Here is why things changed on this website

Hi everyone –

I can’t believe I have to write this post.  But I’m doing it.

Last week, hackers started a concerted effort to get into my website.  They haven’t, but their bots were so aggressive that my web security kept shutting down my access to the site for a day at a time.

At one point, as part of security, the site went down for about eight hours, which was why many of you got various error messages when you tried to go to the site.

That was fixed, but the hackers are still a problem.

In order to get back in, I had to create a new user profile.  One the hackers don’t know about.  The problem is, the site doesn’t regard me as the main user any more.  Only the main user gets a star by their name.

In the meantime, I thought I would address one other issue.  I have always answered comments on the site as ‘stu.’  But I was always getting comments from people not knowing what to call me.  ‘Stu’ always seemed a little too informal for a young person who doesn’t know, so I decided to start responding to comments as ‘Stuart Gibbs.’

The combination of this change and the fact that my name no longer has a star by it has been a disaster.

Many of my loyal visitors got the idea that someone was impersonating me.  And almost nothing I could do has convinced them otherwise.

While I think that people should have a healthy distrust of things they read on line, the level of distrust here has been incredibly frustrating.  I think it’s awful that people are growing up in a world where their first instinct upon seeing someone answering comments on my site as Stuart Gibbs is to assume that it must be an impostor.

So that’s why I am posting this.  No impostor has the ability to write a blog post on this site.  Only I do.

Maybe there is a way I can get the star back by my name.  I’m working on it.  But in the meantime, just know that the person responding to comments as Stuart Gibbs is really me.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, then I give up.  If you choose not to believe this, it’s your loss.

The real Stuart Gibbs

188 thoughts on “Here is why things changed on this website

  1. Joe Deal –

    Stuart Gibbs website is the correct one

    #1. Belly Up
    #2. Poached
    #3. Big Game
    #4. Pandamonium

  2. Joe Deal-

    FunJungle Series all Books In Order:
    1. Belly Up
    2. Poached
    3. Big Game
    4. Panda-Monium (my personal favorite)
    5. Lion Down
    6. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
    7. Bear Bottom (just released on May 11th)

  3. Mr Gibbs,

    So was the teacher (Mr. Godfrey) a product of your imagination or is it the actual name of you’re middle school history teacher?

  4. Mr. Gibbs-

    Did your history teacher get fired? bc it sounds like he didn’t know a thing about history. You or someone else must’ve told the principal or something right?

    Stu Crew-

    On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most and 1 being the least) how mad do you Erica’s gonna be @ ben for spilling the beans on the whole spy thing to Trixie?

    I personally think shes gonna be a 6

  5. SSAS –

    I have no idea what happened to the unqualified history teacher. I asked for another teacher and ransfered out of that class.

  6. Dhruv –

    It would be really uncool of me to put in the real name of the bad history teacher. Plus, I don’t remember the name of the real history teacher.

  7. Marcus Rashford –

    I do not know what happened to the history teacher,

  8. Marcus Rashford,

    I’d usually say a 10 but for some reason I feel like its going to be lower. Like around a 5, maybe?

  9. Mr. #1 Fan-

    ~Changes name from “Agent E~” to “Agent Me~” for no reason~

  10. I think she may treat ben like she did in one of the earlier books, like the how she did in the beginning of book 5. Although I think Erica will get over it if Trixie proves to be adept at being a spy, if she is recruited.

  11. Mr Gibbs,
    I am so very sorry for the situation that was happening, and I understand very much how that must have infuriated you. I came on here today for about the first time in a month, and I just read everything. I agree with you ~ it’s absolutely not your problem if people don’t want to believe you, you have a life and shouldn’t waste time writing the same thing again and again for people who dont want to believe.
    Is there anything we can do to help?

  12. Oh yes, good point, they’ll either have to recruit her, kill her(most likely not going to happen), or TRY to trick her, emphasis on the try
    I think they’ll try to trick her
    and I think it will be around a 7.5

    2 months, 22 days

  13. Who’s to say that the Hales will be mad? Trixie is a Hale, the Hale legacy has been going on for multiple generations and if anything, the rest of the Hales might be proud of Trixie if she does become a spy. Erica never said that she doesn’t want her sister to be a spy (Or maybe she did but I forgot) all she said was that Trixie wasn’t too interested when she was younger. If Trixie is adept at spying like it hinted at near the end of SSR then maybe she’ll live up to her legacy and no one will be mad at Ben and Mike. I mean if anything it’s Mike’s fault, not Ben’s. My theory seems pretty slim, but it seems possible.

  14. How do you guys even know that Ben and Mike will tell the truth and not lie, do you have confirmation from stu or something? And Aiden, Erica said that when Trixie was 3 she couldn’t defuse a bomb so they just gave up on training Trixie to become a spy and let her live a normal life.

    They will try to recruit her, kill her OR make a disinformation campaign like they did in spy school #1 when Mike was surrounded with a bunch of CIA agents.

  15. Dhruv-

    Im 99.99% sure that they will tell the truth. Trixie looks smart enough to see through the lies.

  16. Aiden-

    In a very old comment from a long time ago, someone asked Mr. Gibbs, “will the Hales be mad at Ben and Mike?” And he said something like, “Of COURSE the Hales will be mad at them for telling Trixie.”

    I am not sure where it is now, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it said. And also, the Hales tested Trixie for spy-talent when she was THREE YEARS OLD. Proven by science, the part of your brain that percieves solid memory doesn’t start developing until about two years, and even then most people do not have memories before about 4. So Trixie probably won’t even remember being “tested.” It’s not like she wasn’t interested in it, they just decided to give Trixie a normal life.


    Trixie already knows that something’s going on with her family, I doubt any amount of disinformation campaigning will be enough to make her forget what Ben and Mike have theoretically told her.

    That is a valid theory that Mike and Ben could tell her something else, like, “Oh, they ARE biologists, but they work for the CIA in the forensic geology department.” Something that has enough truth to divert suspicion, but still a smaller shock than, “Oh yeah, they’re spies and they could be killed any second, you have no idea how much danger they’ve been in for your whole life.”

    However, I still think that Ben and Mike will tell Trixie the whole truth.

  17. Agent Jo-

    Oh, I think I vaguely remember seeing that comment. I don’t really see why they’d be mad though. I would be proud that there would be another person in the family to live up to the legacy of Nathan Hale. Why does it matter if Trixie finds out? If she’s as good as a spy as the ending of SSR implies, then there shall be no reason for Trixie to fail and no one needs to be mad at Ben and Mike. So what if Trixie wasn’t good at young years? Nathan Hale was quite brave but was an awful spy even as an adult, I can’t see why Trixie can’t be a spy even if she wasn’t good at it as a child.
    If someone has a good reason why the Hales would be mad then I’m all ears.

  18. SS FANS: I have a poll for all of you.

    Would you rather get all of the future spy schools right now, but could never read the old ones again?


    Wait for the future Spy Schools at normal time, and still be able to read the old ones?

    I have no idea on what I would do, I still love reading the old ones but I am DYING for Spy School at Sea. I’m curious on what you guys would do though:)

  19. Aiden –

    Those are very good points. And honestly, I feel like they should’ve told her a long time ago! As the sister of a highly-sought-after junior CIA agent, they should’ve given her the rundown like, “Yeah, we’re spies!! And as your sister has been going into extremely dangerous situations and they’ve already found the weakness of her partner on missions (Ben, his parents), let me tell you what to do if you ever get taken hostage.”

    Like, what if Trixie got taken hostage by some evil organization and had no idea her parents were spies?!! She might have revealed information on accident to her captors that she didn’t even think was super-important-and-supposed-to-be-top-secret, such as the fact that Erica has really grown to care about Ben. If that wasn’t already obvious from their interactions on missions, it would be then!

    I can see why the Hale family would be angry, though. Not so much that Trixie now knows, but because they’ve taken extreme measures to protect their secret of being spies. Though I feel like the least angry of them will be Alexander, he seems the most empathetic and he only found out that Catherine was a spy a couple weeks earlier.

  20. Depends on how many more spy school book there are. If there are only like 2 more coming out, I could send the wait so I could read the old ones. but if there are like 5 coming out or more definitely read them with out waiting.


  21. @Stuart Gibbs

    Is there a reason we need to pu our email every time we post a blog comment.

  22. One more question. How close to the end product is the ARC because I want to know if I should bother trying to get it if it isn’t close to the original copy.

  23. Agent Jo-

    Read the old ones, wait for the new ones. What if there’s a person in the old ones we completely forgot about? What if they’re mentioned in a future book, But we forget who they are? Therefore, keep the old ones, and wait for the new ones.

  24. GolfGod –

    You have to put in your email because that’s how the site works.

  25. GolfGod –

    Most of the time, the ARC is quite close to the final version. But there are always changes. The ARC of Bear Bottom, for example, is missing a two page section in Yellowstone that I added after the ARC came out.

  26. Mr Gibbs-
    I am truly sorry about the hackers. Know that I am praying that you will be able to set up security against them.
    Good luck!

  27. Fleming-

    yes search up on google “7,124,052 seconds to days” and see the results

  28. Agent jo-

    I would want to wait for the new ones to come out. I love the suspenseful feeling i get when there’s a cliffhanger at the end of a book and don’t want to lose that.
    Plus, i would love to read the old books to remember things that we may have forgotten or if I’m bored.

    Aiden ? those are some valid points. The hale family does seem like the kind of family who is smartand would recognize talent when they see it. The only thing is that Stu said that they would be mad. Which makes me think that hes foreshadowing something. Then again, he might just be giving an answer based on common sense, not on Erica or the other hassles specifically. I’m actually starting to get confused….


  29. Mr. Gibbs- when i first came to this website, there was a page where you we could ask you questions. Now whenever i come into the website, it automatically brings me to the “home” page. Did you delete that page or an i just not finding it?

  30. I would wait, I read the entire series of every book starting 1-2 months before it releases.
    I wouldn’t want them all at once

  31. Marcus Rashford –

    There was never a page like that on this site. This site has always gone directly to the home page.

    I do have a FAQ page, but that has never been the home page.

  32. My daughters and sons all simply adore the Spy School series and your animal awareness, and we were wondering whether the Spy School movie can be on Disney if you find other movies that have the same peril, you know? We would also like to congratulate you on writing many different series at a time, and being able to write them in a fantastic way. My son ALWAYS brings them in for book reports, and the class absolutely loves them.
    Is there anything we can do to help you in this situation?

  33. Mr. Gibbs-
    Did Lincon Pierce give you the idea of Mrs. Godfrey’s name. In one of his series there was a 6th grade SS teacher named Mrs. Godfrey, exept she was a qualified teacher

    I’m sorry if this seems like an accusation of Plagiarism, It’s not.

  34. Aiden does have a good point that the hales might not be mad. but still she has to be put to the test because they cant just take her in because she overheard mike and ben talking about murray hill in the last few pages of ssr. i think she has to prove herself like mike did although maybe not maybe they will take her to the academy because she is a hale but i doubt that will happen.

  35. Oragami Fox-

    Yeah!!! I noticed that as well. Another thing in Big Nate, they’re always doing projects (in the comics, not the books) on the War of 1812. I saw that and I guess just assumed it was a reference to Lincoln Pierce…?

  36. So in my mind there are a few possibilities for what will happen to Trixie.

    #1 The agency will see her as a threat and kill her.
    There is a 0.0001% chance this will happen. The agency’s first response to realizing there is a Hale that has been hidden and not groomed to be a spy would not be to kill them. Also there is one factor that everyone is forgetting, just because Ben and Mike tell Trixie, doesn’t mean the agency will know they let the information slip. In fact they will probably keep it a secret because if they tell someone about Spy School they will be terminated. Trixie is a Hale so it would make the situation different, but if they told the agency they could still end up getting a Black Mark on their files. So they probably won’t tell the agency.
    #2 They tell the agency and they try to recruit Trixie
    This is one of the more likely scenarios, Trixie may not have been able to disarm a bomb at age 3 but she still is a Hale, they have espionage in their blood and she still probably has instinct for spying. Plus they wouldn’t even need to test her, because the agency’s response to any legacy is usually to recruit them imminently.
    #3 They tell the agency and Trixie is relocated
    For this to happen Cyrus would probably just add her to the same relocation protection group Ben’s parents are in. But I don’t see this happening because I think Mr. Gibbs was introducing Trixie as a more permanent character, so I don’t really see him shipping her off to never be seen again.

  37. -To everyone making these weird assumptions about Trixie, an what will happen to her later.
    You are wasting your time, not saying you guys can’t do it but you guys will be very annoyed when the book comes out and you’re completely wrong

  38. Spy school enthusiast-

    Great points. Anything could happen really. It’s impossible to be 100% sure about what’s going to happen.

  39. It’s possible that the principal might not even know about Trixie because if he did then she might be recruited solely because she’s a Hale. Remember in SSBI when on the plane to London Alexander told Ben that he didn’t get the option to be a spy, he was just put in the academy because he was a Hale and almost flunked out of his first year.

  40. Hello Mr. Gibbs, I have a question to ask you. Will you be uploading a preview of Spy School at Sea? I am asking this because you had posted previews for all the other spy school books. Thanks!

  41. Aiden –

    If she was recruited that would likely be the only reason for her recruitment.

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