Here’s the reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, plot and cover for Spy School 10.

Hi everyone –

I suppose there’s no point in me writing anything here, because you’re just going to skim over it to see the cover.  So here it is:

Here are the basics of the plot:

Ben Ripley’s longtime nemesis Murray Hill has put a price on Ben’s head and accused him of being at the center of a conspiracy on the internet. Now Ben finds himself in his greatest danger yet and is on the run from both assassins and conspiracy theorists. With only his friends to rely on, Ben must race against time, and across state lines, to track down Murray before Ben’s enemies can find him.

And now, a few other items.  Normally, I would provide a link for you to be able to pre-order the book, but those links don’t seem to be available yet.  (This is part of why I delayed posting about the book today, but I ultimately just went ahead and did it.)  As soon as i have links, I will change this post to include them.

Available everywhere on September 6, 2022.

Click here to preorder it!

Also, I know that the title for this book was leaked by Google several weeks ago, and that when many of you asked me if Project X was really the title, I told you that I couldn’t confirm that.  So now, you might be annoyed that I misled you.  But here’s the deal:

  1. We still had not absolutely guaranteed the title when that information was leaked.
  2. It is extremely frustrating and disconcerting to have a leak like that take place.  There is really no good response to it.  So I’m sorry if you feel like I lied to you but honestly, if you want to get annoyed at someone, get annoyed at Google for allowing such information to be posted — and then allowing trolls to post fake reviews of a book they haven’t even read.

467 thoughts on “Here’s the reveal you’ve been waiting for: The title, plot and cover for Spy School 10.

  1. Hello Mr Gibbs, I absolutely love your books. (Especially Spy School???They are super interesting and once I start reading them, I can’t stop. My cat likes sitting on your fabulous books. I can’t wait to read SSPX .

  2. Japanese girl from Hongkong –

    I have a dog and have had many other dogs before this one.

  3. Internal Affairs –

    Are you asking for the first draft of the cover? That is not mine to share. That would be the property of the artist who designed it.

  4. Internal Affairs –

    That is a big ask. Generally, artists don’t want to share early drafts any more than writers want to share early drafts. And keep in mind, these were done 11 or 12 years ago.

  5. -Stu

    I know your very passionate about history and animals!
    If you and one wish to change history, and one wish to bring and extinct animal species back to life, what would it be?

  6. sydpwr –

    There are so many animals I wish I could bring back to life. But I suppose, for now, I would like to keep the north african white rhino from going extinct in the first place.

  7. Hi Mr. Gibbs!
    I was just wondering you mean by “she looked vulnerable” at the end of SSAS?
    Thank you

  8. Ruben G –

    You have to realize that it has been several years since I wrote SSAS, so it is not as fresh in my mind as it is in yours. Thus, I need you to be more specific. Who is ‘she’? And what page are you referring to.

  9. Ruben –

    When someone looks vulnerable, they are emotionally exposed. Erica is showing emotion in this scene.

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