, I know that the title for this book was leaked by Google several weeks ago, and that when many of you asked me if Project X was really the title, I told you that I couldn’t confirm that.  So now, you might be annoyed that I misled you.  But here’s the deal:

  1. We still had not absolutely guaranteed the title when that information was leaked.
  2. It is extremely frustrating and disconcerting to have a leak like that take place.  There is really no good response to it.  So I’m sorry if you feel like I lied to you but honestly, if you want to get annoyed at someone, get annoyed at Google for allowing such information to be posted — and then allowing trolls to post fake reviews of a book they haven’t even read.

467 thoughts on “Here’s the reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, plot and cover for Spy School 10.

  1. A random statistic, only 4 people in the USA are reported to have the name Xaiver Gonzalez. (not saying this makes your books inaccurate)

  2. The Real Fan –

    Not surprisingly, I like mysteries, adventure and books that are funny.

  3. Rainstorm ?

    Yes, I am friends with many other authors. In fact, I live right down the street from a few.

  4. Hi Mr Gibbs, I hope this isn’t annoying, but I just wanted to let you know that should you write any future LGBTQ+ characters, there’s an organization called GLAAD (website is that helps straight and cis (word for non-transgender) authors accurately include diversity without accidentally speaking over those voices. Since you included tons of research of real space for MBA, I figure if you make an LGBTQ+ character this would be an amazing resource of queer workers who can help you out

  5. Hello Mr.Gibbs, I wanted to compliment you on your book series Spy School and Belly Up! I love the mystery and excitement! I have a question for you, do you know how many more spy school books that you are going to make? I am such a big fan! It would mean the world to me if you respond. Thanks for your time!

  6. I am making my own book. Do you think it could be good. I love spy school so I based it off of SS. It’s called Agent Luna and it’s basically SS but with animals and different plots.

  7. Josh-
    I think that sounds cool! I’m also writing a book based off spy school. It called Spies in Summer(title is a work in progress) and it’s like spy school, but only a summer camp.

  8. Hello Mr. Gibbs. I am a huge fan, even though I learned about you and your amazing books less than 2 months ago. I am in the process of reading SS 6 and FJ 5 right now, and I love your way of writing. I am writing a boo called Galaxy Voyagers, like the MBA series, just around the galaxy. I love all your books, and your unique way of writing, which cheers me up all the time. Thanks a lot.

  9. Hello mr Gibbs I know you definitely get this all the time but can I just say I can’t even describe how much I love your books when one of my family members died your books cheered me up every day I would just sit on my bed and read one of your books. You are my favorite author ever thank you for all the books you have wrote

  10. Hank –

    I am glad to hear that my books provided some happiness at a time when you needed it. I am sorry for your loss.

  11. I love these books, whenever I’m sad I read these and feel better. Thank you so much for writing Mr Gibbs! I’m really excited about the upcoming releases.
    My friend got me into these books. She kept pestering me until I read them(it didn’t take very long at all) and I LOVED them! I couldn’t stop reading and when I read the Spy Schools, I read FJ, then MBA, then Last Musketeer. Now, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of new books! Thank you for writing them!
    I didn’t used to really like reading, but now I love it. Thanks!

  12. Happiness! 🙂

    So glad to hear that you have enjoyed my books. Please thank your friend for recommending them to you!

  13. I am a 15-year-old living in the People’s Republic of China and I would just like to say that your books have been very enlightening to me in both learning about the English language and society. I started reading your books two years ago and I have reread them time and again ever since. I find them both humorous and interesting. If you ever write about something that concerns China again as in Spy Ski School, it would be most welcome. I am sorry that there are currently no Chinese translation of your books but I look forward to that perhaps in the future. Thank you!

  14. Kid from China –

    I am so pleased to hear from a reader in China! I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed my books.

    I thought that my series had been translated into Chinese, but I guess I was wrong. Hopefully there will be soon!

  15. Kid from China –
    Wait, I’m Chinese too! However there are Chinese translations. I saw them on Taobao. But it’s great to see fellow Chinese on the site.

  16. O:-) a halo –

    Once Upon A Tim might be slightly more fun to write because I can really just put any joke that I want in there without worrying about logic too much.

  17. Hi Stuart Gibbs,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your books! I just read all of spy school in two weeks and they have literally changed my life! Erica is my favorite character and literally my role model now. I love all the characters and each book so much, I literally can’t stop thinking about it. They are so amazing and so funny too. Thank you so so much! I’m beyond excited for Project X and more to come!!!
    – Lailah
    P.S. I wanted to read all of your other series now too. Which one would you recommend for me to read next?

  18. Lailah/Spy School Fan –

    I’m so happy to hear that you have enjoyed Spy School. What series you read next really depends on which one appeals to you the most. Charlie Thorne has the most action (but is a bit more serious); FunJungle is more mystery-driven (with some humor); Moon Base Alpha is sci-fi mystery comedy; Once upon A Tim is straight up silliness.

  19. Thank you so much!!! I will definitely start reading them soon!! I think I am going to read FunJungle next and then the rest of the series! Also which book in the spy school series is your favorite? To read and which one in the series was your favorite to write?
    – Lailah

  20. Lailah –

    I don’t really have favorite books of my own in series (or a favorite series) because i have worked too hard on all of them to say that I like one more than the others. Similalry, there wasn’t one that was more fun to write than the others.


  22. It’s me again. Sorry for the earlier mistake, I checked and there is a Chinese version:). I guess I just never noticed before. I really didn’t expect that you would answer, Mr.Gibbs,. The closest I ever was to an actaul writer was when one visited our school back in 3ed grade and I didn’t even get a look at him as far as I can remember, so it was ever a very great surprise to see that you had. I live in Nanchang, and we are currently going through a lockdown induced by Covid-19 and it’s pretty boring being stuck at home so I’ve been rereading your books and they’re as interesting as ever.

  23. Kid from China –

    Sorry you are still locked down. I have a blog post full of recommendations of other books to help you get through this difficult time.

  24. Random question –
    Is it harder to write the action scenes in a book, or just like casual events like class and conversation?

  25. Spy Kid –

    Every scene is different. It could be easy to write one action sequence, but difficult to write another. Same goes with dialogue — or anything else.

  26. Hi,
    Random Question-
    What are some of your favorite books/series (not counting your own books)?
    -Lailah Rahman

  27. Lailah –

    There is not an author I know who would say that their own books are their favorites.

    I love The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

    Congo by Michael Crichton.

  28. Dear Stuart Gibbs-

    I am super excited for the Spy School book, and I also want to know if you will be releasing a sneak peek of the book anytime soon.-Bryan Grer

  29. Bryan Greer –

    I do not think there will be a sneak peek of SSPX any time soon. Sorry.

  30. Hi guys, I’ve been inactive for a long time but I’m back!!

    Stu- you get asked a lot of the same questions, does it annoy you?

  31. Sydpwr –

    I always appreciate questions, but it would be nice if people searched for the answers before asking them.

  32. I’ve enjoyed many books ,but I enjoy yours the best. They have some of the most twist and turns I have seen yet (Like SPOILER REMOVED). The most I’ve got was 2 (In another book I have on my full sleeve the family had a home when they were living in a van and the 3 kids had a dad). So, Thanks in other words for a eventful storie! Real quick question though (2 actually) Where/Who gave you you’re inspiration to write these books and Whats your favorite in the series? If you don’t want to answer I get it, they’re a little to personal.

  33. I don’t know if you are thinking about doing something like this but I’ve read some books by some other authors and they combined characters from different series together. Do you believe you might make a novel like that for XI ( I ment the roman numerals. My one isn’t working somewhy)

  34. A Space Spy –

    I discuss the inspiration for my series on my FAQ page.

    I do not have a favorite of my series. (If I did, then I would only write that series.)

  35. A Space Spy –

    You are asking if I ever intend to do a crossover? I am not planning on that at this time.

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