The exclusive edition of the Spy School Graphic Novel is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

Great news!  As you have probably deduced from the very lengthy title of this post, there will be an exclusive edition of the graphic novel of Spy School — and it is now available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble.

The exclusive edition includes — for the first time ever — a full-color map of the spy school campus as well as classified dossiers on the main characters.  And, as usual, there is no additional cost.  All the bonus material is completely free!

However, there are a limited number of copies.  If you want one…

Click here to pre-order your copy today!

And in other news, Barnes & Noble has ordered thousands of signed copies of Spy School At Sea which will be available ONLY IN STORES starting on Friday, November 26.  So if you would like a signed edition, get to your nearest B&N!

And if you’re interested to see what the characters will look like, here you go:

197 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of the Spy School Graphic Novel is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

  1. BookFanatic –

    I do not have a favorite of my own series. If I liked writing one more than the others, then I would only write that one series.

  2. Bookenjoyer69

    I might have written that Warren was pale at some point. I honestly can’t remember every single thing I wrote over a decade. Maybe I wrote that Warren looked pale, which woud be different. In any case, it doesn’t mean that Anjan’s drawing is wrong.

  3. Hey Stu or just anyone in general, do you have any good book recommendations (I’m 12), and before you ask I have read Stuart’s books.

  4. BookFanatic –

    Books can absolutely do crossovers. Although I am not planning any for my own at this time.

  5. Mr. Gibbs

    Do you have any information on how much the signed editions or SSAS will cost?

    Also, are there some B&N stores where the signed edition of SSAS is not available?

  6. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a book where a few different characters from different books meet
    Like say Ben Ripley and Teddy Fitzroy met; that would be cool

  7. I know Mr. Gibbs is ways to busy writing his other books to think about doing that but still that would be cool


    If you look at the two characters Ben and Erica it’s very hard to picture them kissing at the end am I right?

  9. Charlie Thorne fan-
    Some good books other than Mr. Gibbs books are:
    Scat- By Carl Hiaasen
    Hoot- By Carl Hiaasen
    Squrim- By Carl Hiaasen
    Skink No Surrender- By Carl Hiaasen
    Restart- By Gordan Korman
    Whatshisface- By Gordan Korman
    Slacker- By Gordan Korman
    Level 13- By Gordan Korman
    The 39 clues series- By a few different authors

  10. Also, I just want an opinion here, what is your favorite book or series of Stuart’s? (I know that Stuart doesn’t have a favorite and that he likes them all, for good reason, I have read every single book of his at least 3 times).

  11. And just an idea/question, are you going to do any other graphic novels versions for any of your books, Stuart? Because I would definitely pay for that.

  12. mr gibbs…
    i have read FJ 1 and 2 and been a devoted spy school fan for 2.5 years. someone said that sass made it so that snakes alive (an fj book) was canon to ss.
    does this hold some water?

  13. Also, this is super random but, Stuart, what is your favorite ice cream flavor if you have one? Kind of a weird question but just wanted to know.

  14. Agent J*****

    The signed editions ought to be the same amount of $$$ as any other editions. And theoretically, all B&N stores should have them — although there are limited supplies.

  15. BookFanatic-

    It is nearly impossible to do a crossover with another author’s books. So don’t count on a Spy School / City Spies crossover.

  16. Charlie Thorne Fan –

    There will be more GNs for Spy School and then, I suppose if those do well, there might be GNs for other books of mine.

  17. Cool! Thanks. Also, is there any upcoming zoom events with you or something because I just saw the one with Max Brailer and I really don’t want to miss the next one.

  18. Also, before I forget, I was checking older comments and Stuart mentioned a wiki site, now this is just an idea but maybe I could create like a chat site so Stuart doesn’t spend so much times responding to comments? Thoughts? And sorry for posting so much, I’m super bored and it is thanksgiving break so I have lots of time.

  19. Charlie Thorne Fan

    I don’t have any upcoming events — but if i do, they will be posted in the Upcoming Events window in the right hand column of every page of this website.

  20. Cool, thanks. Also thanks Teddy Fitzroy, Carl Hiaasen’s books are cool. Also, happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  21. I’m considering making a wiki site, it might be hard but it’s probably less stressful for Stuart because might not have to deal with a as many comments.

  22. I honestly thought the characters looked different lol. I never new Warren looked like that. Same with Murray. I am excited for the book. It’s coming out in about 3 months and I am soooooo excited.

    Are the characters you showed in the picture, the only characters we will see, or will there be more? There were quite a bit of characters in the first book, but will we see a clear picture of them, or just like them in the background?

  23. The 7th Grader –

    Those characters are the main characters in the book. There are some others, but those are the ones I had drawings of. And yes, there will be lots of other characters in the background.

  24. If we have a Evil Spy School GN, I’m so excited to see what Ashley and Nefarious look like!

  25. Ashley’s supposed to be short but fit and have glitter in her hair
    And Nefarious is supposed to be skinny with a severe case of acne(with orange hair (I think))

  26. Super random question, but has anyone heard from DuckBruh47? He used to comment on this website all the time but I haven’t seen him here in forever.

  27. -Charlie Thorne Fan

    However he does, they’ll look awesome
    I also can’t wait to see Joshua Hallal and Dane Brammage
    (I don’t know if I spelled they’re names correctly)

  28. Me tooo!!!!
    AGHHhH! I’m just rereading Stuart’s books over and over hoping to get a clue about the new book. What’s going to happen to Jessica? And Trixie? But I’m wondering how many ideas Stuart has because this was a long series.

  29. Y’know I was kinda expecting warren to look a little like Fregley
    From “Diary Of a Wimpy Kid”

  30. Mr.Gibbs

    How long will Once Upon A Tim be? Will it be like 50 pages? Or like upwards of 150? I am just asking as I want to pre-order it from amazon!

    -The 7th grader

  31. I have always wanted to see what the characters look like, and here they are!
    I feel like the hardest one to imagine was always Erica. I don’t know why, but I always felt that she had to look so stunning but so perfectly being-able-to-blend-in. Ben is kinda how I imagined him, but I never pictured Mike as Black. I always thought that Alexander had black hair, but I really like these looks! Congrats to you, Mr. Gibbs, and Mr. Sarkar.

  32. Mr. Gibbs-
    The SS GN bonus content will be available on the Discord, right? Or is it only available in the exclusive editions?

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