Here’s more video from my recent virtual events

Hi everyone –

I’ve been doing a lot of virtual events lately for a variety of interesting people and organizations.  If you’d like to catch up on any of them, here’s a list with links.  (Just click on the title.)

Bear Bottom Launch with Sarah Mlynowski

My fourth virtual launch since Covid began was a little bit different.  Instead of facing the camera on my own, I was interviewed by my good friend (and exceptionally talented author) Sarah Mlynowski.  We talk about writing, inspiration and bears.  Sponsored by Chevalier’s Books.

Club 15

This amazing organization was started by a very impressive young girl named Kate Willliams to inspire other kids to get involved in saving the planet.  Kate teamed up with Microsoft’s Project 15 to create this site.  In addition to my interview, there are interviews with several people on the forefront of environmental research.  Please check out the site.

This One’s Dedicated to…

The amazing authors Chris Barton and Jennifer Ziegler recently started a series where they discuss book dedications with authors.  In this one, I explain the dedications of Charlie Thorne and the Lost City and Bear Bottom.  It’s only a few minutes long.

Slate Magazine’s ‘Working’ Podcast

This podcast focuses on how people in different careers work.  I was so flattered to be the representative from the middle grade community.

The Stretch Marks Podcast

This one is targeted a bit more towards parents, but it’s still interesting.



28 thoughts on “Here’s more video from my recent virtual events

  1. wow i don’t know why i am so tired…..oh wait I watched lord of the rings last night. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Mr. Gibbs-
    I was wondering: Why is writing so special to you and why did you want to become an author? You seem to really enjoy writing so I am curious to know why.

  3. Anna-gent

    I have no idea why writing is so special to me. Why does anyone enjoy anything? Why does one person like baseball but another person likes programming? I have simply always enjoyed writing.

  4. Woooo so cool!! I’ll definitely watch some of these, last time’s virtual events were so awesome!!

    Also Stu- Looks like the exclusive edition is out for SSAS on B&N!!! I’m SOOOOO excited for this exclusive content. A SHIP MUSICAL?!!! Man, I cannot WAIT to see Erica’s reaction to this:)

  5. So when is Stuart Gibbs going to post about the Exclusive Edition?

  6. Mr Gibbs-
    I have a school project that involves writing an essay, but I am on the biggest writer’s block ever….
    Is there anyway to…uh…stop the Writer’s Block?


  7. Not Stuart Gibbs

    To fight writer’s block, might i recommend stepping away from the computer, going for a walk and brainstorming?

  8. Stu,
    Random question that came to me, but do Teddy’s parents ever leave Funjungle? I read Bear Bottom, and (SPOLIER ALERT TO ANYONE WHO HASN’T READ IT YET) I know that they go to Yellowstone. Besides a vacation like that, do Teddy’s parents ever go shopping or outside of Funjungle or is everything already there and the park provides it?

    P.S. Love Bear Bottom and can’t wait for Spy School at Sea to come out!!!


  9. Wow! Btw I love your new book (bear bottom) so much and it only came a few hours ago! It’s so amazing and I’ve read all your books except the newest, they are exiting and the characters are realistic and well written, thanks so much for writing it really makes reading fun for kids my age.

  10. Also, in 2022 (or late 2021) are there any book signings? It would be my dream to meet you in person because I am a SUPERFAN!!!

  11. Charlie Thorne fan –

    Given the state of the world, I have no idea when in person signings will start again. Hopefully by fall, but I don’t know yet. It really depends on how soon vaccines become available for younger people and whether or not enough people get vaccinated to help defeat COVID.

  12. I can’t believe there are only 3 months (And 10 days) until SSAS comes out.

  13. JC –

    I pick locations through a combination of places that would work within the story and places that I think would be fun to have the action move to.

  14. Stu,

    Do you know if there is going to another book after bear bottom??!!

    P.S Bear Bottom was the best book in the world( except Spy School Revolution)!!


    Yes, Teddy’s parents leave FunJungle. They aren’t prisoners there. In fact, Teddy’s father leaves to go on photo shoots for National Geographic quite often.

    PS, I did not ignore your comment. When you are trying to answer every single comment that comes in via website questions, email and actual mail every day, sometimes a question slips through the cracks. I apologize.

    PPS, next time, perhaps it might be more understanding to ask ‘Mr Gibbs, I wrote a question to you before but you didn’t answer it. I’m wondering if you missed it.”

  16. MBA Fan –

    I have an entire post explaining why I ended MBA on my blog.

  17. Help me. I read my mom all spy school books up to ski spy school (we’re halfway through sss) and I asked her what she thought about Ben and Erica and she said she loved how great they are as FRIENDS. And she said that they don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend right then.

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