I am pleased to announce I have joined the advisory council of Conservation Nation

As anyone who visits this site knows, I am a huge supporter of the conservation movement and do my best in my books (particularly the FunJungle series) to educate readers about environmental issues.

So I am pleased to announce that I have joined the advisory board of Conservation Nation. This organization has two goals:

  1. To provide grants and support to emerging and established conservationists from underrepresented groups who are doing wildlife-saving work.
  2. To engage and inspire underserved high school students to explore careers in conservation through programs that offer experiential learning, access to field professionals, and micro grants for projects close to home.

You can learn more about this great organization by clicking here.

Or you can learn how to get involved by clicking here.

I had my first meeting as part of the advisory committee on education yesterday and I could not be more impressed by the people who work for CN, the plans they have and their commitment to both the planet and to the next generation of conservationists.

69 thoughts on “I am pleased to announce I have joined the advisory council of Conservation Nation

  1. Other Ben Ripley-

    To be honest I was having a kind of bad day when I said that, so I don’t really mean it. I think the fact that I have a profile pic is enough for people to know we are different.

  2. Ben Ripley-
    I kinda like Teddy Fitzroy better.
    Btw how do you change your profile pic on here?

  3. Teddy Fitzroy-
    You have to make a wordpress website with the same email you use on here (It’s completely free.)
    My favorite series is probably CT

  4. Mr. Gibbs-

    Congrats!!!! I have a question. What was your favorite spy school book you wrote? And what is your favorite book in the entire series? I liked the Spy School British Invasion.

  5. The 7th Grader –

    If I had a favorite SS book that I have written, wouldn’t that be my favorite in the series?

    Anyhow, I don’t have a favorite of ANY of my books. I work too hard on all of them to say that one is better than any of the others.

  6. My favorite book of Stuart’s is probably Charlie Thorne (implied by my name) but I like them all.

  7. Hey guys!

    I’m really excited for SS10 and FJ8 for a close second.

    I finished TLM (a really long time ago) and it was so good! I was going to read CT but I think I should read it closer to the 3rd release date because I hate waiting for books.

    Also, just FYI, the name Josh wasn’t originally for Joshua Hallal. But once I realized the similarity, I just decided not to change it.

  8. -teddy Fitzroy

    My favorite Stuart Gibbs series is FJ with SS close in second.

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