Here is why things changed on this website

Hi everyone –

I can’t believe I have to write this post.  But I’m doing it.

Last week, hackers started a concerted effort to get into my website.  They haven’t, but their bots were so aggressive that my web security kept shutting down my access to the site for a day at a time.

At one point, as part of security, the site went down for about eight hours, which was why many of you got various error messages when you tried to go to the site.

That was fixed, but the hackers are still a problem.

In order to get back in, I had to create a new user profile.  One the hackers don’t know about.  The problem is, the site doesn’t regard me as the main user any more.  Only the main user gets a star by their name.

In the meantime, I thought I would address one other issue.  I have always answered comments on the site as ‘stu.’  But I was always getting comments from people not knowing what to call me.  ‘Stu’ always seemed a little too informal for a young person who doesn’t know, so I decided to start responding to comments as ‘Stuart Gibbs.’

The combination of this change and the fact that my name no longer has a star by it has been a disaster.

Many of my loyal visitors got the idea that someone was impersonating me.  And almost nothing I could do has convinced them otherwise.

While I think that people should have a healthy distrust of things they read on line, the level of distrust here has been incredibly frustrating.  I think it’s awful that people are growing up in a world where their first instinct upon seeing someone answering comments on my site as Stuart Gibbs is to assume that it must be an impostor.

So that’s why I am posting this.  No impostor has the ability to write a blog post on this site.  Only I do.

Maybe there is a way I can get the star back by my name.  I’m working on it.  But in the meantime, just know that the person responding to comments as Stuart Gibbs is really me.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, then I give up.  If you choose not to believe this, it’s your loss.

The real Stuart Gibbs

479 thoughts on “Here is why things changed on this website

  1. Can someone paste the discord server link I don’t know what it is and trying to get. Thanks.
    -The Nerd

  2. I seriously don’t get how Ms. Yingling can be such a respected librarian and have so much status in the writing community, to be given an ARC copy without even being asked, and then post a review that spoils 11 CHAPTERS of the book that she knows isn’t going to come out for another month or so. Like I don’t want to be rude because she is obviously so respected, but come on! Use some common sense! She has to know that she could ruin the surprise of the book. To make it worse, she didn’t even mark it as a spoiler review! Like, what!? There isn’t even a need for her to write a review. She could just email Mr. Gibbs, or go on this website and say:
    “I received an ARC of Spy School at Sea and it was very good! I love how Mr. Gibbs wrote the story with so many twists and turns! Keep up the good work!”
    There is no need to spoil it for dozens of people. But no, she had to write a review that spoiled a book that fans have been hyping up for nearly 10 months.

    Sorry if this was rude, but I felt the need to rant about this, it just feels so dumb to me, and unfair to Mr. Gibbs that people are ruining the surprise of SSAS

  3. -Spy School Enthusiast I agree I mean who does that they just ruined a surprise.
    -The Nerd

  4. Spy School Enthusiast –

    I’m in total agreement. But just curious, how did you know eleven chapters? The preview doesn’t have the chapter list.

    You are totally right. Although I’m sure she’s meaning well, it’s really very irresponsible for her to reveal one of the best plot twists of the series, especially about a BOOK THAT ISNT EVEN OUT YET. This review could be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people, SS is a really popular series!!! Even though this will not ruin the book (as I have heard from all reviews that SSAS is awesome) it’s still very irritating. However, this review does not put me off reading SSAS, instead, it makes me even more anxious for august 31.

  5. Well I mean to be fair everyone said specifically NOT to read it and then everyone read it so it’s partially your fault too though. Then again I guess anyone would read it out of curiosity if it’s about a book you really want to read and I guess she could’ve marked it as a spoiler too. I remember reading Ms. Yingling’s review for SSR and it had a lot of spoilers and I remember regretting reading it. Ms. Yingling’s reviews are well written and they have a lot of thought put into them, but I would advise not to read it before reading the book. It’s okay, even if you know a HUGE plot twist Stuart Gibbs’ writing is still so good. When I first read Spy School I already knew that Murray Hill was the mole but I still read it anyway. Even if it might not have the element of surprise you’ll probably still love it.

  6. my little pony rocks

    yeah i suppose i still want to read it even after reading the spoilers. stuart gibbs books are always packed with action and they always have humor

  7. My little pony rocks –

    I completely agree. Even though I now know a plot twist, I’m still just as excited if not more for SSAS. Like, even if you know now a major plot twist, that doesn’t mean the book itself won’t be a complete Gibbs masterpiece as usual!!!! Would I have preferred that she not have posted that spoiler? Yes. Has it put me off the book? Absolutely not. I still cannot wait for At Sea.

  8. My little pony rocks-

    You are right, I’ve read the entire Spy School series at least 9 times, but it is different reading a book for the first time. To me, reading a book for the first time is the first impression, and if the first impression is something that I already know about, then it may be more bland than me reading the book for the first time with no prior knowledge as to what happens other than the synopsis given by Mr. Gibbs.

  9. Agent Jo –

    In the sample provided by Apple Books you can tap on the screen for more information, just go to the top left and press on the icon on the left of the pre-order button, once you do that it will show you the table of contents. I know it is 11 chapters because of the chapter titles, Ms. Yinglings provides enough information to where if you read the entire review and then look at the chapter list you can see some connections.

  10. I just checked Ms. Yingling’s blog, and let me just say that we are lucky. She posted a review of Spy School British Invasion 5 days before it was officially released, and she spoiled the ENTIRE BOOK, she basically gave a summary of everything that happened up to going to Mr. E’s residence. I don’t know how she can get her hands on so many books and be so well respected, when she has so little common sense when it comes to spoilers!

  11. Everyone going on about Ms. Yingling-
    When I first read the review, it was shortly after it was posted on this website. I didn’t know how many spoilers were in it. It won’t stop me from reading Ssas, But I’m one of those people who DON’T skip ahead to the end of to find out what happens. the Fact that *SPOILERS REMOVED* is on *SPOILERS REMOVED* , *SPOILERS REMOVED* is such a plot twist, and I wish I hadn’t dared read that review. I, because of my bad memory, forget most everything except the main plot twist and *SPOILERS REMOVED being *SPOILERS REMOVED* . The only time my pea-sized brain has ever done me any good. But still, those two things are still big spoilers, but this certainly is going to be a good book. I’d preferred it if I didn’t know as much as I know now, but still, SSAS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD. Another Wonderfull book 🙂

  12. You know, it would be cool to have a series or a standalone spin-off based on Cyrus Hale vs “Perseus”in the heights the Cold War.

  13. 1. who is Ms. Yingling???
    2. We have Berica, we have Boe but what is Summer + Teddy? Temmer? Suddy?

  14. Ben Ripley-
    I’ll spare you the pain of telling you who Ms. Yingling is. You will be tortured by spoilers of SSAS if you know. And I dunno the ship name fur Summer and Teddy. Theommer?

  15. Ben Ripley-

    Teddy and Summer don’t have a ship name because they are already boyfriend/girlfriend so you can’t really ship them. (you could in the first 3 books though)

  16. Ben Ripley-

    She basically spoiled half of SS9 even though she is supposedly the “Most famous librarian in America” which you think would imply you had enough common sense not to spoil a book over a month before it’s release, but nope, we could never be so lucky.

  17. I wish she had not posted the review!!! I read the first paragraph, and I thought that it was just stuff I have read in the preview, so I clicked see more. DO NOT CLICK SEE MORE. I only glimpsed one sentence before I closed the tab in shock, but I saw a huge spoiler. AHH!

  18. -Agent J*** I saw a spoiler to but that’s because technology sucks a lot for me and my mouse thought I should click not scroll and it was right and the more button so I saw a spoiler on accident do to technical difficulties.
    -The Nerd

  19. The Nerd-

    That is very unlucky. Even though I saw a spoiler, I am still very excited about the book. Actually, I think I am more excited than before (if possible) because I know that the book will be interesting and have great twists and turns. Can’t wait! 42 day’s, not counting today!

  20. To everyone on this website-

    OMG. I have not read the review BUT I was THIS close to reading it. I literally clicked the ‘read anyway’ and ‘read more’ buttons, but I had a feeling that it would be too big of a spoiler, so I just barely avoided reading it. I saw the length of the paragraph (but with all my willpower, didn’t read it) and decided it had to be a spoiler.

    I did it just in time, because a couple of days after, I saw the comments saying that reading it was one of the worst mistakes they had ever made and that they wished she didn’t write the review.

    Also, 41 days!!!!!!

  21. Ben –

    You are SO lucky, sometimes I’ve been in your situation and chose to do the thing everyone says not to do anyway, and just don’t. It really isn’t worth it and can ruin all of your excitement.

  22. Spy School Enthusiast-

    I completely agree. I am so glad I chose to close out the review before I saw more that one spoiler. Best choice I have ever made.

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