Spy School Graphic Novel release delayed until Feb 15 due to shipping issues

Hello everyone –

If you have been paying any attention to the news at all lately, then you are well aware that there are plenty of issues with shipping products to this country.  Container ships are waiting weeks to get into the ports.  Disappointingly — but not surprisingly — this has affected the delivery of the Spy School Graphic Novel.  Due to the need for full-color, the books were printed in China.  The ship they were on was supposed to dock in mid-December, but now will not be able to do that until the end of the month, which means that the original on sale date of February 1 is not possible.

So the on sale date has been moved back two weeks, to February 15.


That means that, instead of having a month between the release of the graphic novel and Once Upon A Tim, there will only be two weeks between book releases, which is very rare for an author.

I am sorry for this inconvenience.

327 thoughts on “Spy School Graphic Novel release delayed until Feb 15 due to shipping issues

  1. Sage –

    I had to have some trolls blocked for posting false information on Goodreads.

    And the official name is still classified.

  2. -murray hill

    I think he’ll release the name along with the full release of SSGN and the release date too.

  3. Stu-

    I am sorry I called your books stupid. They aren’t. Sorry, I think I just forgot your books were fiction for a moment. I don’t know why.
    My experience with guns has been wildly different that yours, but I might have had a better instructor.
    Thanks for clarifying about the SSAS thing.
    Once again, I am sorry for calling your books stupid.

  4. Randomname233 –

    Seeing as you apologized, I’m just going to say on behalf of the Blog that were sorry that we bombarded you with like 30+ comments about your post.

  5. Stu-

    I don’t really see how Spy School can go on much longer. I mean it would be nice if it could, but it seems like Ben might have to disappear soon before he is hunted by every evil person on the planet.

    And I doubt Bens parents are actually safe seeing as the security is a leaky as a sink.

    Is Cyrus going to mention his wife at some point? I think there could either be some explanation of why Cyrus is so cold, or she could show up and we could see some flustered Cyrus. I think it would be nice to see Cyrus behaving like a human.

  6. efyso –

    You might not be able to see how SS can go on much longer — but I can. I have plenty of ideas about how to keep the series going.

    But you’re going to have to wait until the next book comes out to see what they are.

  7. I hope the synopsis is more intriguing than the one in Google books, which basically just said “Ben chases Murray and runs away”

  8. I have a theory on the plot of SS10.
    The CIA finds that Murray is plotting something called Project X and they send Ben and Erica on a mission to find out what it is

  9. Agent J*** —
    Oh haha. Yeah, I’m Joshua haha, but everyone calls me Josh.

    Classified 101–
    Yeah, that makes sense. Honestly, I know that many people don’t ship Mike + Trixie because they already shipped Mike + Zoe. I personally don’t ship that because I feel that Zoe could like Mike, but not the other way around. I just don’t think it would work. So when I saw Trixie, I kinda knew I’d definitely ship that.

    As for your statement on Jessica, I personlly don’t think she’s bad. Maybe she’s had a bit of bad luck in the past, as seeing that both of her parents are criminals, but I think she’s okay. I feel like the Berica drama will be based on Jessica and Trixie being recruited, but I’m probably wrong.

    SS Enthusiast —
    You are right. I never saw it that way. Yeah, I think that Project X will be a world extermination, so the mission name could be Project X for X-termination ( I don’t know, I just thought of that).

    Note: I put the word personally multiple times in this comment because this is my opinions and thoughts on these things. They are most likely 100% wrong, but it’s what I think.

    — Josh

  10. Josh-

    I agree with most if that, but I don’t really think Jessica will get recruited, because of everything that has happened in the past. Not saying she herself is bad, but I personally don’t think it would work. It seems like Trixie will get recruited though. Or maybe she will be recruited to M16. This is just my opinion.

    Does anyone have any ideas on Mike + Trixie ship names? My favorite is Mixie.

  11. Agent J*** —
    I think that Jessica won’t originally get recruited, but then Ben fights for her, and Erica gets jealous so… Again, just an idea.

    I always thought it was Trike, but I think Mixie is the official one. I’m not the best with coming up with ship names (or so my friends say).

    I used to know someone who shipped Zerica (Zoe + Erica). I feel like that’s insane, cause of everything they’ve gone through (aka fighting over Ben), but let me know what you guys think!

    — Josh (I never used to sign out of the message, but now I do if it’s kinda long.)

  12. Mr.Gibbs
    What book/series are you most proud off like which one do you think you wrote the best

  13. It would make sense for trixie to get recruited, but it wouldn’t make sense for Jessica to get recruited as she has a background of parents who are criminals. He and honestly I think Project X might Be like an end of the line project for Murray to like destroy more than just ben, because it wouldn’t make sense to have an entire scheme plotted out and everyone knows about it and all it does is destroy Ben, because that is what they would have done in the beginning.

    And just like all the predictions for spy school at sea, we were completely wrong so probably were going to be completely wrong again

  14. This just popped into my head at random.

    Trixie + Mike = Trike

    Trike = Tricycle

    I know this sounds stupid, but still.

  15. Hank –

    IOt is very hard to say that I think one series came out better than another. I do my best to write good books, so in that sense, I am proud of all my series. If I wrote something that I did not feel proud of, I wouldn’t get it published.

  16. Who do you guys like better Erica or Trixie?I like better Trixie although she has not appeared much in the series.

  17. Hey, it’s been a while. I’ve come back with a list of characters which seem to have been forgotten, but could easily be brought back.

    #1: Woodchuck. Woodchuck is one of my favorite SS characters. I love his outdoorsy side, but with the new theme of chases/action and not much time in the wilderness, I’d say his return is doubtful. However, if he returned, it would make for a very interesting book, in my opinion.

    #2: Tina. Tina is a great spy, but nowadays, it seems she’s been retired as well. This is probably due to being relocated to Canada, but I’d love to see her pop into an upcoming book somehow. Her gentle, yet determined and always alert self makes for a great character.

    #3: Crandall. Crandall is probably stuck back at Spy School pretending to be an old coot, but he could easily help with the analytical side of things. I’d love to see Erica turn to him for help sometime.

    Feel free to add on to this list.

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