HUGE NEWS: I’m beginning a new series in winter 2022.

Hey everyone –

On March 1, 2022, you will be able to get this:

This is a new series that I have been working on for the past year, and I’m thrilled that I am finally allowed to tell you about it.

Click here to preorder it!

I know that many of you have asked over the past year if I was going to start a new series any time soon.  Now, before you get upset at me for not being honest, you need to know two things:

  1. I wasn’t allowed to say anything about this series until my publisher announced it, which they did today in an article in Publisher’s Weekly.
  2. was honest, given those restrictions.  I never said that I wasn’t starting a new series. I always said that it would be difficult to start a new series, given that I had three others going — and i might have added that I certainly wouldn’t be starting a new chapter book series.

You see, Once Upon A Tim is a little bit different from my other series so far.  It’s illustrated.  (And extremely well-illustrated, I might add, by the very talented Stacy Curtis.)

The series (and this will be a series) tells the tale of Tim, a peasant boy in olden times who hates being a peasant, so he takes the only other option available to him: Becoming a knight.  Even though knighthood involves lots of danger, terror and possible death.

This is easily the funniest series I have ever written.  If you’d like to learn more about it, you can read the Publisher’s Weekly article here.

Although know that the article isn’t just about Tim.  It’s also about the Spy School graphic novel, and it reveals the cover and some art from that book.

So, while I’m at it, here’s the SSGN cover:

Although I have said it before, I will say it again here:  The graphic novel will follow the story of the first Spy School novel (with some tweaks to make it more visual).  Hopefully, there will be subsequent Graphic novels for each of the other SS books.

This book comes out February 1, 2022.  That means it will only be one month between book releases for me next year.  You keep asking for more books.  I’m writing as fast as I can.

Click here to preorder it!

Want to see some sample pages?  Check these out:

1,164 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS: I’m beginning a new series in winter 2022.

  1. Stuart Gibbs –
    Two things
    One – For you blog you say upcoming releases are at the top of the page but on mobile or something is it near the bottom
    Two – you have seen Pink Dolphins?! The Kraft Brothers who have been studying animals for decades and been to the Amazon a bunch of times only first saw then one or two years ago.

  2. -Spy school at sea the upcoming release for mobile are at the bottom of the page for any page on mobile.
    -The mostly good person

  3. SSAS –

    Honestly, the best way to look at ANY site is on a computer, not a phone. I’m not adjusting what I say on my blog to account for the 7000 different ways people’s phones might display the site. The fact is, the releases are on every page of the website.

    Yes, I have seen pink dolphins. I saw them jumping out of the water in the Rio Napo in Peru.

  4. A big fan –

    As always, what is going to happen to characters in future books is classified.

  5. Stuart Gibbs –

    I would use a computer but I don’t have internet and the phone has data but hotspot doesn’t work

  6. Daily poll: What Stuart Gibbs book release are you most excited about?

    Sorry for stealing the poll again lol. Also, cool cruse ship banner!

  7. Agent J***-
    Is that even a question?? I think we’re all most excited for SSAS.

  8. Agent J***
    Spy School At Sea
    Spy School Graphic Novel
    Once Upon A Tim
    Once Upon A Tim: The Labyrinth of Doom
    Spy Camp Graphic Novel

    Not listing CT3 ,FJ8 or SS10 because their plots have not been released.

  9. Classified 001,

    I think Agent J*** was talking about one book (not multiple) that we were excited for, so I’m guessing you are most excited for SSAS. If it was multiple, I think people would basically choose your exact answers.

  10. There is a very big difference in writing between the real Anna-gent and the fake one.
    If I recall correctly, the real Anna-gent did not use slang/abbreviated words, and wrote pretty well in her review of SSAS.

  11. Agent Rabbit-

    Yeah, I figured that might be the case. I thought I would ask anyway though.

  12. I’m excited for Funjungle 8 because I want to see where Teddy is next or maybe Funjungle 9. We all know what SSAS is about.

  13. i’ve not read anything on Spy school at sea or the plot I’m just waiting for it to come out. I’m really looking forward to this one cus I think there may be a little less girl drama than the last few (the girl drama is fine it just seems there’s been a lot recently)

  14. I’m so excited for sass bcs it’s gonna be the book wher Ben makes a move on Erica, she began to open up last time, and now with Zoe out of the way, he has free reign. I am sooooo excited to c what happens lol.
    Now with Trixie in the book do you guys think this is gonna interfere with Ben and Erica??

  15. I think Zoe is gonna be mad at mike when the news gets out about trixie bcs she liked mike a little and now he likes someone else. Boy Zoe sure is having relationship problems, with warren Ben and mike lol

  16. the only thing bad about spy school is that the characters have multiple crushes at a time so it’s kind of weird

  17. yea true, I can see it happening it’s just not happened to me but it’s still my favorite novel.

  18. ok that makes it sound a lot worse than I thought. That’s the ONLY criticism about SS that I have. Everything else about it is great and that doesn’t ruin the story at all.

  19. jimmy-

    I would not assume less drama. I don’t know what is going to happen, but still. Seeing as all of the other SS books have sizable amounts of drama, I would not count on less in SSAS.


    I also wonder if Mike and Trixie will be a thing. I think there is something about that in the book preview.

  20. Also, I love the tips on the Get Involved! page stu. I will use them in the future!

  21. Wow is all I can say- I’ve been at camp for a week, and missed so much- and just wow. Two comment pages- and an Impostor. REAL Anna-Gent, please come back. I’m sorry for accusing you of trolling. I hope an incident like this never happens again.

  22. Daily poll: how many times have you read the SS book(s), or have many times have you read one of Stuart Gibbs other books/series?

  23. In total as I have literally nothing else to do I’ve read each book except one of them like 10 times.

  24. Same. I can’t believe some people only read the book once!!! I’ve probably read revolution more than 10 times. This sounds weird, but I think the second time reading the book is the best. That way you already know what’s going to happen so you aren’t in utter suspense, but you catch little details that you didn’t see the first time:)

  25. Agent Jo-

    Very good point! I don’t know the specific amount of times I have read the books, but I would say 12-15 times this year, if not more.

  26. I’ve read all the SS books 3 times through every year afternI mostly forget what happens and I’ve read the first Charlie thorne twice and the 2nd once and all other Stuart Gibbs books once except the last musketeer

  27. Its always better to read a book 2 or 3 times because you always realize something new your never noticed before.

  28. Erica —

    I think it’s supposed to be a joke, or maybe Mr. Gibbs is actually a secret billionaire and he actually is going to build Moon Base Alpha.

  29. Ben –
    It’s possible that Mr. Gibbs could’ve done one of these options to prohibit the fake Anna-gent from posting:
    1. Blocked the IP address they were using.
    2. Simply prohibit them from using the email they were as the fake Anna-gent and if they tried to use another, simply deny their request.

  30. Hi Stu-

    How are you so good at writing about middle/high school students and their relationships in this day and age?

    – FJFanatic

  31. FJFanatic –

    If there’s one thing that doesn’t change throughout history, it’s how people deal with relationships.

  32. Oooh I’m gonna take over the poll today lmao sorry 🙂
    What is a ss book you would like to see in the future? Location, title, and the main conflicts.
    Lol we’re just talking about polls on a blog we should just create a group chat ngl lol

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