The exclusive edition of the Spy School Graphic Novel is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

Great news!  As you have probably deduced from the very lengthy title of this post, there will be an exclusive edition of the graphic novel of Spy School — and it is now available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble.

The exclusive edition includes — for the first time ever — a full-color map of the spy school campus as well as classified dossiers on the main characters.  And, as usual, there is no additional cost.  All the bonus material is completely free!

However, there are a limited number of copies.  If you want one…

Click here to pre-order your copy today!

And in other news, Barnes & Noble has ordered thousands of signed copies of Spy School At Sea which will be available ONLY IN STORES starting on Friday, November 26.  So if you would like a signed edition, get to your nearest B&N!

And if you’re interested to see what the characters will look like, here you go:

197 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of the Spy School Graphic Novel is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

  1. cool dut I thing Erica shold have blond hare and that just how I imajind her
    sorry cant spell

  2. Wow, that’s amazing! All the characters look sooooo good!
    Great job Anjan Sakrar and Mr. Gibbs.

    P.S.- I love how alexander looks old 🙂

  3. Cameron Petty –

    1) However you imagine Erica is fine, but…

    2) One of the very few things i have ever described about Erica is her hair color, which is not blonde (except for when she dyes it in Evil Spy Schoo;).

  4. The characters look absolutely amazing! I do however, have the slightest wish that they would look a little more accurate to how they were described in the books.

  5. Awesome! The characters look great, especially Ben, Alexander, and the principal.

    Who is Stubbs? I don’t remember that character. Is Stubbs new to this book?

  6. Will –

    Honestly, I gave very little description of the characters, so every single one of these characters is completely accurate to their description in the books. They might not be accurate to how you imagined them, but that’s a different story.

  7. Alexander Hale –

    Hauser and Stubbs are both in the book. They are Chip’s fellow bullies.

  8. I think that the illustrator designed the characters very well. That’s almost exactly how I pictured Erica but not so much as Ben or Mike. And also I did not picture Murray like that. I thought he was supposed to be like overweight.

  9. This looks exciting! To be completely honest the only characters that look like how I imagined them to be are Ben, Erica, Zoe, and Alexander, and the major differences were Mike (who I always imagined myself as) and the principal. But that doesn’t change my looking forward to this graphic novel. If anything it makes me want to read it more. Here’s hoping that the graphic novel is just as good as the original book and that someday this great story is made into a movie franchise (or TV series if that works better).

  10. Also for some reason I always imagined Murray looking kind of like Bertram from The Sandlot, if anyone has seen that movie. Don’t ask me why, that’s just the visual that popped up in my head.

  11. Grandpa Joe –

    Since Jawa doesn’t show up until Spy Camp, I don’t have a design for him yet.

  12. And also I have a question: Which of your new books do you spend the most time on? Like which of them do you spend the most time writing?

  13. The depictions of the characters are great! But they did not look ANYTHING like how I imagined them. But then, for some odd reason, I used to imagine Alexander as Alexander Hamilton.

  14. Teddy Fitzroy –

    I spend the most time on the Charlie Thorne series because I have to research that one so much more than the others.

  15. I really like how Alexander looks old. The principal looks hilarious! Can’t wait to get it!

    Poll: What character in the GN looks the ‘best’ to you, or is your favorite-looking?

  16. Mr. Gibbs-

    I think someone already asked this but I guess it got hidden in the massive wave of comments so you didn’t respond. The question is: Murray is supposed to be extremely overweight. But in the GN, he’s not. Why? And him being overweight is actually very important to the series, because multiple times throughout the series Ben and Murray are racing to get something and Ben gets there first because he’s more fit than Murray. Am I missing something

    -Alexander Hale (and the other person who asked this question too.)

  17. Alexander Hale –

    Murray has never been referred to as being extremely overweight in the series. Instead, he has often been referred to as being very out of shape. I would say that Anjan drew Murray pretty much how he was described in the first book.

  18. Mike looks exactly how imagined him to be. The other characters tho…. but they look awesome. 75% how i imagined them to be. Murray looks too kind to be evil lmao

  19. The characters look AMAZING.
    The only thing that I wondered was about Stubbs. Didn’t it say that Hauser and Stubbs both had crew cuts?
    I was just curious, but I still think that the illustrations turned out really well.

  20. Seashell –

    I did not feel that Anjan had to get every single haircut exactly as I described it in the book. (Except for the principal’s toupee.)

  21. Agent Rabbit –

    This may sound odd, but I didn’t envision an ethnicity for anyone when I first wrote the book. In my mind, anyone could have been Black — or Latinx — or White — or Asian. Or any blend of ethnicities.

  22. I think you maybe could have done a poll with rough sketches of what designs the fans would have liked most, although I’m not sure if that’s too unprofessional, and hey you’re the author and I’m not. So you probably have better judgement.

  23. I like all the characters’ looks of course, but I imagined Erica to look a bit different.
    Great job to the whole crew! 😉

  24. Bluepelt –

    I would not subject Anjan’s visions of what the characters might look like to a poll any more than I would run my ideas for the next books in the series to a poll. That is not how creativity works.

  25. Ben x Erica –

    One of the very few character details I give in the books is about Erica’s hair — which is not blonde. Except for in Evil Spy School, when she dyes it.

  26. You should make a animated spy school series. I just thought of it because I love the audiobooks beca the guy who reads most of your books is great at the voices. And he has got me into your moon base alpha series. But anyways my mind when I listen to it turns into animation. And maybe the guy that reads the book could voice act the main character.

  27. Mr. Gibbs, what is your favorite series you’ve written so far
    Mine is Charlie Thorne
    Books with female main characters aren’t really popular so I’ll take any I can find

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