Here is why things changed on this website

Hi everyone –

I can’t believe I have to write this post.  But I’m doing it.

Last week, hackers started a concerted effort to get into my website.  They haven’t, but their bots were so aggressive that my web security kept shutting down my access to the site for a day at a time.

At one point, as part of security, the site went down for about eight hours, which was why many of you got various error messages when you tried to go to the site.

That was fixed, but the hackers are still a problem.

In order to get back in, I had to create a new user profile.  One the hackers don’t know about.  The problem is, the site doesn’t regard me as the main user any more.  Only the main user gets a star by their name.

In the meantime, I thought I would address one other issue.  I have always answered comments on the site as ‘stu.’  But I was always getting comments from people not knowing what to call me.  ‘Stu’ always seemed a little too informal for a young person who doesn’t know, so I decided to start responding to comments as ‘Stuart Gibbs.’

The combination of this change and the fact that my name no longer has a star by it has been a disaster.

Many of my loyal visitors got the idea that someone was impersonating me.  And almost nothing I could do has convinced them otherwise.

While I think that people should have a healthy distrust of things they read on line, the level of distrust here has been incredibly frustrating.  I think it’s awful that people are growing up in a world where their first instinct upon seeing someone answering comments on my site as Stuart Gibbs is to assume that it must be an impostor.

So that’s why I am posting this.  No impostor has the ability to write a blog post on this site.  Only I do.

Maybe there is a way I can get the star back by my name.  I’m working on it.  But in the meantime, just know that the person responding to comments as Stuart Gibbs is really me.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, then I give up.  If you choose not to believe this, it’s your loss.

The real Stuart Gibbs

188 thoughts on “Here is why things changed on this website

  1. SS enthusiast-

    Well that and if she ends up doing something to help on the next mission like Mike did when he helped defeat Murray.

  2. Kristina –

    Sadly, Disney has made up its mind. There is nothing that can be done. I am hoping to find another company willing to make the movie instead.

  3. OragamiFox –

    There are thousands of names. Sooner of later, two writers are going to pick the same ones.

    I do not steal names from other writers, but I occasionally might use one that someone else has used.

  4. natalie –

    Actually, I have never uploaded previews of any of my other books. Although I do have a blog post giving a bit of info about SSAS, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  5. Dhruv –

    It isn’t midnight in California yet. But happy birthday Mr. Gibbs.

  6. Aiden –

    I don’t see how Trixie could help the mission besides giving motivation or something. I don’t really think Trixie would sneak around on Emperor of Seas. For one, she doesn’t have much motivation to spend a lot of time with her family, as she will most likely be very mad at her family that they lied to her her entire life. And there will be almost no way she ends up on the Emperor of Seas the same way Mike ended up in Colorado.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. GIBBS! I hope you have fun doing whatever you have planned today.

    Marcus Rashford’s #1 fan

  8. Happy birthday Mr. Gibbs
    I know this doesn’t make much sense, but since Mr. Gibbs said that we are wasting our time theorizing and that we will probably be wrong, Maybe we have a better chance of being right if we dismiss the theories that are common knowledge.
    I read through my comment and I know it doesn’t make much sense but i’ve seen more incorrect theories than correct ones. I think

    my brain is weird

  9. Hackers who do stuff like break into websites for personal gain are called black hat hackers

  10. Hackers look for weaknesses in the code and exploit them. Maybe you could inspect this sight and look of weaknesses.

  11. mr. gibbs,
    wait why are you checking this site on your birthday shouldn’t you be celebrating or something?

    spy school at sea-
    ik i was probably going to forget about it since i was reading a book

    stu probably doesn’t know how do detect a weakness in the site’s code, nor does he have the time to check it.

  12. Spy school is my favorite series of all time, FunJungle very close second and Moon Base Alpha close third!

  13. Happy Birthday Mr. Gibbs.

    Also, I have a question. How do you come up with the storylines of your books? Have you brainstormed the books ahead of time, or do you think of it on the spot?

  14. Why is there 2 Xaviers in your books? Any reasons on why you decided to put to characters of the same name?

  15. Did you add a I am not a robot in order to comment? Is it a safety measure for the hackers? Or do I not know how hackers work.

  16. Flying Potato

    I do a lot of brainstorming over long periods of time. I explain some of the inspirations for my series on my FAQ page.

  17. reCAPTCHA is only for computer bots not hackers. It is a test to confirm that the person is human and isn’t some bot somebody made. Since the hackers are probably human they would easily pass the test

  18. Dhruv –

    The hackers are using bots to try to access the site. So that’s why I set up the Captcha system.

    I mean, honestly, all hackers are technically people. It’s not like robots have become sentient and are trying to access our websites.

    But it is very common for hackers to use bots so that they can try to access a website dozens of times a second. They won’t get in, but it causes problems for me.

  19. Also Happy Late Birthday, Mr Gibbs!
    (It’s a gift made out of text lol)

    | \ \ \ \
    | \ \ \ \
    | \ _______\ \ ________\
    | \ \ _______ \ \ ________ \
    | \ \ | | \ \ \ \
    | \ | | \________\___ \_________ \
    \ | | \ | | | |
    \| | \ \|______ | |__________|
    \ | \ | ______| |__________ |
    \ |_______|____|__________|

  20. Mr. Gibbs happy birthday, i mailed u something yesterday idk it’ll go through but hopefully it does :3

  21. Mr. Gibbs-

    By moving Ben’s parents to Florida, are you also taking them out of the series? Because neither of Ben’s parents have much value in the series. I understand if this is a Question You Cannot Answer
    Also, did you take off the ‘i am not a robot ‘ button? Because i don’t see it anymore. It’s it just me?

    MR #1 Fan

  22. Marcus Rashford –

    Any questions about what will happen to any of the characters in the future of the series are questions I can’t answer.

    I did remove the I’m not a robot button.

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