The exclusive edition of the Spy School Graphic Novel is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

Great news!  As you have probably deduced from the very lengthy title of this post, there will be an exclusive edition of the graphic novel of Spy School — and it is now available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble.

The exclusive edition includes — for the first time ever — a full-color map of the spy school campus as well as classified dossiers on the main characters.  And, as usual, there is no additional cost.  All the bonus material is completely free!

However, there are a limited number of copies.  If you want one…

Click here to pre-order your copy today!

And in other news, Barnes & Noble has ordered thousands of signed copies of Spy School At Sea which will be available ONLY IN STORES starting on Friday, November 26.  So if you would like a signed edition, get to your nearest B&N!

And if you’re interested to see what the characters will look like, here you go:

216 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of the Spy School Graphic Novel is now available for preorder from Barnes & Noble

  1. Ummmm has anyone realized that the vest that Erica is wearing looks just like Black Widow’s vest Yelena gave her?? In fact Erica looks like a brown haired version of Black Widow!! yeah!!!

  2. To be honest I really don’t like how erica looks she looks weird and much more different from the erica I was thinking looks like pls change her look to look like the erica from bens describe of how she looks like

  3. Tarran –

    Um… The book comes out in a few weeks. It has already been printed and shipped. So you’re proposing that we cancel the order, redraw the entire book, then reprint it, reship it and redistribute it at the cost of millions of dollars? Because you don’t like a single image of Erica? Sorry, but that’s not going to happen.

    Also, seeing as I wrote the book and write ben’s decription of Erica, I’d say that Erica looks very much the way that Ben described her.

    Just know that it would be completely impossible for an artist to draw Erica in a way that appeals to every single person’s mental image of her. So if Erica doesn’t match your personal mental image, sorry. But the book is done.

  4. CurzR –

    Anjan is under no obligation to draw the characters to the exact descriptions I gave of them in the books. Eye color is really not that important.

    And, to be honest, I don’t even remember what I said Erica’s eye color is.

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