The exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea is now available for preorder

As you can tell from that heading, there will be an exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea.  Here’s the scoop:

This limited collector’s edition features an exclusive jacket with shiny blue foil, and a map of the Emperor of the Seas on the reverse side—plus 12 pages of bonus content, including the teen club itinerary, confidential cruise correspondence, notes from the staff suggestion box, and lyrics from the ship’s musical: Symphony at Sea.

And here’s the best part:  It doesn’t cost any more than the normal book.

Click here to preorder yours today!

422 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea is now available for preorder

  1. Joe Deal –

    Some series might be in the same universe. I have dropped a few easter eggs into books to help you figure out which ones.

  2. Is the ebook version of spy school at sea on the barnus and noble website include the exclusive content

  3. I just read SSAS and I think it’s my favorite one in the series. Also, how long does it take for you to write 1 book?

  4. K –

    To write one book:

    Several months – several years of research, brainstorming & outlining

    3-6 months to write the first draft

    12 months to do all the additional drafts

  5. i don’t understand the deal with trixie fully yet cuz people know that she knows but i think she might eventually become a spy cuz everyone else in the family is one

  6. Mr.Gibbs, I love your books, and I am wanting to start a spy book of my own, and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers?

  7. Mr Gibbs-
    I noticed that Xavier from Funjungle grows up to be a spy as mentioned in the first Spy School Book when Erica is going through who wrote Ben’s files.

  8. Joshua –

    The paperback of a book usually comes out about one year after the hardback comes out. So the paperback of SSAS will probably be available around Labor Day of 2022.

  9. happy new year !! going off of the alternate universe question & the hint you gave all of us in the book, will Ben & Teddy ever meet?

  10. Michael –

    If you look in the upcoming releases box on every page of this website, you will see that this is not the SS book.

  11. Happy –

    For now, all information on SS10 is classified, but within a few weeks I hope to be able to share more about the book.

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