Here’s the reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, plot and cover for Spy School 10.

Hi everyone –

I suppose there’s no point in me writing anything here, because you’re just going to skim over it to see the cover.  So here it is:

Here are the basics of the plot:

Ben Ripley’s longtime nemesis Murray Hill has put a price on Ben’s head and accused him of being at the center of a conspiracy on the internet. Now Ben finds himself in his greatest danger yet and is on the run from both assassins and conspiracy theorists. With only his friends to rely on, Ben must race against time, and across state lines, to track down Murray before Ben’s enemies can find him.

And now, a few other items.  Normally, I would provide a link for you to be able to pre-order the book, but those links don’t seem to be available yet.  (This is part of why I delayed posting about the book today, but I ultimately just went ahead and did it.)  As soon as i have links, I will change this post to include them.

Available everywhere on September 6, 2022.

Click here to preorder it!

Also, I know that the title for this book was leaked by Google several weeks ago, and that when many of you asked me if Project X was really the title, I told you that I couldn’t confirm that.  So now, you might be annoyed that I misled you.  But here’s the deal:

  1. We still had not absolutely guaranteed the title when that information was leaked.
  2. It is extremely frustrating and disconcerting to have a leak like that take place.  There is really no good response to it.  So I’m sorry if you feel like I lied to you but honestly, if you want to get annoyed at someone, get annoyed at Google for allowing such information to be posted — and then allowing trolls to post fake reviews of a book they haven’t even read.

569 thoughts on “Here’s the reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, plot and cover for Spy School 10.

  1. Mr. Gibbs, will you be doing book signings for SS 10? If so, do you know where?


  3. SpyPanda-
    SAME. You get me. Man I’m so excited. I read Charlie Thorne and the Curse of Cleopatra recently and it was the best. I bet Spy School will be even better though!!!!!!

  4. Mr. Gibbs, will you be doing book signings for SS 10? If so, do you know where?

    Also, do you know why Amazon says Whale Done will come out on February 21, 2023 when your website says February 23, 2023? Which should I believe?

  5. Ruben Goldschmidt –

    I already have some signings scheduled. All signings will appear in the Events box on every page of this website.

  6. Frist –

    I can’t remember exactly when I became a NY Times bestselling author for the first time. It was a while ago.

  7. Amanda –

    As of right now, very few characters in the SS novels have declared whether or not they are LGBTQ+ — or heterosexual, for that matter. If that information has not been relevant the story, then it has not been revealed.

    There are characters who have been revealed to be LGBTQ+ in some of my other books though.

  8. Mr. Gibbs, I checked your book signings for SSPX currently scheduled and both of them are supposed to take place in California. Do you know if you will be doing any SSPX book signings in Pittsburgh, PA?

  9. Ruben –

    If I had something planned for Pennsylvania, then I would have listed it in the upcoming events.

  10. Caleb –

    I don’t have a favorite SS book (or any book of mine, period). I work too hard on all of them to say that I like one better than all the others.

  11. Mr. Gibbs-
    Do you and Anjan Sarkar plan to make graphic novels for all of the spy school novels eventually. Also, if a spy school movie is made, do you think it will be animated or a real action movie?

  12. Ruben –

    The plan is for all the SS novels to become GNs. The thought was that the SS movie would be live action — but honestly, it could go either way depending on who ultimately wants to make it.

  13. -Mr Gibbs

    I HAVE READ ALL YOUR BOOKS!! THEY ARE THE BEST!! I AM A HUGE FAN! (AND YES THAT INCLUDES: All of Spy School, All of Funjungle, All Of The Last Musketeer, All of Carlie Thorne, Once upon a Tim.) Anyway I was wondering if in one of the charlie thorne books if you could do Benjamin Franklin And Thomas edison would be cool too. I know they might sound lame but Please consider it.

  14. SG Fan 737

    I’m a big fan of Benjamin Franklin (though not so much Edison) but I’m not sure I could do a CT with him as that would move into National Treasure territory.

  15. -Mr. Gibbs

    Thank you so much! Sorry, another question I forgot to include. Will there be more Books in the Moon Base Alpha Series

  16. Mr. Gibbs, do you know if bookstores have SSPX in stock yet and are just waiting to release it on Sep. 6?

  17. Ruben G –

    No. No bookstores have SSPX yet and they probably won’t until September 6 (or maybe a few days before.). That is why it won’t be out until Sept 6.

  18. ruckalope737

    There is no preview for SSPX. But the release date is only a few weeks away. You’ll get to see the book soon enough.

  19. Mr. Gibbs,

    I just want to say what a huge fan I am of yours. My brother and I always get the new school books the day they come out, and when we realized that we couldn’t read it together since he’s going to college this year, we made a plan to order it and read it online together. My brother and I haven’t always gotten along but your books are something that we both can share together. Thank you so much! 🙂

  20. Mr. Gibbs-

    I started reading your books around April. I didn’t really read a lot before then, but now, every week I’m finishing another novel! You have also inspired me to do many other great things. (And btw I always make the spy school covers face forward to draw attention like you said in your video) I am currently reading: Poached, Bear Bottom, Spaced out, and I just finished reading spy school secret service a few minutes ago. I have already read SS goes south, and am exited to see what happens in British Invasion! I can’t thank you enough for making reading a priority in my life. And I do have one request for you: Please continue to write books and inspire other children like myself.


    Are all your books connected in one world? Or separate timelines entirely?

  21. Mr. Gibbs-

    Also I noticed this cover for SSPX has a shadow when none of the others do..
    May I ask why this is? It struck me as very odd…

    And also I know your not the one who drew this, it was an artist but still.

  22. Spade ??

    Thanks for your kind words. I am planning to keep writing for some time.

    All my books are not necessarily in the same universe. But some might be. There are hints in some for readers to connect the dots.

  23. Spade ??

    You’re right, I didn’t draw the cover, so I can’t really answer your question. All I can presume is that it looked better with the shadow.

  24. Mr. Gibbs-

    I can’t thank you enough for replying to my comment! Especially so soon. I was also wondering if you were going to make a new series anytime soon? I personally think a prequal series of MBA would be cool. About Dashiell’s life back in Hawaii before he went to the moon. It is also very cool that you based a character off of your son!

    thanks again for actually replying to my question.

  25. Mr. Gibbs-

    I randomly thought of a good title for a new funjungle book: Otter Disaster. (like utter disaster) just an idea. Thank you for replying to my comment by the way! I cant believe I’m actually talking to Stuart Gibbs!


    super cool of you to base a character off of your son btw

  26. Spade –

    Seeing as I have four series going simultaneously right now, I couldn’t possibly start a new one any time soon.

    And to be honest, I’m not sure that writing a series about a kid BEFORE he goes to space is that interesting.

  27. Spade –

    While Otter Disaster is a good title, I don’t come up with the title first and then create a story. I create a story and then come up with the title LAST.

  28. Mr.Gibbs-

    First, thanks again for responding. and also, if these last 2 comments have some of the same things, sorry for that one of them didn’t come through until later so i re-entered it thinking it must not have gone through, and also thanks for the feedback!
    And also, now that I think about it, you’re right, a kid who is GOING to go to space is less interesting than a kid IN space. I guess I was thinking of some kind of scuba mystery. Thanks for looking at my ideas. (of course, I don’t expect any of them to be in your books for real.) I’ve always wanted to write.

    I wonder why there hasn’t been any other comments in the past 7 days or so. Maybe everyone found another cover to look at. Also: Berica Forever!! (im waiting for a moment when ben saves erica, that would be the best) bye!!

  29. Mikel –

    I don’t have any control over what Google books puts up, so I really can’t say.

  30. Spade-
    Everyone comments in the newest blog post aka the SSPX exclusive edition one

  31. Mr. Gibbs-
    Do you think you could give me a rough estimate of how long you expect to keep making books in the SS series?

  32. Ruben G –

    Very rough estimate: I will probably stop writing SS sometime in the next twenty years.

  33. Mr. Gibbs-
    I just saw an interview where you said that “Erica” is short for “America.” Is this on purpose or a coincidence? Also, in what age group are your children? They are in every acknowledgement of your books so I figured I would at least want to know their ages.

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