If you missed any of my virtual events, you can still watch them here.

The pandemic has forced authors (and everyone else, I suppose) to find new ways to reach audiences.  So here are some of the virtual interviews and panels that I have done over the past few months.

One of my favorite festivals, the North Texas Teen Book Festival, was forced to go virtual this year (as was every other festival).  But that allowed us to do a great home version of the fan favorite, Middle Grade Madness.  Now, you can tune in to see me compete against fellow writers Max Brallier, Soman Chainani, Gordon Korman, Sarah Mlynowski, James Ponti and Christina Soontornvat.  Stay tuned to the end to see the lengths I am willing to go to in order to win.

Click here to watch it.

At the same festival, I also did this great panel on mystery writing with the amazing Ally carter, Lilliam Rivera, Collen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue.

Click here to watch it.

I recently did an interview for Club 15, which is an offshoot of Microsoft’s environmental division, Project 15.  Club 15 was started by a really impressive young environmentalist named Kate, who despite her young age asked me some great questions about environmental advocacy.

Click here to watch it.

I have done a couple interviews with my good friend, James Ponti, over the past year.  This might be the most ridiculous one.  It was sponsored by Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis.  If you have ever wanted to know where to hide in the White House if attacked by a horde of dobermans, this will answer your questions.

Click here to watch it.

I actually recorded an interview with Sarah Enni’s amazing podcast, First Draft, shortly before the pandemic.  It is a very in depth interview about writing.

Click here to listen to it.

This summer, I was the Barnes & Noble summer reading hero.  One of the events was a virtual conversation with my good friend and fellow author, James Ponti, where we discussed how we write, where our ideas come from, our advice for young writers, how we structure our mysteries — and how sometimes, we have separately come up with the exact same ideas.

Just click here to see it.

Also with James Ponti — and Beth McMullen — and the International Spy Museum — I did a virtual writer’s workshop this summer.  This one is fun because you get to learn about some of the more bizarre things from the museum’s collection  — like the dead rat dead drop — and then see how we utilize them in a spy mystery set at one of the most popular locations on earth.

Click here to watch it.

Here is a virtual presentation that I did for Follett Books, which gives some background into where I get the ideas for my series.

Click here to watch it.

A few years back, I did an interview with the Fairfax School System’s own TV network.

Click here to watch it.

If you watch all that, then you probably will end up knowing more about me than I know about myself.

493 thoughts on “If you missed any of my virtual events, you can still watch them here.

    oh and uh sorry stu I just awakens paying attention to the comment above mine

  2. Catherine Hale –

    There is very, very little chance that SSAS will come out earlier than expected.

  3. Hi Stu, so me and my friend really love writing, and we attempt to do multiple books, and so far we went through about eight ideas, getting maybe two hundred pages into each. (We never actually settled on an idea yet, more like experimenting)
    So do you have any advice about writing?
    And also, (I don’t mind if you don’t answer this) but can you give a rough number of how much you get paid? I’m interested to see how much a good author earns, but when i search it, lot’s of websites say different things.

  4. Briar –

    I have writing advice on my FAQ page.

    And… How much I (or anyone else) earns is extremely private information. The reason websites say different things is that there is no base salary for an author, so how much we get paid varies wildly.

    However, I will say that I earn enough to support my family while doing something that I love. Not everyone can say that. There are benefits to being a writer beyond just income.

  5. Are you ever gonna confirm the “Gibbs-verse” Theory, which is the theory that all your books set place in the same universe?

  6. 101

    Sure, it’s possible that you might see Ben cry. But I’m not promising anything.

  7. BonafidE –

    If I answer your question in the positive, then I would be confirming the theory, so instead I will say that the answer to your question is classified.

  8. BonafidE~

    I believe that the StuNiverse is real, because of Easter eggs I have found throughout series.

  9. Agent D- so do I. I have also mentioned easter eggs before and seen them

    Stu Crew- I dont know if anyone saw, but stu took down the post about January 6th and the riots.

  10. To clarify, Murray isn’t part of CROATOAN, right? He just did a deal with them. (So he doesn’t know who Trixie is presumably. Although that is probably classified.)

  11. Everyone in the Stu Crew who likes PewDiePie-

    (I don’t know the link but-) there’s a war of PewDs versus CoCoMelon; They’re getting more and more subs by the second!

  12. Mr Gibbs:
    I was rereading Spy Camp and when they talk about where the camp is and how to get to it do you drive on road, in the woods, or like a secret entrance? I know they drive on the road at first but I was wondering how they got to the “Secret” camp after.
    -Luke D.

  13. Mr Gibbs:
    I just finished reading British invasion again and at the end Ben was at gun point with Jenny lake, why did Murray sedated her? Is he secretly and officially on Bens side in spy school revolution and the upcoming books?

  14. Ben Ben-
    That would be really cool if Murray is on his side. I think that but I think Murray cares more about money than friendships. But maybe he will change. I wonder what he will be like in SSAS.

  15. yeah probalbly because one of the main reasons that Murray loves being evil is when ben is trying to thwart Spyder’s and the Croaton’s plans. he also loves how smart ben is but not to many people know about it

  16. marcus fashfords #1 fan—
    yes i have watched all the movies and also a good amount of the show but it was mostly a couple of years ago. i do remember really liking them though.

  17. -Stu
    The last post was like a month ago, are you running out of news or r you just bored?

  18. Stu-

    Do you have a book that you felt most proud of when you finished it or do you not have one?

  19. Acefist…

    You think I don’t post because I’m bored???

    I don’t post because I’m BUSY.

    I’m doing things like writing other books.

  20. Woodchuck –

    Honestly, I always feel proud/relieved/accomplished when I finish a book. I think most other authors do too.

  21. Stu-
    Do you ever get tired of writing books. And also, how many hours a day do you write?

  22. Mr.Gibbs- in kindle when you click on your book, Bear Bottom it shows the age level for the book and the synopsis but it also says that Bear Bottom is 317 pages long. is that true?

  23. A big fan –

    So far, I have not tired of writing books.

    The number of hours I write every day varies wildly depending on all sorts of factors. Sometimes it’s ten. Sometimes it’s two. Sometimes it’s none.

  24. Luca –

    I honestly don’t know how long Bear Bottom is. I don’t typeset it. My publisher does that.

    But Kindle alters the number of pages depending on what size you set the font to, so I have no idea how they are claiming a number of pages at all.

  25. Mr.Gibbs- for the spy school graphic novel is Anjan doing the cover of the book or is Lucy cummins doing it?

  26. for people who like How to Train Your Dragon, who do you ship? I ship Hiccstrid

  27. has any of you seen the Godzilla and Kong movies? What about Knifes out? Its a really good mystery movie. same as Murder on the orient express. the second one to murder on the orient express is coming out next year. its called death on the Nile. both are adapted from books written by Agatha Christie.

  28. the #1 fan—
    actually i just watched knives out last night— super great. i haven’t watched the others.

  29. I finished reading spy camp, and is it just me or is the last page super wholesome.

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