The exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea is now available for preorder

As you can tell from that heading, there will be an exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea.  Here’s the scoop:

This limited collector’s edition features an exclusive jacket with shiny blue foil, and a map of the Emperor of the Seas on the reverse side—plus 12 pages of bonus content, including the teen club itinerary, confidential cruise correspondence, notes from the staff suggestion box, and lyrics from the ship’s musical: Symphony at Sea.

And here’s the best part:  It doesn’t cost any more than the normal book.

Click here to preorder yours today!

409 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea is now available for preorder

  1. Uh stu idk if you saw but I think there is a person trying to impersonate you

  2. So now if there are any post with Stuart Gibbs as the name will you filter them out?

  3. RandomLlamma –

    No, there is not a person trying to impersonate me. There are people getting their facts wrong.

  4. SSAS –

    If anyone posts with Stuart Gibbs as the name I will erase them.

  5. Ok finally thanks mr gibbs for fixing this, but it would be easier to put some form on text which is you can’t copy paste from you’re name (like your star) but I understand if it is too much work.

  6. Dhruv-

    Seeing as the whole identity thing has been cleared up, in SSR on page 298, it says: “I looked at my watch. It was just past 8:30 in the morning.”
    Which means that Ben probably told Zoe the theory at around 8:30-8:45. I’m pretty sure it was also a weekend because everyone else wasn’t in class so She might have been sleeping in a little bit.
    And yeah your second point is correct, I’m think those darts are made of wood so it wouldn’t be caught.

  7. Aiden-

    Oh, it was 8? I forgot that part I guess. And the darts were probably made of plastic, not wood. Yeah and I didn’t see Stu’s comment when he said he would delete comments with the username “Stuart Gibbs”

  8. Yess the website is back and running i knew that already but whatever, still glad

  9. I’ve seen a lot of talk on the website and goodreads about the supposed “cliffhanger.”

    Annagent said a while ago with her early copy that “I especially enjoyed the ending of SSAS.”

    Jack-something-or-other posted something a while ago that said something like the ending was different than he expected, but that he really enjoyed the book!!

    AND THEN THE NEWEST REVIEW ON GOODREADS SAID THAT THE EARLY COPY IS BOTH A BLESSING AND A CURSE – AND ALSO SAYS THAT THE LETTER (y’know that ending letter with all the classified stuff??) IS WAYYYYYY DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHER ONES!!! Dude! Do we have a cliffhanger on our hands? I’ve waited like eight months since Revolution ended, I don’t think I can handle ANOTHER incomplete ending!! Now I’m kind of glad that I didn’t apply for an ARC, because then I’d have to wait like 1 1/2 YEARS for the next book.

    (And then the review says, full review to come. Like, I’ve been waiting 4 days and it’s still not there!!)

    I mean, if you’re Mr. Gibbs, feel free to tell us whether SSAS has a cliffhanger or not 😀 If that’s classified, then please disregard this comment:)

  10. Dhruv-

    Yeah you’re right. I think the darts are made of plastic or maybe acrylic, definitely not wood. I was thinking on those pipes that you blow out of that are commonly depicted in movies that involve like a stereotypical tribe in a remote place on Earth.

  11. Fleming-

    You need to go to wordpress and make an account. After that there’s a little icon of a person in the top right hand corner, you click that and choose an image. It requires an email for you to sign up so if you do all these steps and then use that same email on this website, the pic you choose for you wordpress account with appear on here.

  12. Dhruv –

    I know there is no chance Ben would’ve turned back on Erica just because of Zoe’s doubts, but she should’ve been honest with him anyway. Especially so with Chip and Jawa, who were the two main people in Ben’s friend group that had doubts about Erica, and therefore had the highest chance of accepting Zoe’s belief that Erica was the villain and following through with capturing Ben.

  13. Ben x Erica and Boe4Life-

    No, that is the real Stuart Gibbs. Who would impersonate him?? Just some rando on the internet? There wouldn’t be really any point to that, the only person they’re fooling are a couple hundred overenthusiastic readers. Mr. Gibbs had to shut down his website for a couple hours and simply changed his name. I don’t think there’s much more to it.

    To be honest, I think this is ridiculous. I’m not trying to sound mean and I don’t wanna get into an argument, but it’s pretty disrespectful to discredit him especially after multiple comments proving he’s the real Stuart Gibbs. He very kindly responded to my comment with a slightly different answer then he gives other “classified” comments. I don’t think that should prove he’s not the real author.

  14. Boe4Life-

    Go to this site again and make a random username but the name email and ask him what you’re real username is. If that isn’t enough proof email him. SMH

  15. Guys, I can confirm that Stuart Gibbs is real. I was doubtful at first, so I sent him an email. He confirmed it was him. I would send a picture of the email, but I can’t. If you’re on the Stuart Central Discord, it’s posted there as proof.

    – Agent Rabbit

  16. If you truly are real Stuart Gibbs then I apologize for being disrespectful and not believing in what you said.

  17. I was skeptical at first just because it seemed really weird that this event came out of nowhere but realized that the Stuart on here writes the same way and that extinguished all thoughts of skepticism. I’m glad that it is settled now and still super excited for SSAS

  18. Sooooo, back to the debate.

    Boe4Life or any other Zen fan who can explain this-

    1- How do you explain the fact that Zoe was about to shoot Ben and arrest him?

    2- If Zoe genuinely thought Ben was in danger. She could’ve told him this wasn’t right ages before they got to where Erica was. Instead, she decided to use Ben to find Erica and have her arrested. She betrayed Ben’s trust. Which is very important to Ben.

    3- Zoe is so desperate for Ben, she practically begged/threatened Ben to try and get him to start liking her. She is more focused on herself and her best interests, than Ben’s best interests. Which you kinda need to do if you want a relationship to work.

    I’m not saying it’s bad that you ship Zen/Boe, but i’m just pointing out why some people think that Zen will no longer happen. this is meant in the friendliest way possible.

  19. Marcus –

    Not a Zen fan but I think these are the Zen fan’s reasons (not saying I agree with them)

    1, It wasn’t a real gun, just a dart one, and she was doing it so that Erica wouldn’t attack her in the LOC, and she did it in the treehouse because she needed to stop him from working with the bad guys without knowing it.

    2, She didn’t tell him because she knew Ben wouldn’t listen to her.

    3, I don’t know

  20. -Marcus
    I understand how fun it is to say something is better than another but I don’t believe we need to start another debate or arguments here, if someone likes Zoe to be with Ben then so be it they can have their own opinions

  21. -Marcus
    I’m not really a fan of Zen either but why can’t Zen fans have their own ops, it’s like someone else being a Zen fan (BTw great job to whoever came up with zen name cause it’s lit) and telling Berica fans questions that you guys never noticed at all, don’t feel to good does it?
    Also I’m not really a fan of having debates or fights or arguments or whatever but what I’m trying to say is that other people can have their own ops and they can stick with it
    Hope this makes people not argue cause even though I’m a Berica fan I’ll prob be annoyed if i was one of the zen fans. It’s kinda like telling gay people( hope this doesn’t offend anyone who is bisexual or trans or gay i just put it as example and sorry if it offended u) to be straight, i do understand it’s not that of a big deal like a gay people turning straight cause someone told them or whatever but I’m just saying it has a same ring to it
    also please don’t hate for putting gay people as an example im not trying to say anything about the gaypeople it is June which is a gay month i believe so i’m not trying to do that

  22. on the topic of pride month, do you have any intention of adding a queer character in your books? It would mean a lot to queer readers like myself

  23. Hi I really don’t understand why were all fighting fighting about the relationships that haven’t even happened yet so I feel like we should just calm down about that because I’ve been reading all your comments and we’ve had at least five pages of fighting about that so I think we should calm down and second why do I think that Erica is going to be even more pretty than she’s described in the book on the graphic novel comes out I think she’s gonna be like even more prettier than described. If you agree with me put #prettyerica#spyschoolgraphicnovel

  24. Its Stu, he made the blog, and on the 1% chance Stuart Gibbs is fake, the only bad thing that will have happened is that we just wasted a little bit of time.

    I think we can just move on from this.

  25. SS Enthusiast –

    There is not a 1% chance that I am fake. There is a 0% chance.

  26. Yesss stu, thanks for putting the star, it’s much easier to distinguish you from other people who comment now 🙂


    Why do you seem exciting to start another debate; I’m tired of it.

    In Bear Bottom, there is Pete and Ray.

  27. Stuart Gibbs –

    You got the star working? BUt you said you didn’t know how.

  28. SSAS –

    I figured out how to make the star work for now. But I may have to change again.

  29. Mr. Gibbs –

    I know that you are not fake, I was just addressing the doubts people had about your legitimacy

  30. If we are moving on from shipping then does anyone have any SSAS theories that don’t involve shipping?

  31. Happy pride month, everybody!

    I am not LGBTQ+ myself, but I respect it, and idolize activists like Harvey Milk, and Frank Kameny. I hate how people discriminate against LGBTQ+ people, because they are not. Again, happy pride month, everybody!

  32. Benjiman Gibson –

    happy pride month to you, but that comment is a bit off topic and unrelated to this blog post.

  33. Brandon-

    I know. But somebody was talking about queer characters, and it occured to me that it was pride month, and uh yeah.

  34. Brandon-

    There is almost never a comment related to the blog post. Try finding a comment about the exclusive edition of ssas you will find very little comments about it.

  35. Also a question: have you ever talked to a spy or ex-spy who worked for the CIA and has been on a real mission before?

  36. Laura –

    Yes, I have talked to ex-spies, although none of them can tell me what they actually did on their missions. Just what it’s like to be a spy.

  37. SSAS reader!

    Are you asking how I write the books? I brainstorm, outline, write and then rewrite over and over again.

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