Cover, title and plot reveal for Charlie Thorne #3

Here you go:

After tracking down incredible discoveries by Einstein and Darwin, Charlie Thorne is back. This time, the great ruler Cleopatra has left behind an extremely valuable and powerful treasure, its location encoded on an ancient stone tablet.

In 30 BCE, Cleopatra and her husband, Marc Antony, lost their war against Octavian for control of the Egyptian Empire. However, Cleopatra knew Octavian was really after the mysterious item that was the source of all her wealth and influence, so she hid it before committing suicide. She left a series of devious clues behind for her children to find it, but they were lost to history…until now.

In a breathless adventure that takes her across the globe, Charlie must fight for her life against ruthless enemies, match wits with Cleopatra, and solve the two-thousand-year-old mystery to prevent the most powerful treasure of the ancient world from falling into the wrong hands.

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45 thoughts on “Cover, title and plot reveal for Charlie Thorne #3

  1. Hey Mr. Gibbs,
    I was wondering if Charlie Thorne #1 will get a movie? Is that possible? I looked it up on the internet and this is what I found somewhere that Lionsgate is partnering with you to make that happen. It might just be internet lies.
    Thanks for Reading,

  2. Yea, I was like “why are there only 3 comments” so yea, probably Mr. Gibbs deleted the posts to clear up space. Unless yet another hacker decided to delete the comments.

  3. Mr MachuPiccu

    That thing about Lionsgate is wrong. Although I would love for Charlie to become a movie.

  4. Mr Gibbs-

    When you first started SS, did you know that you were gonna go w/ SPOILER REMOVED?

    Apologies if this is a spoiler but I’m pretty sure everyone’s already read SSAS.

  5. SpyNinja15

    Space case and Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation were difficult because they were the first books in a series and involved great amounts of research.

  6. Alexander Z –

    When I wrote the original SS book, I had no idea if it would do well enough to even justify a second book in the series. So no, I did not know what was going to happen in book 9.

  7. Hi, Mr. Gibbs

    I’m a huge fan of spy school and I know you can’t tell me everything about the new book but can you at least tell me if the CROATOAN come back in the new book?

  8. #good books –

    Because the title for OUAT#2 has been chosen and the title for SS10 has not.

  9. SS Fan –

    There is a blog post about why the Last Musketeer — and the MBA series — have both ended.

  10. Mr. Gibbs:
    I got my personalized signed copy of Bear Bottom a couple of months ago- I was so so excited when the package came! Currently I’m re-reading FJ for the fourth time- I just love them too much and I enjoy them even more each time I read them, even when I know how it ends! I’m so excited for FJ8 to come out in 2023! I love to write and I want to become a writer when I’m older and you are my biggest inspiration, so for that I thank you!

  11. -Stuart
    By meaning that everything was classified, you mean besides the fact you said it was going to take place on a train. Yes I was there.

    One of your biggest fans,
    -not new

  12. Hi. My name is Nolan.
    Our family has listened to almost every series of yours and it something we’re begging to listen to all the time. We have to spend a lot of time in the car because we are traveling a lot to take care of our grandparents. They need a lot of help. Your books make the car rides go fast!
    We are also writing our own stories during NaNoWriMo this month. Your stories are great and they inspire us to write too.

    Thank you, Stuart Gibbs. Keep going,

  13. Nolan –

    Thanks for your kind words. I think its great that you’re doing NaNoWriMo! Good luck!

  14. Mr. Gibbs,

    Keep up the good work with all your books. Iv’e read all of the SS series so far and i couldn’t sleep until I finished them. Thanks so much.

  15. Love your books! They are all amazing! Cant wait for Charlie Thorne and the curse of cleopatra!

  16. Stuart Gibbs I can’t wait for the new charlie thorne and do you have any new news on the Spy School movie?

  17. Hi Mr. Gibbs. I was wondering if you ever write books and don’t end up publishing them. Also I’m a huuge fan of the charlie throne books. I think it rocks that she’s a girl and a genius

  18. Erica –

    When I was first starting, I wrote plenty of books that didn’t get published, but now that I am established that does not happen any more.

  19. Erica Hale –

    All upcoming release information can be found in the right hand column of every page of this website.

  20. Mr. Gibbs,

    Are you going to be publishing a series of spy school from Ericas point of view?

    I feel like I and many others would like to read that.

    – Read every book

  21. Mr Gibbs I think all of your books are so good! Thanks for writing them. They’re my favorite books ever! Evil Spy School has to be my favorite though!

  22. Read every book –

    I have no plans to publish a SS series from Erica’s point of view. I think that Erica is much funnier from Ben’s point of view than she would be from her own.

  23. shshshsh Angus –

    Lots of readers asked for a graphic novel, so my publisher agreed to make one.

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