The exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea is now available for preorder

As you can tell from that heading, there will be an exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea.  Here’s the scoop:

This limited collector’s edition features an exclusive jacket with shiny blue foil, and a map of the Emperor of the Seas on the reverse side—plus 12 pages of bonus content, including the teen club itinerary, confidential cruise correspondence, notes from the staff suggestion box, and lyrics from the ship’s musical: Symphony at Sea.

And here’s the best part:  It doesn’t cost any more than the normal book.

Click here to preorder yours today!

410 thoughts on “The exclusive edition of Spy School At Sea is now available for preorder

  1. Mr.Gibbs

    I had an Idea about a disaster that alexander could cause in the spy school series.
    During the cold war at norad one of the soldiers put a file in the main computer that simulated a full nuclear attack. All the other soldiers did not know it was a simulation so they thought it was an actual nuclear attack by the russians. Norad launched our missiles back and sent nuclear bombers to bomb russian. Meanwhile USA’s fighter jets were scrambling to get into the air. Right before the first american missile was about to hit russia the americans realized something was wrong and aborted the mission. In spy school what if alexander put in the file that simulated the nuclear attack and nearly started a nuclear war with russia.

    P.S Happy birthday

  2. Dear Stu,

    I love your books, especially the spy school series.
    Do you no the race of Zoe.

  3. I am waaaay too excited for this book! Also, I have a question. I’ve always been amazed that you’re able to come out with multiple books a year. Do you have a team of people that help you write your books or do you do all the writing all by yourself?

  4. icantwaitforspyschool9 –

    I do all the writing by myself — although I do have a research assistant every summer.

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