HUGE NEWS: I’m beginning a new series in winter 2022.

Hey everyone –

On March 1, 2022, you will be able to get this:

This is a new series that I have been working on for the past year, and I’m thrilled that I am finally allowed to tell you about it.

Click here to preorder it!

I know that many of you have asked over the past year if I was going to start a new series any time soon.  Now, before you get upset at me for not being honest, you need to know two things:

  1. I wasn’t allowed to say anything about this series until my publisher announced it, which they did today in an article in Publisher’s Weekly.
  2. was honest, given those restrictions.  I never said that I wasn’t starting a new series. I always said that it would be difficult to start a new series, given that I had three others going — and i might have added that I certainly wouldn’t be starting a new chapter book series.

You see, Once Upon A Tim is a little bit different from my other series so far.  It’s illustrated.  (And extremely well-illustrated, I might add, by the very talented Stacy Curtis.)

The series (and this will be a series) tells the tale of Tim, a peasant boy in olden times who hates being a peasant, so he takes the only other option available to him: Becoming a knight.  Even though knighthood involves lots of danger, terror and possible death.

This is easily the funniest series I have ever written.  If you’d like to learn more about it, you can read the Publisher’s Weekly article here.

Although know that the article isn’t just about Tim.  It’s also about the Spy School graphic novel, and it reveals the cover and some art from that book.

So, while I’m at it, here’s the SSGN cover:

Although I have said it before, I will say it again here:  The graphic novel will follow the story of the first Spy School novel (with some tweaks to make it more visual).  Hopefully, there will be subsequent Graphic novels for each of the other SS books.

This book comes out February 1, 2022.  That means it will only be one month between book releases for me next year.  You keep asking for more books.  I’m writing as fast as I can.

Click here to preorder it!

Want to see some sample pages?  Check these out:

189 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS: I’m beginning a new series in winter 2022.

  1. Agent Me —
    Me too. I didn’t know what rickrolling was, if I had, I wouldn’t have clicked it.

  2. Nice one, Mr. Gibbs. I fell for that hard. Can we just all appreciate this dude’s sense of humor?


    Welcome to book theory!

    Now, about one month earlier, I released a theory about what Spy School at sea will be about. However, there were some details that I have missed, and here is an updated theory.

    Theory #1: The Shangs will be in this novel.
    If you have read Spy Ski School, you know that the Shangs love luxury travel; as they rented out an entire luxury hotel. Why have they not appeared when the spies travel (ex. Europe or Aquarius)? Simple. The Shangs most likely have went to those places in the first place. We know that Ben is 13 in SSS, and Jessica is in the same age group as Ben. If she is 13 as well, that means that she probably had time to go to all of these places.

    Theory #2: Zoe will fine a way to tag along with Chip and Jawa.
    It wouldn’t be a Spy School books without our favorite characters in an epic battle against evil, and I just have a gut feeling that Zoe, Chip, and Jawa will all sneak in. I think that the most likely way on how they will sneak in is by Murray letting them in. Why does Murray let them in? I’m glad you asked.

    Theory #3: The Emperor of the Seas is a TRAP!
    The reason why I think that Murray let Zoe and the rest of the gang in is because the Emperor of the Seas is a trap. A trap for what? I do not know yet, but one thing I DO know is that Murray knows that the CIA has their eyes locked on him. We know this from SSGS, as Murray leads to the near death of our heroes. What’s to say that the Emperor of the Seas isn’t a trap?

    Final theory: Somebody (I’m guessing Ben) will be thrown overboard.
    I feel like because there’s a cruise ship, there just has to be a scene where Murray throws Ben overboard. Ben will obviously survive, as Mr. Gibbs wouldn’t kill off some of the most main characters (cough cough, JK ROWLING, cough cough).


    STAY TUNED FOR SPY SCHOOL LORE! (I’m kidding; at least, I hope so)

  4. Mr Gibbs –

    Omigosh!! That article’s so informative!!

    (Holy cow I just laughed for about five minutes straight. I’m pretty gullible but even I can’t believe how badly I fell for that!! Nice one LOL!!)

  5. I caught that! I instantly knew it was a rickroll!
    Lol that was really funny though, can’t believe people got rickrolled by Mr Gibbs!

  6. Mr. Gibbs,
    I was one second away from clicking it, but then I see these posts and decided not to. Nice sense of humor haha :).

  7. Is the rickrolling thing the never gonna give to up song or something like that because a lot of jokes have been played with it so I’m just curious is it?

  8. That’s sooooo true jk Rowling literally made everyone die at the end, I cried so much when it happened in the last book because I really loved those characters

  9. Yeah, I totally fell for that. I’m pretty gullible. People tell me that all the time haha.

    Dookie Face —
    Wow. Cool theories. I have been thinking that the Emporer of the Seas is a trap too! Murray is obviously smart, so he might have leaked a fake trail leading to the Emperor of the Seas, making the CIA and the MI6 waste their money so that they don’t have enough funds to go on a different mission, or have the right people for it. With Ben and his team on the ship, maybe Murray asked Dane to get rid of them and make sure they can’t leave so they have to enjoy their trip on the ship (that rhymes!) but they can’t because they know Murray Hill is plotting something. On top of that, Erica is totally mad at Ben and Mike for telling Trixie the truth.

  10. sPY sChOOl lORe

    (Warning: Some material may be disturbing to younger audiences below the age of 10)

    Well, I promised this in my last theory, and here we go.

    Spy School is darker than you may think. A couple of months ago, in one of the books (Spy School Secret Service), there was a hidden message on page 32. I found out that it was a secret message which led to the word- SSSID. It also led to a video link, which can be seen here-

    There is the constant sound of water dripping and an alarm with a calm voice- “We already told you, this time is normal.”

    The SSSID (previously mentioned above) is a secret organization throughout the school. It stands for Spy School Students In Distress. The entire Hale family created this organization after Joshua Hallal’s “death”. They began to find that something was up. They noticed that certain students seemed to forget who they really were. Spy School was responsible for manipulative strategies into getting students- and then brainwashing them. These students became field agents, getting tasked to various tasks and then getting their lives put on the line. The fellow students and parents were tricked into the fact that the students died in one way or another. However, the students have been finding a way to send help. A certain boy by the name of Benjamin Ripley was tricked into a government set up named SPYDER and the CROATOAN. These were simulations, testing Ripley’s physical skills. However, Erica has been sending messages through Ben. Erica sent us some Morse code about how many times either she or Zoe blinked. What did those blinks represent: simple. A word that is spelled by D A N G E R.

    Lore will be continued, hope you enjoy!

  11. DookieFace-

    You play brawl stars too?

    (btw you shouldn’t try to rickroll people right after the topic has been mentioned, nobody’s going to click lol

  12. Brawl Stars is god. I almost fell for that rick roll too. I have 18 star powered brawlers out of my 43.

  13. Dhruv and Ben –

    I know you guys clicked it. How would you know it is a rickroll if you didn’t click on it? What if it was a real link then your face will turn red.

  14. BRAWL STARS????!!!!!

    OF COURSE!!!!!!!
    IT IS GODLY!!!!!

    (For those who don’t know, I got my spy school lore inspired from Brawl Stars.)
    Here is the Brawl Stars Lore:

    In a certain Brawl Talk, we got a strange and confusing video at the end. The video showed Starr Park, an amusement park which was the original Brawl Stars. Starr Park began to kidnap people, animals, and even plants and they began to experiment and brainwash them. Starr Park turned people into BRAWLERS!!!!
    However, the employees at Starr Park began to grasp what was happening. They formed a group known as the SPUDE (Starr Park Union of Distressed Employees) and they began sending secret messages. The first clue was in the Brawl Talk itself. At the cash register, a woman blinked DANGER in Morse Code and her teeth grew sharp two seconds later. Another clue was inside the game itself. On a certain map, there was Morse code etched onto the side of the walls. The Morse Code led to the WKBRL live stream, where a brawler named Gale talked about how his best friends got turned into brawlers. The WKBRL live stream also had a calm voice going- “We already told you, this time is normal” with the sound of water dripping in the background. The final clue was in a brawler named 8- Bit, and if you tapped on him seven times, you got led to a video showing that 8-Bit was brought to life, and that his memory files were deleted. This is the Starr Park Lore.

  15. GolfGod –

    There are people far more qualified than me to do the audiobooks, so I never considered doing them myself.

  16. SSAS- (I am responding to your comment to Dhurv and Ben, I too discovered it was a rickroll.)

    Reason One. wErE sMaRt.
    Reason Two. After Stu rickrolled us, its pretty obvious someone would want to get revenge. I tried to, but whenever I send a link to rickroll, it doesn’t go through this website. :((((((((
    Reason Three. I know Rickroll links :))) I knew it was a rickRoll because of the above answers, and the link DookieFace sent us was a common link that didn’t preview that it was a rick Ashley music video. But when I sent my ink (That didn’t go through :(((() I disguised it even more, because I knew the link DookieFace sent may fool someone, but not that many people.
    Reason four. If they did click it, they knew it was a rickroll. Like me. Whenever someone sends a link and I KNOW 100% THAT its a RickRoll, I check anyway. And sometimes I just click on it, ‘Cause ya gotta admit, it’s a pretty good song.
    Reason Five. You only posted that comment because you fell for it, didn’t you?
    so that’s how you know That we knew it was a rickroll.

    WOS isn’t depressing. In fact, its my favourite book out of the entire MBA series. I know what ima say is going to be “Spoilers removed” after Stu sees it, so ima keep it brief: Dash’s crush moving away from MBA isn’t sad. He sees her again in his thirties. It was a heart touching moment, but in a good way.

  17. Agent Me —
    Wasn’t he in his forties? I’m not sure, I just thought it was 30 years later, so he’d be in his forties.

    I don’t play Brawl Stars, but I want to. The only problem is that it involved shooting and my parents don’t approve of shooting games.

  18. SSAS –

    I am not sure what aspects of the book you consider depressing. Please elaborate.

  19. If I my copy of SS9 comes one day late I will disintegrate, or just borrow it from someone in my school.

  20. hi i know that this is completley unrelated but any news on the movie and do you think you could do one on charlie thorne?

  21. Here’s my idea for a future SS book plot:

    Name: Spy School Wilderness

    Location: Canada/US

    Plot: Turns out the Croatoan has remnants of its organization left in Canada. From when Spain wanted parts of New Brunswick, Québec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan(One of the coolest names ever), Alberta, and British Colombia. Ben starts his adventure going to spy camp. But in Canada….
    Turns out the CIA and the IB (Intelligence Branch) The Canadian equivalent of the CIA. (Don’t worry I’m also learning new things.) Have sent a few Canadians to spy school the elite only. They’ve decided that they’ll go to this camp twice a year once in the summer, for 3 months. And once in the winter for 1 month. They’ve agreed to this plan because students are lacking winter skills. That is where most of the deaths are coming from. Death up North. Little do they know its not just the winter skills. But its the Croatoan. Later when Ben finds out he is going here in the winter. Everybody’s first time here. It’s up in New Brunswick. Turns out 85% of the state is covered in forest. And it gets cold there in the winter but not to cold. The trees help maintain the heat they learn while under a tree canopy. Ben gets attacked by the Croatoan and so does Erica. Erica helps Ben defeat his assassin and Erica defeats a familiar man Dane. Will Ben, and his friends will try to take down the Croatoan once and for all. Or die trying.

    Please tell me how I did and how much you enjoyed it. If you liked it I’ll make another
    I learned as much as you did from the Canadian provinces which I always forget about Manitoba and Alberta. And I also learned the name of the Canadian Intelligence service the IB.

    -Thanks for reading! By: N

  22. charlie thorne –

    I do not have any news on the movie. If i do, I promise I will post it.

    I would love for there to be a Charlie thorne movie but there is no movement on that front either.

  23. THE REAL nerf boy 10

    When SSAS shows up in a library depends entirely on the library. If a library has preordered it, it ought to show up on publication day. If you want your library to get it, tell the library. Libraries make decisions about what books to get via input from readers.

  24. Anyone here read the Martian or seen the movie? I am just starting to read the book.

  25. Ben-

    Nice I have 21 power 10 brawlers and I have 18k trophies

    Spy School at Sea-

    I knows its a rickroll because 1) its been posted after the topic and 2) nobody would use for that they would just send the direct site to whatever they’re talking about.

    And I’ve watched the movie, I didn’t know there was a book. The movie is pretty good and is worth watching.

    Brawl Stars is a great game, but i’d recommend clash royale and clash of clans (both made by the company who made BS) they are also one of my favorites!

  26. Ayyyyy I live in New Brunswick, the best Province there is! (A province is the Canadian version of a State. e.g, Ohio: State Ontario: Province) :DD I hope to see a book by Stu with NB mentioned.

  27. So we’re talking about Brawl Stars, huh?

    Here we go: I have a fully maxed account (all 49 brawlers) and all of the gadgets and star powers. I have close to about 600 gems and over 1,000,000 coins (that was a flex lol).

  28. 6 more days until SSAS! So excited! (Also, how many of you guys are doing school in person this year?)

  29. MysteryFanForLife-

    I am in person. But because of the Delta variant, I am wearing a mask.

  30. N,
    Very cool idea! My only problem is you called New Brunswick a star, but Canada doesn’t have states, they have provinces.
    I also read your book idea and thought it was very good as well!

  31. I am in person because the school doesn’t have an online option. Actually it does but then it is a third party source and my mom doesn’t want that.

  32. Are there anyone here who visited this website in 2010 or 2011? Then you are a legend.

  33. Ok so this is my first like poll or whatever but I was interested in knowing everyone top 5 favorite books cause I’m bored and want something to read. Here’s my top 5.
    5 Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin ( if you’re looking for some romance, this is the book for you)
    4 Masterminds by Gordon Norman ( an amazing mystery with a wonderful twist at the end!)
    3 Rage by Stephen King ( NOT FOR YOUNGER READERS! THERE ARE SOME VERY INTENSE SCENES. IM AN OLDER READER OF MR GIBBS, CURRENTLY IN HIGH SCHOOL. SO DO NOT READ IF YOURE ANYY YOUNGER. Good book though. Surprised they haven’t turned this one into a movie but they have Gerald’s Game(?) )
    2 Alex Rider: Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz ( Easily the best of the Alex rider books and it features the best gadgets, best villain, best henchmen, and best plot)
    1 Moon Base Alpha: Space Case by Stuart Gibbs ( Always been my absolute favourite book of Mr Gibbs and I was very disappointed when he ended the series. I hope it comes back as a spinoff!)
    So those are my favorite books. What are yours? Like I said I’m bored and need some stuff to read.
    Classified 001

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