The virtual launch for Bear Bottom is May 12 at 7pm est / 4pm pst


Want to be one of the first people in the universe with a signed copy of Bear Bottom?

I’m about to release my fourth book of the pandemic, and since the past three have all just been me talking to the camera, I’m going to shake things up a bit.  This time, the launch will still have to be virtual (sadly) but I will be joined by a friend.

Sarah Mlynowski, the very talented and funny author of over 40 books, will be chatting with me about writing, FunJungle and, of course, bears.  As luck would have it, Sarah has just published her own vaguely bear-themed book, Good As Gold, the fifteenth book in the hilarious Whatever After series.  (In this one, Abby and Jonah have messed up the story of Goldilocks.)

The event will be on Zoom at 7pm eastern time / 4pm pacific time on Wednesday, May 12.

So tune in — and order your signed copies of both of our books.

Just click here to get one!

(The same link will take you to the page with details for the event.)

399 thoughts on “The virtual launch for Bear Bottom is May 12 at 7pm est / 4pm pst

  1. Bear Bottom –

    Names of characters aren’t really copyrighted. I couldn’t really sue someone for using the name Alexander Hale. But if someone used multiple names that I have used, or created characters like mine and used the same names, that would be a problem.

  2. Stu-
    Where do people submit questions fr the virtual launch? Also, I know this is very early to be asking, but when do you think we will be able to see the plot, title, and cover For FunJungle 8.

  3. Stu-

    Do you like horror movies? (I know this isn’t strictly related to book stuff but I was just curious)

  4. I just got my Barnes and Nobles exclusive edition of Bear Bottom! I love the book. It’s awesome.

  5. A Big Fan-

    The book will be released in 2023. I doubt he has even started WRITING it.

  6. Everyone-

    I have a big theory about James Ponti’s FRAMED! series and Stu’s Spy School series! (No, the theory isn’t a crossover)
    I’m still working out the details, but I think I know the answer to one of the biggest secrets in Spy School!

  7. A big fan –

    You will be able to submit questions during the launch over Zoom.

    And yes, it’s really early to be asking. Book 8 doesn’t come out for two years. So don’t expect there to even be a title or plot for another 18 months.

  8. Aiden –

    Horror movies are not my favorite genre, but if I hear there’s one that’s good, I will generally see it.

  9. A big fan-

    I haven’t, but I’m on page 90.



    Somewhere in the book, it says teddy Fitzroy screamed at the top of his lungs “Theres a bear in the house!”

    Is that good? I mean, would yelling provoke the bear to attack, or would it just not care? I’m just wondering, because to me, it sounds like yelling would make a bear MORE angry

  10. Stu-
    I got my copy of BB yesterday, and I think it was really really good. But I have a question, have you ever been to a rodeo and ridden a horse?


  11. Agent E –

    Sorry, but you;re wrong. Yelling does not make a bear angrier. In fact, one of the things you are supposed to do if you run into a bear in the wild and it is threatening you is to yell at it. Anything you can do to scare it away (or alert other people that there is a bear close by) is good.

  12. Guy –

    Yes, I have been to many rodeos (including the one in West Yellowstone) and I have ridden horses.

  13. Agent E –

    It really depends on the situation. I just searched it up and one source says that it would work if you scream at the bear but if it has cubs then it would get angrier. The other source which comes directly from National Parks Service says that screaming may trigger an attack. So it can get angrier and it won’t get angrier.

    Because it is 5/12/2021 I am changing my name to Spy School at Sea. So if anyone sees this name its me, Bear Bottom.

  14. Everyone-

    I have been writing a book, called “DetectiveSpy” on an app on my computer, so I can’t link in from that app.
    I’ve tried Wattpad, Google docs, and many other websites, but it always tells me “This is only selected for an audience the author selected.”
    I selected it for EVERYONE to see.

    I’ll show you the first paragraph I wrote, just to show you how it starts:

    Everyone has something they desire. It could be a toy, that new book, Wendy’s burgers, perhaps even a pet.
    But Marta Florez desired one thing more than anything: Love.

  15. Mr. Gibbs- congratulations on another amazing book I was so sad that i finished it because it was such a great book and thanks to you I love reading and so far on my good reads I’ve read over 80 books including all of yours and I am currently reading 6 books right now. again Bear Bottom was such an amazing book and i think(and I’m sure other readers would to) that you are the one of the greatest authors ever.

  16. Hi Mr. Gibbs. I have two questions. First, I am registered for the Bear Bottom launch. How do I attend the event? And Second, in spy school Revolution, Ben said they didn’t know for sure if Joshua Hallal was dead. But he fell through the glass floor of the Eiffel Tower. There’s no way he could have survived. And wouldn’t people see Joshua’s body on the ground, and the Paris news stations come out with a headline like “Man falls through glass floor of Eiffel Tower. Death confirmed.”? Thank you, and congratulations on your new book.

    Marlowe Hartnett

  17. Agent E-

    Are you sure because you can copy and paste the stuff from the app you’re using onto google docs and go to file and press publish to web, form there it gives you a link to copy and you give that link to people. The people can click on the link and it brings you to a tab that doesn’t show any of your information or anything but simply what is on the document.

  18. Cant read BB because i am only on Big game, I also can not do virtual launch because I have a baseball game???

  19. Marlowe Harnett –

    I believe that if you are registered for the event, then you should have a link to view it. (I’m not sure because i don’t run the events. I just log into them.)

    As for your question about SSBI: Yeah, you might have a point. But the books are fiction and nothing in them is supposed to be taken seriously. For example: There is not a spy school for kids in real life. So let’s assume that maybe, Ben was so busy escaping that he didn’t see what happened to Joshua — and that maybe Joshua survived.

  20. I would probably have to say… eBooks, because you can read them in the dark and they are less heavy than a paper book (my arms always hurt after reading for a long time). Also, you can have a whole library of Stuart Gibbs books on one device that is smaller than a paper book. Despite that, I have the whole spy school and moon base alpha book series in paperback form on my bookshelf.

  21. Both. Sometimes I like reading physical books and sometimes ebooks. Right now it is mostly ebooks because I don’t want to spend time buying books.

  22. I like reading physical books because your eyes don’t get sore from reading 300 pages of a book unlike digital ones. I just like physical books because I enjoy it more for some reason

  23. I like ebooks because they are so easy to carry and the moment a book you want comes out, you can buy in instantly

  24. Mr.Gibbs- this is a question from the virtual conversation but Is Sasquatch as dangerous as people think he is or is he just misunderstood?

  25. Why did you decide to have A hippo as ur mascot 4 FJ (until he died)? Also who/what’s the new mascot now?

    Also THYSM for the Virtual BB launch!!!

  26. I participated in the virtual launch tonight and since you didn’t answer my question, here it is; Have you visited the Pittsburgh Zoo. Mom grew up in Pittsburgh.

  27. Luca –

    Sasquatch doesn’t really seem to be that dangerous in the book. He doesn’t hurt anyone, even when he is in close quarters with people.

  28. Marcus Rashford’s #1 Fan –

    I chose a hippo as the mascot for FJ because it would be a very bad decision to have a live hippo be your mascot. I wanted that to be a mistake that the park made.

    I explain all of this is detail in Belly Up.

    Because of the mistakes the park made, there is not a new mascot.

  29. My exclusive edition hasn’t arrived yet and I am reading these spoilers because I just can’t avoid them.

  30. Spy School at Sea-

    The book, but if you’re getting the exclusive edition, that a bonus!

  31. And, it depends, I like physical books, but it all depends. I don’t like eBooks, but I DO like AudioBooks, preferably from the company Audible. (why do I sound like an advertisement lol)
    So I don’t like eBooks, but I like audiobooks and physical books just the same.

  32. Hi Mr. Gibbs, last night on the Bear Bottom video conference you said you do not think you could make another Moon Base Alpha because walking on the moon was always the same. I know you do not take ideas from people but maybe NASA could move MBA to mars to study mars so it is not the same as the moon.

  33. -Agent R
    He also said while answering someone before that if you look at the epilogue the story ends with him as an adult.

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