Spy School Graphic Novel release delayed until Feb 15 due to shipping issues

Hello everyone –

If you have been paying any attention to the news at all lately, then you are well aware that there are plenty of issues with shipping products to this country.  Container ships are waiting weeks to get into the ports.  Disappointingly — but not surprisingly — this has affected the delivery of the Spy School Graphic Novel.  Due to the need for full-color, the books were printed in China.  The ship they were on was supposed to dock in mid-December, but now will not be able to do that until the end of the month, which means that the original on sale date of February 1 is not possible.

So the on sale date has been moved back two weeks, to February 15.


That means that, instead of having a month between the release of the graphic novel and Once Upon A Tim, there will only be two weeks between book releases, which is very rare for an author.

I am sorry for this inconvenience.

327 thoughts on “Spy School Graphic Novel release delayed until Feb 15 due to shipping issues

  1. goldenfish –

    At this point, I can’t say how I would put a transgender person into a book. But if I want to create a realistic character, it would much more likely be an adult than a child or a tween.

  2. Mr Gibbs,
    Due to the very recent death of one of my favorite comedians,Bob Saget I have been thinking a lot about comedy and my favorite comedians, and I am wondering who is your favorite comedian?

    Classified 001

  3. The 7th grader-

    Yeah the cover used to be a different shade of blue. And it the top right corner there use to be a statue but it’s been replaced with 4 lines.

  4. The 7th Grader-

    Yeah. I noticed that too. It seems to change depending on where you find the cover.

  5. Classified 001

    I have a great number of comedians I like (and have liked through the years). To be honest, as a kid, I loved Bill Cosby and knew all his routines by heart. (This was before we knew what kind of person he was.) Then there was George Carlin and Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld and Richard Jeni. Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and Demetri Martin are all great.

  6. The Seventh Grader-

    It does look like that. I guess it makes sense since it is a different kind of book.

  7. When will you announce the title, cover and plot for SS10. You announced the title, cover and plot for the last 2 Spy School books in January so I’m hoping for it to happen sometime soon. My prediction for the plot of this book is the CIA finds out that Murray Hill is plotting something called Project X and they send Ben and Erica who find out what it really is

  8. totothewriter –

    If you look in the upcoming releases box of every page of this website, you will find the answer to your question.

  9. i dont see anything else in the pcoming realse box. did you meen the spy camp graphic novel or can I just not see it(im on a small device)


  10. Umm hi everyone!! Which girl is your favorite: Erica, Summer or Keira??

    Mr. Gibbs: Are you planning on starting anymore more series it the future (like a long way of). Or do you have ideas for any?!

  11. Is there going to be a charlie thorne 4 Mr Gibbs?I really enjoy your books my favorites are spy school i really love them beacause i want to be a spy for cia too:) And the charlie thorne series i really enjoy it.

  12. It’s Me –

    I am starting a new series on March 1! Once upon A Tim. There is a blog post about it — and plenty of info on the books page.

  13. Everyone before Mr. Gibbs tells us what SS10 is going to be about make your predictions. Last time he released the plot and the name for SSAS and I predicted it would be at in a boat somewhere. It was very vague but close enough to be correct now I want to see your guesses I’ll put mine under this comment.

    Thanks: N

  14. My prediction for SS10 is that it will have something to do with the woods because the time for spy camp is coming around again, but even if it’s not that I can make a guess that it will be in North America in the woods because Mr. Gibbs last Funjungle book was based at Yellowstone and since he has all that prior knowledge about forest it leads me to believe that SS10 will have something to do with the woods.

    Note: this is a guess and may not be 100% accurate.

    By: N

  15. Hi Mr. Gibbs! Thanks for answering my question but I already know about Once Upon a Tim. In my question I meant: Are you going to start another middle grade novel (similar to Spy School, FunJungle, and Charlie Thorne) in the waaayyy off future? Or do you have any ideas for any??

    Also do you have any plans for Young Adult novel series?

    Oh and do you plan on writing any stand alone books as well? those can be great!!

  16. It’s Me (Still)

    With Once Upon A Tim, I will have four book series going simultaneously. There is no way that I could possibly start another one (or write a stand alone) any time soon. I would have to end one of my other series to do that. So for now, I am not planning any more series for a very long time.

  17. As for predictions…. IDK?!?!? UMMM Ben and Erica get like actually official? I’ve heard people say forest but IDK…… Seems a bit to boring for 10th!!!!! book. Who knows… I think I want them to go out of country. Asia or Australia or Mountainous Europe. Something we have absolutely never seen before.

  18. I predict that the SS10 will say something about spy camp, but they might not be for long, or not go there at all. It also might be set somewhere in the southern US. Other that SSAS, where they were near the Caribbean, and SSGS the books have mostly been set to the north, like in SSS and SSBI, or been around Washington D.C., so it seems likely to me that there might be a change of location. But I am not sure.

  19. Here is what I think.

    As we know there was a small reveal by the publisher (on Google books) indicating that the title will most likely be Spy School Project x. They also gave a short synopsis which goes as:
    Superspy middle schooler Ben Ripley races against time and across state lines – traveling by car, train, boat and plane – to track Murray Hill down before Ben’s cyber enemies can find him”–

    So we know some things.
    1. It is in America ( probably not in the forest)
    2. It involves cyber criminals, probably not Spyder or the Croatoan
    3. Since there is a race against time, that must mean that there is something they need to stop such as explosion.

    So this is my theory,
    Ben and his team, have word that Murray and some cohorts are planning something, but now they know that there is a new cyber crime organization popping up, which is now trying to kill Ben and his team, as well as do some cyber attack. But it is extra hard as Ben has to try to stop Murray’s plan, but also find this new cyber organization before either one of them does some cyber related attack that will cause destruction.

    Berica wise, Mr. Gibbs said there are going to be twist, which I think mean that either Ben or Erica will have a big fight. Or one of them will be captured and the other has to choose who to save. (Though probably Ben or Erica will be saved, and the will stop the plot). Though I do think there will be good progression with Berica.

    Sorry I wrote so long.

    -A big fan

  20. A big Fan

    Wow that was very detailed!! Guess we will just have to wait and see tho

  21. dear stuart gibbs,
    i am like your iggest fan ever !but i have a question why do you always leave you spy school book in so much suspence like why did erica kiss ben and are they going to date and what is murry plotting?

  22. I wonder if, for the possible Berica hurdle in the 10th, maybe Ben will want to make them official but Erica might want to keep them a secret. Just an idea.

  23. lillian g –

    As far as I am concerned, I finish one story and then leave a hint about what the next one will be about. Just like the Marvel movies do. (Although I did it first.) I’m not ending the book in the middle of a story, which would be a true cliffhanger. But I am trying to get you excited about the next book.

  24. my predictions are that trixie and jessica will get recruited to spy school since jessica dosent have any parents to stay with.And the whole hales knows trixie knows that their spies(except cyrus).And that their going to be chasing murray all around the U.S probably trixie will sneak into the mission (i hope i want to see more of trixie).or trixie will make her own team to track murray with chip jawa and maybe zoe.so that can she prove she is a good spy like her family.ben, erica ,catherine,and mike will try to stop a hacking program they suspect murray intercepted into the U.S technology beacause he knows people will go crazy without their phones and people will cause chaos and will lead the united states vulnerable to other countries but its all a diversion.murray is planing to blast thousands of missles to russia,china,etc to start war so he can steal fort knox to get rich.but trixie and her team will found out and tell ben and the crew in time so that they can stop murray in time.

  25. Gael-

    I think your right. Probably Jessica and trixie might be recruited because otherwise, there is really no use for them to be in the book.

  26. Gael –

    Yes, I am thinking about SS12, but for now I am much more focused on SS10 and SS11.

  27. I’d say Trixie gets recruited sometime cause
    A. She knows all of them our spies, like Mike and he got recruited.
    B. She is a hale
    But I don’t think Jessica will get recruited.

  28. Yeah I think Trixie could get recruited but not Jessica. It does not seem like she can really keep a secret, and since her parents are both criminals, that might make her problematic for the CIA.

  29. I think Trixie will be recruited and Jessica won’t be, I think Trixie will be supposed to be on the mission. She will be stuck at the school so. Jessica will be very adamant about learning more so she will find Trixie and they will end up sneaking on to the mission.

    This is my theory. Feel free to disagree.

    Also who is your favorite female character not including Charlie Thorne? I think mine is Milana Moon.

  30. On the topic of Jessica, I think she has to someway be in book, as it kinda ends flatly for her. She might be recruited, or help out in some way.

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